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20 20 Eyesight--How Perfect Is Your Vision?

Is 20 20 Eyesight perfect? When defined by an optician, it means that you can see a size twenty font letter from a twenty-foot distance. These measurements have been the long-standing gauges that are used in defining a person's visual abilities. The numbers are easy enough to decipher and I will show you how.

The distance marker is listed first. During an exam, you will stand twenty feet away from the chart, and the optician will determine how well you read different 00004000 sizes of font letters. If you can read the smallest size, a size "twenty" letter, then you are said to have perfect vision.

Everyone does not have perfect vision, however, and there are many other diagnoses made every day. Vision measurements such as 20/10 or 20/50 mean almost the same thing. The only change in the definition is the last number, the size of the font letter. Sometimes other issues affect your visual clarity such as stigmatisms, and that will affect your score also.

The symptoms of underlying vision problems can range from optical nerve pressure to sinus pressure due to a cold. These can cause various degrees of vision deficiency. The discomfort that your eyes feel after a long period of focused use is not measured in the distance/font score either. Your yearly checkup will evaluate these problems and can be corrected or treated by your optician.

There is a misconception that color blindness is due to regular eye problems as well. This is a false belief and being color blind is due to damaged rods in the eyes. Also, a person's color blindness does not affect their depth perception or the visual acuity of their lens.

While perfect vision is the goal, don't be discouraged if yours is not. The progressive nature of the optical world has nurtured great tools such as corrective lenses, Lasik surgery and glasses that give almost everyone a chance to see the world in true form. If you are wondering about the health of your eyes, call your optician and make an appointment for an evaluation.

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10 Responses to 20 20 Eyesight Meaning

  1. 2QUT4U says:

    what does 20/20 mean for the eyes?
    I don’t understand what it means to have a doctor tell you you have a 20/40 eyesight(this # may not be correct eyesight vision because I don’t know what numbers it can be but its an example) What does it stand for. What is the 20 and why is it being compared to a 40
    I’m using 20 and 40 as an example

    • ≈Li-Gi≈ says:

      20/20 is normal vision. It is literally saying that you see at 20 feet is what someone with perfect vision sees at 20 feet. Lets say you had 20/40 vision: it is saying that what you see at 20 feet is what someone with perfect vision would see at 40 feet. If you had 20/10 vision, it means that what someone with perfect vision sees at 20 feet, you see at 10 feet. When the second number is higher, it means that you have less than perfect vision. When the first number is higher, you have better than perfect vision. The first number represents what perfect vision sees, or the distance that you are at. The second number is what you see.
      Hope I helped

  2. cactus says:

    What does 20/20 eyesight means in medical terms?
    when i went to the eye surgeon he told me that one of my eyes has 60% vision and the other about 55%
    Is this normal in the Human eye?

  3. Amarise L says:

    What does 20/20-1 eyesight mean?

    • yagman says:

      20/20-1 means that when the doctor projected the 20/20 line for you to read you missed one letter on the line. If you had missed two letters on the line then you would have 20/20-2. If you miss more than half of the letters on the 20/20 line then the doctor would write 20/25 + the number of letters you succesfully read on the 20/20 line. For instance if you could only read one letter on the 20/20 line then he would have written 20/25 + 1. Hope this helped.

  4. joe.hohenberger says:

    What does 20/80 and 20/400 eyesight mean in simple to understand terms?
    Does glaucoma always result in blindness? Is there nothing to stop the progression if so?

    • Heather R says:

      20/80 means that what a person with perfect vision can see at 80 feet away, you have no be standing 20 feet away to see it. 20/400 means the same, except that you have to be 20 feet away to see something that someone with perfect vision can see at 400 feet away. Glaucoma can be treated.

  5. Ash 123 says:

    What is 20/20- (negative) eyesight?
    I have 20/20- eyesight but I have no idea what that means. Does anyone know?
    Thanks in advance!

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