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Author: Erin G. Kelly

Cataract symptoms involve a clouding of the lens of the eye. The lens is a normally clear and colorless structure just behind the pupil that focuses light rays onto the retina of the eye. Other signs and symptoms may be present and this short report will focus on the medical symptoms associated with cataracts as well as cover the causes and how this condition can be treated. If you would like to learn more about vision problems you can visit Symptom Spy for a medical symptom diagnosis tool that walks you through your symptoms utilizing simple yes and no questions and leads you to an online diagnosis.

Cataract Symptoms And Causes

Symptoms involve blurry eyesight that is made even worse once subjected to bright or intense light (i.e. bright daylight or vivid headlights when driving). Light may seem to scatter or there may be halos (rings) surrounding light sources. Other people will describe their signs as cloudy, fuzzy or foggy eyesight. Both eyes can usually be impacted, even so, it is not unusual for one eye to be worse than the other. Signs or symptoms of cataracts tend to grow gradually but all round eyesight could go on to deteriorate if not treated and may lead to blindness.

Cataracts usually happen with aging and are more typical over 60 years of age. Risk will increase with a family history of cataracts, hardening of arteries, diabetes mellitus, prolonged use of cortisone drugs, cigarette smoking, or exposure to radiation. Cataracts can occur in infants (congenital cataracts).

Cataract Diagnosis And Remedy

A particular person with cataracts can observe the signs or symptoms posted above and these transformations in vision ought to be noted to a medical practitioner or eye doctor. One with cataracts may require frequent changes in eyeglass prescriptions. The evaluation may involve a physical examination and ophthalmic (eye) examination such as a standard eye exam or slit lamp examination.

Surgical removal and replacement of the impacted lens is required to restore regular vision. If a cataract is not interfering with normal everyday activities, then surgical treatment may not be regarded as vital. In mild cases of cataracts, altering glasses or getting more powerful bifocals may be enough to restore enough vision.

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10 Responses to Blurry Eyesight Symptoms

  1. littlemisstop says:

    What medical symptoms causes lost of hair, immune weakness, and lost of eyesight and also tiredness?
    Losing lots of hair daily.
    Sleep early and always tired, light headed, eyesight can’t see far, gets blurry then lightheaded. Get tired and weak very easily.

    • aWellWisher says:

      All these are the symptoms. They are caused by some disease, that needs to be found out by a thorough clinical examination and investigations. CBC, Fasting Sugar, Thyroid Function Tests are particularly indicated.
      Good luck!

  2. hozh1518 says:

    Blurry eyesight after being sick?
    Three weeks ago i got sick with coughing, aching, chills, cold sweat, tiredness, and dizziness. Now almost all symptoms are gone, except i still have this feeling of being sick, like nothing seems real. could my blurred vision be causing this? Now when i look at things far away, it is very blurry. things look fine up close but this has never happened before. Can anyone help me?

  3. I Loves You <3 says:

    symptoms of diabetes..?
    hello well i have been having symptoms of diabetes but my mom doesn’t believe me.. symptoms include constant peeing, more thirsty, unusual loss of weight, more hungrier,blurry eyesight, some more i can’t think of. but my mom doesn’t believe me!! HELP!
    please &&thanks u guys
    && diabetes run in my family and she knows that. how can i convince her??
    &&i was i was really tierd today &&i felt super sick i almost threw up

  4. Agent47 says:

    Please help! What do I have if I’m experiencing lightheadness, dizziness, blurry eyesight, tiredness?
    It started about 4 days ago. Everyday I feel somewhat dizzy, lightheaded and can’t concentrate very well. My eyesight is blury and sometimes unfocused and have a small headache. I feel tired a lot. If I eat, it helps a little, but then comes back. Some people told me to check my blood sugar, and I am gonna do that. Is there anything else these symptoms can lead to?

    • Alan K says:

      your heart may be beating irreguarly check it every 30 min or so if it is flucktuating beetween 30 and 80 beats you may have a problem if you pass out you need to see a docter or it may be that your just overly tired not enough sleep can really hurt the body i had the same problem and passed out everyday and now i have a pacemaker so get it checke dout man quick

  5. Endless_Nameless says:

    Screwy eyesight lately…help please.?
    I’m 20 years old and I’ve had 20/20 vision my whole life. Just went back to university and this week I’ve pulled 2 more-or-less all nighters, with variable of sleep on other nights, and I’ve consumed much more caffiene than I normally do. I’m hoping this explains my symptoms.

    My eyesight has been slightly blurry for the last few days, but what concerns me much more(and is very annoying) is that I can see my nose in front of my face quite predominately(which I usually don’t notice) and it is very distracting. I keep involuntarily crossing my eyes and focusing them on my nose. On top of all of this, if I move from a light area into a darker area, I can see patterns similar to those you see if someone shies a flashlight into your eye, only for a much longer(half hour) period of time.

    I’m hoping this is due to high caffiene consumption and erratic sleep patterns and will correct itself, but half of my family has impaired vision so I am slightly concerned.

    Thanks for the help.

    • Dan F says:

      You’re just fatigued from the sounds of your symptoms. Your eyes are crossing because your focusing system is fatigued from studying all night. Get some rest and you’ll be fine.

      -4th year optometry student

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