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How to Take Care of your Eyes and keep it from Deteriorating

Author: Brent McNutt

Often, we take our eyes for granted and do not take proper care of them as we do our teeth or our skin.  Taking care of our eyes is important especially since we use our eyes a lot.   When we spend time in the office, use the computer, read documents, and watch TV at home, we put a lot of strain on our eyes and wear them down.  Taking care of our eyes is just a matter of developing good habits, as well as visiting your eye doctor in urbane scrubs regularly.  Below are some tips for taking care of your eyes and keeping them healthy.

Eating healthy

As with any of your body part, one of the best ways to keep your eyes fit and healthy is to eat nutritious food. Fruits and vegetables and rich in antioxidants that help slow down the process of aging and the deterioration of eyesight. Vitamins that are good for the eyes include vitamin C, A, and E. These three vitamins help decrease the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration.  Most fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins C, A, and E. Beta carotene are also popularly known to help maintain good eye sight. Some of the fruits and vegetables high in beta carotene include carrots, squash, and yellow and red peppers.

Pampering your eyes

Soothe your tired eyes with cold cucumber slices. Gently press the cucumber slices against the eyes and leave there for ten minutes. You can also use a cool towel in place of the cucumber. Just put it above your closed eyes and leave for a few minutes. This will also help get rid of puffiness and eye bags for more beautiful and attractive eyes. 

Contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses, as much as possible, do not wear them for more than 12 hours. At all costs, do not wear your contacts when you sleep. Leaving your contacts on for too long may cause permanent damage to your eyesight as well as cause extreme discomfort.  If you can help it, do not wear contacts at all and use glasses instead. Not only is this safer, it will also save you a lot of money.    

Eye drops

Use eye drops sparingly as some of these may contain powerful ingredients that will only do worse for the eyes. Opt for eye drops that are made of 'tears,' which can actually be used more frequently. Avoid those that are made to 'get the red out' as these have stronger chemicals.  Read the labels of eye drops carefully to know how often you can use them. Chronic daily use of eye drops may just worsen irritation to the eyes.  Also take note that when you are wearing contacts, there are many eye drops that you cannot use with them.

Protection from the sun

Exposure to too much sun damages the eyes and accelerates its deterioration and aging.  One of the best ways to protect the eyes from the sun is by wearing sunglasses.  When choosing sunglasses, get one that has high UV protection and has polarized lenses.  Simply getting dark lenses is not enough to protect the eyes as it only makes the pupils dilate and do not anything to stop the UV rays from reaching the eyes.    

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10 Responses to Deteriorating Eyesight

  1. pandora says:

    deteriorating eyesight?
    Ihave really mild short sightedness and wass given a prescription for glasses that i definatly have to wear for driving. If i dont wear my glasses often could it make my eyesight deteriorate?

  2. Dan C. says:

    Why is my eyesight deteriorating so fast?
    I just got glasses not too long ago and now they are not enough for me. Is that because of watching too much TV/computer or is it something else?

    • G B SINGH says:

      On December 12, 2004; as I was standing waiting for my wife in Sarojini Nagar Market, New Delhi, India; I suddenly felt my body was stretching itself in a way incomprehensible to my own self.

      And lo, every single thing in the field of my sight went crystal clear!

      I held my breath.

      All through my life, I had been a victim to myopia (nearsightedness) with a refractive index of -2.25D.

      I could not believe myself.

      I closed my lids and took a deep breath. As I opened them, my sight was back to its myopic blur again.

      But my body remembered.

      I immediately repeated that awesome incomprehensible stretch and again it was there.

      I was seeing! …Crystal clear!!

      My gaze had grown a glow in it!

      For me, it was nothing less than a miracle.

      I was 53 years old then. But being a research oriented person as I always had been all through my life, I immediately decided to take it up as a personal research project in the field of vision therapy and overall mind body health using my own body as my laboratory for the experiments of ophthalmology and opening chakras; and my sight as the final test of my vision therapy as well as my total mind body health.

      You can follow the story further on and on blog archives

  3. andyw says:

    Eyesight deteriorating every 6 months?
    Hi all, I’m a 25 year old computer operator and have worn glasses since about being about 11 and contact lenses since about 16.

    February 2007 I started having trouble with my prescription, so i went to my opticians and my prescription needed to be made stronger.

    Then in September 2007 I started having troubles again, my prescription needed to be made stornger, -0.25 in each eye.

    Last week I went to the opticians because I started having troubles again. This time my right eye has dropped a full -1, and my left eye has dropped -.5.

    My prescription now is: Right Eye, -5.75 and left eye is -3.50.

    I’m getting worried about my deteriorating eyesight, I’ve stopped wearing my contact lenses so i can get the maximum amount of oxygen to my eyes. I’ve started taking eye vitamins and leading a healthier lifestyle. I’ve booked in at the doctors (even though the Optician never mentioned it), and started drinking more water.

    Is there anything else i can do? What could be causing this?

    No I’m not any medication.

    I’ve just got some new glasses to this new priscription, they are taking some getting used to, but my vision is alot clearer.

    • Sapphire922 says:

      A person with bad eyesight’s eyesight gets worse until they’re in their 30′s. But mine is probably getting worse faster because I don’t usually wear my glasses.

  4. Mr Smith says:

    Has anybodys eyesight ever actually improved, or does eyesight just keep on deteriorating?
    I never had to wear glasses up until I was fifteen, and now at 17 it seems my vision is ony getting worse

  5. ilmk_12 says:

    Deteriorating Eyesight?
    My eyesight was just fine a year ago and it started to get worse. I am near sighted. I just turned sixteen and I’m really worried if I would end up getting blind when I grow up older.
    Why is this happening to me? I don’t even spend that much time on computer or watching tv…..

    • opal1331 says:

      A visit to your ophthalmologist would not be a bad idea, just to rule out any serious problem.
      Otherwise, I would say don’t worry, as everyones eyes are different, and the need for glasses just might be temporary.
      Age is not always a factor, and I know you have seen many youngsters 3 and 4 years old with some form of eye correction.
      I for one needed temporary eye correction when I was ten, and that only lasted for three years, then again at 50 I again needed galsses, but as of now, at age 76, I’m still nowhere near blind, so don’t worry.

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