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Author: Hunter Elliott

If you sick and tired of having to wear glasses or contact lenses then you need to keep reading. There are people from all over that are currently improving their vision naturally. They are not going to see an optometrist anymore wasting money on things they do not need. Instead they are improving their eyes at home, simply by following a few easy steps. And you can too. All you have to do is learn just how to correct your vision naturally.

So if you no longer want to wear those ugly glasses or uncomfortable contacts then you need to read this. The first thing you must start doing is sleeping. Getting a good nights sleep helps your eyes relax and relieve all stress and strain from the day before. And that is very important because you do not want any stress on your eyes. Instead you need to keep them healthy. And you can do this easily by eating better and performing eye exercises. You may be asking well what are eye exercises? Eye exercises are things like blinking really fast, covering your eyes in extreme light. By doing these simple exercises you help your eyes stay strong and healthy. And that is the most crucial step towards correct your vision fast.

So following these tips will help you naturally improve your vision fast. There is no reason for you to have to suffer anymore from poor vision. Instead you need to begin doing something about it. And right now is the perfect time.

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You're not restricted to having to wear prescription eyewear or paying for lasik eye surgery to improve your vision. There is a natural way to improve your eyesight within a few weeks. If you are tired of having to worry about glasses or contact lenses and you're worried about the risks of surgery, there is an effective, natural way to get better vision.

If you're tired of the cost of your glasses or contacts and you just want to have the freedom that better vision affords you, it can be done naturally. You can see better just a few weeks from now. People just like you have improved their vision through the use of eye exercises. It's your turn now to see better.

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9 Responses to Blurry Eyesight In One Eye

  1. sprasa03 says:

    significantly lost eyesight in one eye for two hours – what does it mean?
    I had a nightmare this morning. I woke up pressing my face hard into the pillow, so hard my nose was sore. Maybe I pressed my eyes too hard into the pillow as well.
    I have very bad eyesight, practically blind without my glasses and after my nightmare (which had me riled up and stressed) I put on my glasses and wasn’t seeing right.
    When I closed my left eye I realized that I was seeing very blurry out of my right eye with my glasses on, which should not be the case. With glasses on I should be seeing close near perfect so I don’t know what I did to significantly lose vision in my left eye.
    Has this happened to anyone else?
    by the way, I cleaned my glasses multiple times because if looked like vasoline or something was over my right lens but that was not the case.
    I did not sleep with my glasses on so they were fine and clean when I put them on. It was lost vision in my right eye.
    I kept winking and checking and after 2 hours vision to my right eye was restored back to how it usually is but that has never happened to me before.

  2. Mona Lisa says:

    I think I’m nearsighted in one eye?
    My vision is kinda bad for my age. -2.75 in my left eye, -3.50 in my right one. I mostly wear contacts. I’ve noticed recently how blurry everything is, especially in my right eye. My
    eyesight is kind of uneven. I was reading something up close last night and I could see it okay with my left eye, but it was really blurry out my right eye! Am I nearsighted in one eye? If I am, is it a big deal? How can it be corrected? I’m planning on going to the optometrist, but I don’t know when that will happen, probably in 2-3 weeks.

    • Footprintz says:

      You are nearsighted in both eyes already.

      More so in the right eye, which is causing the imbalance when you are looking up close. Your left eye can focus up close much better than the right because you aren’t as nearsighted in that one.

  3. . says:

    I have bad eyesight in one eye, how can I apply top eyeliner?
    Well, I can do it fine whenever I can see with my good eye, but It’s really blurry when I use my bad one.
    Is there any possible way I can have top eyeliner? Please help <3
    Yes, my eyesight is too bad for contacts to fix. Although it may help some. My eye doctor said it doesn’t matter how long I wear Contacts/Glasses, my eye will not get better.

    • Anonymous says:

      actually the secret to doing your eyeliner well is to apply it not with your eyes shut but with your eyes open. you take the eyeliner and you just draw on your eyelid with your eye open. this may cause you to blink alot the first couple of times but you get used to it. you will be able to put eyeliner on without it being blurry and your eyeliner will look alot better. hope this helps=)

  4. Sandy B says:

    I had lasik surgery in one eye 2.5 months ago & my eyesight is blurry.?
    I also have ghost images and struggle to see. My doctor keeps telling me to give it time to heal, and I have, but without any change at all. My vision was 20/20 right after the surgery and as I’ve gone back it has decreased to 20/40 and 20/60. This is worse than I started with. What could the problem be? I am going back again to the doctor who performed the surgery and am planning on getting a second opinion but want to go in with some idea of what might be happening. Doctor put a plug in my tearduct saying it was just dry…but that did not help…he gave me steroids and eye drops, and that did not help. He told me to use the eye drops more…still no help. I even used eye lubricant. Light seems to make it worse. Looking at the computer, I struggle to make sense of the words. It almost seems like there is a layer of cling wrap over my vision. Help?!
    Yes, he is supposed to be one of the best locally. I paid more money to go to him because of the experience and reputation for his work.

    Is it better to get second opinion from optometrist or another surgeon?

    • LasikPlus says:

      I am Dr. Groden, a surgeon with LasikPlus. I am sorry to hear about your problem. Symptoms such as yours are often due to residual refractive error; in simple terms, there is still some nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. During your exams a refraction to measure this will be done. Does your vision improve when lenses are placed in front of the eye? If so, adding more laser to “touch up” your lasik can be done once your eye stabilizes. Usually such enhancement procedures are not performed until at least 3 months after lasik because it often takes that long for the eye to completely stabilize. If a refraction does not improve your vision additional testing can be done to determine the cause of your symptoms and guide treatment to improve your vision.
      A second opinion is OK. I recommend you go to an experienced lasik surgeon for this.
      I hope this is of help. For more information go to

  5. Sah .x says:

    Blurry left eye?
    I get chronic headaches that are sometimes pretty bad but usually are mild enough for me to go through everyday life. however, today I was out shopping with a friend and I got a pretty bad one. And then my eyesight went really weird out of my left eye, like kind of blurry. And if I went to pick up anything with my right hand, it was fine, but if it was with my left hand it was really weird. And I don’t know what’s going on. I’m in New Zealand on holiday and my usual doctor is in Australia so I can’t talk to him. Also, I went and had a sleep thinking that might help but it didn’t. I’m 14.
    It’s still going on as I write and just after I posted the question, my left arm went all numb.

    • V C for THREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! says:

      Could be a number of things. Are you normally healthy? How long have these headaches been going on? Any problems with blood pressure? Are you overweight?

      Anyway, what I’m trying to say is if your usually pretty healthy, then I’d wait till your doctor comes back. If you get suddenly lightheaded, a really severe headache or the numbness gets more severe or is constantly recurring, it may point to some more serious things. Usually 14 year olds are pretty healthy. I’m wondering if you have migranes with eye symptoms associated. anyway best of luck.

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