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Are You Sharing Your Home With Bats?

Author: Nick Messe

Bats are the only mammals that can fly. All other mammals with flight-like abilities are only capable of gliding. Most bats eat insects, while others eat fruit. Bats help pollinate tropical flowers and spread fruit seeds around so new plants can grow. Despite all of the scary stories built around them, bats are actually very cute and productive creatures and a very important part of our ecosystem. If you should discover that you are sharing your home with bats, the best thing to do would be to find an effective, humane and ecologically sound method of clearing them out.

You've probably heard the term, "Blind as a bat", but the truth is that, while their eyesight is not the best, bats are not blind. Thanks to their ability of echolocation, bats can "see" better than human beings could ever hope to. This intricate method can give bats a detailed map of their surroundings and guide them through nearly any obstacle.

A couple of the scary stories are true. For example, vampire bats really do drink the blood of mammals and also birds, but just because they drink blood does not mean they are going to turn into Count Dracula before your eyes. Like you and I, bats drink water, only they have a very special method of hydrating themselves. A bat will skim the surface of a body of water to collect one single drop of water, then repeat this process until its thirst has been quenched. Besides spreading fruit seeds and pollinating flowers, bats produce nutrient rich guano that can be used to fertilize farmer's fields. It can also be used to make gunpowder.

While the bite of a bat won't turn you into a vampire, it is important to understand that these bites can be quite dangerous to human beings. A bat bite can carry SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome), the Nepah and Hendra virus, and of course rabies. Bats are second behind dogs as the cause of rabies in the United States, although the number for both creatures is very small.

A bat with rabies is a sick bat, and may not understand what is happening. This makes it more likely that the bat will have a confrontation with a human being that may end in a bite. Due to the small size of their teeth, a bat bite can actually go unnoticed by someone who is sleeping at the time, or drunk from alcohol. Most frightening is the theory that rabies can be spread through the air from bats to humans with no physical contact required.

If a bat flutters into your home, try not to panic. Separate it from the people in the house as best you can, and then close all of the windows but one. The bat should leave. If a bunch of bats have decided to make your home theirs, your best bet is to call a pest control operation, preferably one that will handle the creatures humanely.

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10 Responses to Bats Eyesight

  1. im very bored says:

    Do bats have good eyesight?

  2. cuddlymummy says:

    Anyone else have the same problem as me with their eyesight?
    I am short sighted, but only just over the legal requirement to wear glasses for driving so i don’t wear them unless i’m driving, cinema, etc.
    I am due an eyetest soon but i have recently noticed that my eyesight is TERRIBLE in the dark. I used to be able to drive the same at night as i do in the day but when i drove back from my mums the other night i actually got out the car to check my lights were clean and ok cos i could hardly see the road ahead of me!!

    Also, whilst on holiday we took a trip down the caves (not wearing my glasses) and i could not see a thing! Today, i went outside in the sun, came back in the house and it took ages for my eyes to adjust to the dark again.
    Has anyone else ever had this problem? My glasses seem fine so i don’t think the problem lies with my strength of glasses, i just think its odd that i’ve never had a problem with dark/light before.

    Please, no silly answers about being blind as a bat, etc, etc!
    hi there, i am 29 this year. My dad is short sighted too but his eyesight actually improved last year, so he had his prescription reduced. My grandad was 93 when he died and was practically blind for the last 2 years of his life. I think he had cataract operations/laser surgery in his 80′s.

    • allybally says:

      thats a natural problem, when your out side theres a lens at the back of your eyes that virtually closes, to stop some of the light passing into your eye, when you go back inside the lens has to open right up, this takes time though, so there is a small delay while your eyes adjust, dont worry, if u still do, go to a good up to date optician and they can do all sorts of tests, if your over 35 i think they do some seperate tests because eyes start to get to the point where there not failing but slowely deteriating. hope this helps

  3. Leah W says:

    2 bats could see out of the right eye, 3 could see out of the left eye, 4 couldn’t see out of the left eye?
    and 5 couldnt see out of the right eye. what is the least number of bats in the cave and what might their eyesight have been

  4. Geoff_and_Katie says:

    My 7yo son swings a split second too late when he plays baseball every time he bats…how do I help him?
    He has perfect eyesight, so it isn’t that. Is he trying too hard? He says he isn’t, but I’m not sure. He has a hell of a swing if he could just connect. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks.

    • Gene L says:

      Practice, practice, practice.
      Take him to a Batting Cage and let him swing away to develop his timing…it’ll come around.

      He doesn’t have a “problem”, he’s just not seeing the ball and reacting quickly enough as it leaves the Pitcher’s hands, causing him to delay his swing…it’s timing…that’s all it is and at seven years of age, he’s still developing his.
      Be patient with him and let him come around at his own speed. The more he practices his hitting, the better he’ll get.

      Check out these tips…

      What are the four most important things in hitting?

  5. Dave says:

    Can I purchase glasses without a prescription?
    I am having trouble in school and I have pretty good vision, but I think I would be able to concentrate better with a real minimal zoom in my eyesight. So can I buy myself glasses that aren’t for bat blind people, without a doctor’s permission? And how much does a pair usually cost?

    • David E says:

      You really need an eye exam to find out what you need. Ready made glasses are available in drug and discount stores. The powers range from +0.75 to +3.00. If you are just going to try wearing something to see if it helps, I recommend a power toward the lower end of that range.

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