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LASIK Surgery Helps To Treat Various Eye Defects

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Many people in the world suffer from eye problems, especially the elder ones. Eyes play an important role in your life. Without vision, it is very difficult to survive. Older people have more chances of suffering from eye illnesses. That is why it is important for them to use contact lenses and eyeglasses. In fact, there are various treatments available, wherein you do not have to use eyeglasses or contact lenses. A surgery that does not require you to use eyeglasses is known as LASIK surgery.


With the help of this surgery, you can get better vision. This surgery treats the cornea of your defected eye with the help of laser. With this surgery, you can treat eye defects like hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism. These are very severe eye defects. A person suffering from astigmatism will find it difficult to see images properly.


In hyperopia, a person is unable to see objects clearly, which are near. This defect can occur at any age limit. As in myopia, it is different, as a person can see objects clearly, which are near, but is unable to see objects that are far away.


Another important treatment is refractive surgery. This surgery helps to improve the vision of the eye. LASIK surgery is also same as refractive surgery. LASIK surgery uses special type of laser to remove corneal tissue. In this treatment, the focus is on cornea, because focusing power of eye depends on cornea.


For performing LASIK surgery, surgeons do not use any type of blade. The powerful laser rays used in this treatment treat the corneal tissue. This is very convenient method of surgery and it doest not takes much time. Moreover, it guarantees quick recuperation.


Lasik Surgery is affordable. However, the cost of this surgery may differ with the surgeon and hospital. You will have to spend only a few dollars for this surgery. Your vision is very important for living a happy life. It is an important part of your body. Therefore, it is essential to take proper care of your eyes.

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10 Responses to Defects Of Eye

  1. ❤ ʍɨʍɨ ❤ says:

    Can I have an/some examples of anatomical eye defects?
    This is not a homework question as such, but I need to know if I’m on the right tracks for an essay I’m doing. I’m getting confused between anatomical and physiological! So, I know that for example a cataract is a physiological problem, but bit stuck as to what an anatomical eye defect would be.


    • Michael says:

      The terms “anatomical” and “physiological” overlap and are not mutually exclusive. But an example of an anatomical eye defect is astigmatism.

      It really is also a “physiological” defect, as are any other anatomical defects.

      You can think of the word physiological as a synonym for “physical” and anatomical as a synonym for “structural.” Anatomical is always physiological but physiological is not always anatomical.

  2. onewayorother says:

    I need two types of technologies that are used to correct eye defects.?
    please include a brief information on both of the items. if you have adequate information i will choose you as my best answer. PLEASE HELP.. i need it by the end of today !!!

    • Abby! says:

      Diagnostic Technology:

      State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment is important because it’s used to determine whether you are a candidate for laser vision correction, and if so, which procedure is most appropriate for you. It’s also used to calculate the customized settings for the laser for your particular treatment.


      Now in its second decade of use, the technologically advanced Excimer laser has added a tremendous amount of precision, control and safety to treating nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. We have a number of Excimer lasers so we can choose the laser that is best suited to treat your specific eye condition.

  3. Archit J says:

    What is the difference between the defects of eye vision – hypermetropia and presbyopia?

    • mustafa k says:

      hypermetropia is long sightedness when the image of the objesct converges behind the reitna is mat be genetic or some times due to improper curvature of the retina while presbiophis is mainly in old age where the ciliary muscles become weak and the lens may not be able to focus the image at the retina they have both long sightedness and short sightedness

  4. Manish says:

    what are the defects of human eye?
    tell about all defects of eye

  5. Demonic|Resurrection says:

    Which part of the brain is incharge of eye defects; mid-brain or cerebellum?
    P.S, the question asked in the exam was, “Name the part of the brain damaged or in problem when there is an eye defect?”

    • Joseph J says:

      Clearly you question needs restating and if i was taking that exam, I would personally raise objection as to what type of eye defect. The world health organization publishes an ICD-10 of know disease and health related issues. In this you find at several catagories of eye disease and defect. But all fairness aside. It is the visual cortex also know as the Brodmann area 17 which is in the hind area of the brain called the Occipital Lobe. This ineract with most parts of the brain including mid-brain and cerebellum, since vision use more resources in the brain than any other sense.

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