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How To Improve Bad Eyesight: Can Bad Eyesight Really Be Improved

Author: Adrienne Smith

What causes bad eyesight and can it really improve?  Are glasses, contact lens and eye surgery the only alternatives?  In this article I will share with you some of the causes for poor eyesight and how you can start improving yours today.

Bad eyesight can be caused by being under a lot of pressure, stress, mental strain, tension and poor eating habits to name a few.  Most people believe that their eyesight is hereditary but that is not necessarily the truth.  Even people with bad eyesight such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, astigmatism, cross-eye, lazy-eye, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, retina disorders and floating specks can improve their eyesight naturally.

So how can you really improve your bad eyesight through natural healing methods?  There are several ways you can start improving your eyesight and some of those methods include:

*   an exercise called "palming"

*   relaxing more

*   taking more breaks from computer work

*   splashing water on your face

*   expose your closed eyes to the natural sun

*   practice with a pendulum

*   do eye exercises with charts

*   do a swinging exercise

*   wear pinhole spectacles around the house

*   let your eyes wander now and then when you are reading, working or watching TV

*   massage the areas around your eyes

*   laugh more often

*   relax and visualize your favorite place

*   get at least 30 minutes of exercise

*   before going to bed cover your eyes with a dark cloth

*   totally relax your body and fall asleep at night with relaxed eyes in a comfortable position

*   eat more fruits and vegetables

By following some of the things listed above, you can start improving your bad eyesight.   Not all of these things mentioned above are required, but by including the things you enjoy doing the most every single day, you will start to see a vast improvement.  Some people have improved their eyesight within a two week period of time

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About the Author

Adrienne Smith is a work at home business owner and she enjoys helping others find the same success.

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10 Responses to Bad Eyesight

  1. dazzi_4592 says:

    Bad eyesight?
    My friend.
    wears glasses by looking at her pictures and her eyes how bad do you thinik her eyesight is?
    1 not bad- 10 very bad.
    thanks i just want to know.

  2. Ryu says:

    Bad Eyesight?
    I’m 16 years old, and i’ve been wearing glasses since I was 7 or 8. My eyesight seems to be worse than my friends’ who wear glasses. I’m not sure what my prescription is, but I think it’s pretty high. So my question is: will my eyesight continue to worsen as I keep getting higher prescriptions? Also, what are some factors that affect my eyesight, positive or negative?
    Are there any proven benefits contacts have that eyeglasses don’t?

    • Rosey 2ooo says:

      I think it depends on why you wear glasses? I have Astigmatism and also have short sightedness. My daughter has the same eye problems as me, only hers is a mirror likeness of mine.
      The positive/negative i am not too sure about, but there is also something like axis that affects the strength of the lenses.
      Don’t worry, you will be able to wear contact lenses, as i and my daughter have.

  3. claudia says:

    bad eyesight?
    ok so my left eye is a negative 4.50 and my right eye is a negative 3.75. [i wear contacts] is there anything i could do to improve my eyesight like certain foods or excersizes?

    • tzu says:

      My right eye is a -5.50 and the left is -6.0. I started wearing glasses at 8 year’s old. I switched to contact’s at 14 year’s old and have been wearing them for the last 16 years. I have never heard of anything to improve vision. RK is not permanent, after time your vision will slowly regress. Take care of your eyes & contact’s. Visit your Optomitrist yearly so they can keep track of how your vision changes. Depending on how old you are RK may be the right choice.

  4. Cici Mak says:

    What are some ways I can avoid getting bad eyesight?
    I really don’t want glasses. I have perfect vision, but I want to avoid making my eyesight bad.

    • TheEyeGuy says:

      Here are some of the best ways to avoid getting bad eyesight:

      >Don’t believe self fulfilling prophecy myths. Blurry vision from genetics is a myth. There is so much more resilience to blur and adaptability to difficult circumstances built into our genetics than there is weakness. We as modern cultures have learned so many ways to interfere with our natural perfect eyesight. Blur is a learned behavior that can be unlearned. Blurry vision from reading micro fine print in dim light or from tv or computer is a myth. Blurry vision comes from using our eyes, mind, and body incorrectly during these challenging circumstances. Presbyopia or old age vision can become a self fulfilling prophecy. Everyone is told to expect blurry vision up close around the age 40.

      >Eat the best you can. Some basics are minimize fried foods and eat high antioxidant foods. Minimize processed foods that have large ingredient lists with many artificial difficult to pronounce additives. Our modern culture has been overdosing on sugar at poisonous levels, learn ways to significantly reduce sugar. Get our treats from natural sources like fruits. Diversify our sweets with healthy sweeteners like Xylitol. Supplement our cravings for sweets with healthy connective social or service activities.

      >Learn about vision behavior. Blurry vision habits are the single largest contributor to blurr and eye disease. Blurry vision habits can be unlearned and natural perfect eyesight behaviors can be brought back. Support natural vision educators and Optometrists that are open and supportive of natural optimal health. There is so much more resilience and adaptability available within our bodies that we are not looking for but passing up for artificial medical band aids and crutches.

      >Maintain regular fun aerobic activity like sports, running, walking, hiking, biking, dancing. Low circulation is also a significant contributor to reduced ability to use our eyes, mind and body together correctly.

  5. sonata7forte says:

    What are the causes of bad eyesight so i can prevent my eyes from getting worse?
    I link to an informative website is very good also. my eyes just recently in the past couple of years have gone from 20/25 to 20/100. i really want to educate myself on how to keep my eyes from getting worse. i do go on the computer a lot so maybe that contributed to my eyesight going bad.

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