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Six Main Causes of Blurred Vision in Eyes

Author: Nancy Gagnon

Blurred vision in the eyes can render unpleasant experience for people and can also be a symptom of other serious maladies. This serious vision problem can be brought about by a wide variety of causes.

Blurred vision is the eye condition wherein the objects perceived by the sense of sight are unclear. The condition may be gradual while there is also the sudden onset that may require immediate attention. This eye condition may lie on the problems on the different parts of the eyes such as the lens, retina, tissues and muscles of the eyes.

Here are some of the main causes:

1.      Cataract - This is the eye condition wherein the light that enters the eyes that enable us to see the external objects. Cataract is often associated with old age since this is common to old people of over 60 years old and a whitish covering appears on the lens of the eyes.

2.      Glaucoma - Glaucoma is another condition that is quite popular during the later years of life. This medical condition can cause blurriness in vision and eventually lead to blindness due to high pressure in the eyes. Blurred vision in the eyes is a symptom of this illness.

3.      Macula Degeneration - The Macula is the central part of the retina, which is a sensitive part of the eye. The deterioration of the Macula is common to the elderly and will result to blurred vision.

4.      Diabetic retinopathy - Retinopathy is the most serious case of diabetes mellitus that can even lead to blindness. The first symptom of this medical condition is blurred vision and other common symptoms of diabetes.

5.      Infections and inflammations - Any infection or inflammation in the eyes such as sore eyes can cause temporary blurriness in the eyes as well as pain, redness and watery eyes.

6.      Refractive Errors - One of the common causes is the refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism.

Blurred vision is something that can not be taken for granted. It can be a symptom of other serious diseases or it can lead to blindness in your eyes. When you experience blurriness in your vision, you can then cure it Naturally by practicing Dr Bates techniques and exercises at home instead of going through an expensive and dangerous surgery.


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Nancy Gagnon is a Natural Vision Improvement expert.

You will find a vast range of cures and treatments for Blurred Vision in Eyes at her website which also covers how to improve your nearsightedness, farsightedness, eye stress, cataract.. Naturally using Dr Bates Method.

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10 Responses to Blurred Eyesight

  1. Ber says:

    how to effectively cure the blurring eyesight in natural way?
    i think my eyesight is getting blurred. i dont want to wear glasses as im afraid it will make me dependent on them untill my eyes really coulnt read without them. is there a natural way to get my vision clear?

  2. [ tRiGgeR ] says:

    what should i do, eat, avoid to lower the degree of my blurred eyesight?
    left 4.50
    right 5.00

    and should i ALWAYS wear my eyeglasses?

    • QUEENIE says:

      don’t wear your glasses often just when you need it. believe it or not, wearing glasses actually makes your eyes worst. ea lots and lots of carrots, they are really good for your eyes! oh and if you have the money and if you can get this. my friend’s mom got eye correcting glasses before and now she can see much better without glasses.

  3. Pat M says:

    can being dehydrated affect your eyesight making it blurred?
    When i put eydrops in my eyes i can see perfectly which makes me think my eyesight is ok, but then they go a bit blurred again. I think i may be dehydrated?

    • Mama Janet says:

      It sounds like you have dry eyes which is very common. A lot of people rely on eye drops to be comfortable. If it’s better with the drops you should use them more often. If you’re concerned about the number of times you’re using them during the day, you should ask your doctor.

  4. Angel says:

    Easy bruising, numbness, blurred eyesight… What can this be?
    Lately I’ve noticed that bruises have been popping up here and there. I’m not undergoing any type of abuse, I don’t do any hard work- it’s just the slightest bump will leave a bruise. Also, my arms and legs tend to fall asleep more than usual. Not just from standing too long, or sitting too long but out of nowhere. On top of that, my eyesight blurs frequently. I use contacts because I don’t have good vision but I don’t think it has to do with needing a new prescription. I got my eyes checked just a month ago and I got a new prescription. However, my eyes continue to blur- not always, just sometimes. I can see perfectly for a few minutes and the next everything will be a blur. What can this be?

    • KUJayhawks#1fan says:

      You should see your doctor and have some test done. My husband had similar symptoms and was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. I am not saying that is your case, but just get in and find out.
      I should also mention that he did not fit the typical type 2 diabetic “mold” and his doctor didn’t even consider it at first. So just get in and get checked out!
      Good luck

  5. [ tRiGgeR ] says:

    what can help heal a blurred eyesight?
    im nearsighted…are there any food that that i should eat more often so that so that it will help heal my blurred eyesight?if there is, what are those food? what should i prevent from doing to avoid the degree from getting deeper? and what should i do to help return normal vision?and how long will it take? is it ok if i only wear my eyeglass when watchin tv, going to scholol and using the computer, or should i wear it always? answer everything u know pls…

    • Judy B says:

      There is nothing — no food, no exercises, no activity — that will reverse the need for glasses or prevent your glasses from getting stronger.

      Wearing your glasses or not wearing them will not change your need for glasses or make it worse. Wear them full time or only when you want to see clearly — suit yourself. But there is no need to avoid wearing them.

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