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Astigmatism - Cause For Blurred Vision

By Sharon Hopkins

It is one of the main reasons for having blurred vision which many people are not aware of. It is stated to be one of the common reasons for having eyesight problems. This condition brings nearsightedness or farsightedness along with it.

It is caused mainly due to irregular shape of the cornea or of the lens which is located behind the cornea and is called as lenticular astigmatism. The problem can be corrected by use of eyeglasses, contact lenses or refractive surgery.

To put it in lay man

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10 Responses to Cause Of Blurred Vision

  1. fonzarelli_1999 says:

    Can too much caffeine cause blurred vision?
    I just had a cup of coffee this morning, but it seemed a bit stronger than normal. Now my vision is really blurry and I’m having trouble focusing on my computer monitor. Never happened before, and I’ve had my share of caffeine. Weird.
    It’s weird…My vision is a little blurry, i’m having a hard time focusing on things and trying to carry on a conversation is difficult. It’s got to be the coffee.

  2. ♥ ₡ⱤⱥﺡῨ & ᴮᵊᵃᵤᵀᵎᶂᵤᶩ ღ says:

    Why does conjunktivitis cause blurred vision?
    I think i have conjunktivitis, i woke up today & i couldnt open my right eye straight away, it was stuck with all this sticky stuff, & also my eye aches sometimes too, is acheing a symptom of conjunktivitis? also my eye is all red & sore, & watery & itchy? but what i want to know is why conjunktivitis causes blurred vision? cause i have that too …

    Thanks so much. . . .

  3. Josh says:

    What can cause blurred vision in one eye?
    I sometimes (not any time recent) have blurred vision in a single part of a single eye. Usually the right eye and its usually only the upper right hand corner of that eye but its impossible to see anything in that section (about half the eye). I sometimes feel a slight headache with them, but not always and it goes away after about 10-30 min. I was just thinking about it and maybe someone out there knew what it was. It doesnt seem like a serious problem im just curious.

  4. Mommy to Boys says:

    Can sinus pressure cause blurred vision in one eye?
    I’ve had a bunch of sinus pressure lately. I’ve been having random sinus headaches in my left temple, and for the past two days those headaches have been accompanied by blurred vision in the same eye. I’ve had sinus issues most of my life and never experianced this before. Even after my headache goes away, the blurred vision remains.

    I don’t have any health insurance, so I’m mainly wanting to know if this is normal as a symptom of sinuses or not.

  5. Heron By The Sea says:

    Which of these medications is most likely to cause blurred vision?
    I’m on Risperdal 0.5mg and Propranolol (I forget the dose). My vision has been very blurry since I’ve started these. Can one of these cause it? And if so, which one?

    • Linda D says:

      The first thing you should do is go to your pharmacy. Ask them for the little folded up paper that comes with every bottle of medication they receive (this is in the box). Next, get a magnifying glass or have someone else read the side effects.
      I have a cousin who, years ago, was prescribed Zoloft. She had constant issues with her eyes. I went to a pharmacy and asked them for the folded up paper that comes in the box with the medicaiton. They were happy to give it to me. I took it home, read the entire paper and discovered that Zoloft could cause a person to go blind. When I told her this – she immediately stopped taking the medication. She then looked for a herbal replacement.

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