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If you have ever looked up teeth whitening old wives' tales on the internet, then you have probably come across some things that sound like they are out in left field. One such tale would be using strawberries to help whiten you teeth. The reason these tales grow so big and stick around for so long is because there is usually a bit of truth to them, no how small or insignificant they may be. In the case of using strawberries to make your teeth look brighter, that bit of truth probably has to do with the acidic nature of the fruit. When the natural acids hit your teeth, it can make them look a little brighter than they were previously because the acid eats away at the material that is causing your teeth to be stained.

There is a catch, however, to using this process, rather than having it performed professionally by a dentist. Crushing strawberries into a paste to whiten your teeth may remove some of the stains from them, but they also are likely to eat away at the enamel on your teeth. And as most people are well aware, enamel, once it is gone, cannot be replaced. When the enamel is gone, the dentin is left showing through, which is a yellowish substance. So even though this teeth whitening old wives' tale has some truth to it, it is actually pretty much pointless to attempt, due it making your teeth look yellow all over again. Plus, if there are seeds in the paste you made, they can easily cause scratches on your teeth.

Other teeth whitening old wives' tales include things like orange and lemon peels. These will have the same effect that using strawberries will have. The acid from in the juices only makes your teeth appear to be whiter because what they are really doing is eating away at the enamel, which is what was yellow to begin with. When the enamel is gone, you are left with the yellow colored dentin, defeating the purpose of whitening your teeth in the first place.

Other things on the list of teeth whitening old wives' tales include things like apple cider vinegar. While some have had varying degrees of success with this method, it all depends on how much vinegar is used. Too much vinegar can hurt the enamel of your teeth just as the fruits listed above will. When this method is used, people usually mix a small amount of vinegar with some baking soda, making a paste, which is used to brush the teeth.

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