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Blurred Vision Headache May Be A Sure Sign Of Danger!

Author: Ashish Jain

The main problem about the headache is that it is not a self-contained disease. It demands an exclusive course of treatment.

It is simply futile to treat the headache as such in a traditional way, unless you know the underlying causes of it. Your headache could be a forerunner to some other serious types of ailments. Some headaches cause blurred vision, along with other symptoms.

Blurred vision headache is a serious situation and should take you to the doctor immediately. The causes for blurred vision can not be identified in isolation.

Blurred vision during headache indicates that there is something very serious about the functioning of the related blood vessels. Here, the headache is to be treated as the cause of some other disease. The worst part is, such headache will strike you at the most unsuspected moment.

Take for example, the after exercise headache. When you exercise in heat you experience difficulty in breathing along with symptoms of dizziness and headache. You are unable to see what is before you. This clearly reflects that a heatstroke is in the offing.

In case of a tumor, the headache first appears and gradually develops, and when you exercise the condition worsens. In such conditions, blurred vision is certain to follow, with unsteadiness or weakness. You must be quick enough to understand the seriousness of such situations. So, headache with blurred vision is a sure sign of danger!

Well, even if your headache results in blurred vision on a small scale, you must allow your doctor to investigate the matter further. Don't be your own judge and corner stage the over the counter medications. By taking over the counter medications you are only complicating the matters.

To sum up, your blurred vision headache could be a life threatening problem. You might have brought yourself to this position by habitual consumption of anti-depressants. The side effects associated with such types of drugs, usually baffle explanation.

The particular side effect of the day could result in the changed condition the next day. Sometimes, the treatment for the side effect disease could be more complicating than the original disease.

The best line of treatment for blurred vision headache paves on the basis of your case history. Even if it is the first time headache, your physician alone is the best judge.

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10 Responses to Blurred Vision Symptoms

  1. dee says:

    Can anybody help me with my symptoms? Blurred vision, tired, dry mouth/thirsty, no concentration?
    Hi guys, a little help please!!
    For years I’ve had spurts of ‘tiredness’ but this year suddenly my vision is constantly blurred, I can’t concentrate, my mouth is dry no matter how much I drink. I sweat a lot at night and if I don’t eat breakfast by 12:00 I’m so drained that I can’t concentrate for the rest of the day. I also binge bc I ‘m so energyless I want to get anything in my mouth… then everything really starts to go haywire, I can’t think, my vision gets even more blurry..

    I’ve been to the doctor, we’ve discovered I’ve got low iron, potassium, B12. But I’ve been taking the supplements, etc, for over a month and a half, and my symptoms are still quite prevalent.

    I was wondering if there was anything else I should be looking for: I was thinking I am very dehydrated, the problem is I’ve upped my drinking to up to 15 cups a day ( about 3 litres ) but this hasn’t made any difference! I’ve gotten a blood glucose test as well, but this hasn’t shown any deficiencies…

    I know I may sound like a hypochondriac, but these symptoms really affect my every day living! It may still be the iron/b12/potassium levels are still not up yet… but I should be feeling better!!

    If anyone can help/suggest anything it would be really helpful!!
    By 12:00 – that means on the odd occasion I miss breakfast… this is not the norm!! I usually eat breakfast and a snack by this time… however I know many people who eat a tiny snack or nothing at all and they are starving by then and fully able to function… while I’m dead for the rest of the day!!

    I’ve also only been drinking that much because nothing else has helped.. at least this helps somewhat.. and eases the blurryness… I sweat a lot and this could be why…

    And yes, the doctors do know everything about me.. but they say it’s nothing.. that’s why I’m asking here, just in case there is something else!!

    Thanks for your input…

    • MishMash says:

      Could you please clarify things for me here : you said “if I don’t eat breakfast by 12:00″ is this a typing error ? Because by 12 midday I would have had my breakfast at 6.30 am, morning tea and 6 almonds at 10.30 am and lunch at 12 midday. I would be drained too if I behaved like you.

      It will take 3 to 6 months of taking supplement iron tablets for your iron levels to get near normal. Iron injections would be quicker.

      Drinking 15 cups of ?water a day would give you hyponatremia.

      Does your doctor know your drinking and eating habits ?

      Additional 1 hour later : Try having Salvital from Woolworths.
      And have almonds, brazil nuts for snacks. Don’t forget omega 3 oils in oily fish. Eat fish, small cans for snacks too.

  2. Mags C says:

    i have rib cage inflammation but also have other symptoms, headaches, dizziness, blurred vision, please help?
    the inflammation is apparently due to a minor accident last year. the other symptoms only appeared now. not too sure if they are related. doctor says no sport for six months, but can find no cause for other symptoms. can barely walk or see with headaches and blurred vision, also have difficulty breathing.

    • wiseforexinvestor says:

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      Best Wishes,
      Rex White

  3. Lost OC Boy says:

    Medical symptoms – bad migraine, brief blurred vision, and a small amount of blood from the nose?
    Could these three things together be a sign of something major? The bad migraine is a new symptom, but the blurred vision has happened a few times in the morning during the past two months. The blood from the nose happens several times a month, but is usually just a few drops when blowing the nose. Thoughts?

    • dr.shehryar says:

      Get yourself consulted with a Neurophysician!
      Sounds like a migraine. Usually basilar migraine produces blurred vision alng with typical headache. Get yourself checked and do mention the nose bleed
      Get WELL SOON

  4. remagin says:

    What Causes blurred or crossed vision, with no other symptoms?
    I occasionaly have a blurred vision symptom, no other symptoms, and no pattern. The occurance lasts a couple of minutes, then goes away, no headache or pressure. No head injuries. sometimes weeks apart.
    No blood pressure issues, no fever, no other eye problems. No diabetes.
    any ideas?

  5. Jade says:

    My boyfriend is having symptoms like blurred vision, muffled hearing, and thumping in brain and body. Why?
    This thumping occurs in 3 to 4 thumps about once or even more a minute. The thumping feels like it’s in his brain, eyes, ears, neck, upper arms, chest, and back. He gets dizzy and feels unbalanced. His eyes go out of focus and his hearing is muffled just while the thumping occurs. We looked it up and the only thing with these was a tumor. I really hope it’s not. Is there any other explanation?

    • JcL says:

      Some kind of problem with the heart and blood circulation. When pressure and circ are low it builds up and the heart has to work extra hard to pump it up to head area. The diff is pressure could explain lack of O2 getting to his eyes, etc.

      Another thing could be some kind of blockage.

      I would head to the doc ASAP.

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