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Basic Facts About Nutrition and Eye Care

Author: Suzanne Hughes

The eye is one of the most delicate and essential organs of the human body, as it senses light and transfers signals through optic nerve to the brain. And eye care is better than eye cure.

Good eye care slows down processes associated with ageing like macular degeneration. And note everyone should develop the habit of having a periodic check up of the eyes by an eye care practitioner, as remedial measures can help improve eyesight.

For example, children have the habit of watching TV programs at a close distance and for a long time. Glazing at the computer monitor without UV filters also reduces eyesight in children. They should, therefore, be properly guided on caring for their eyes in order to avoid problems in the future.

Also technical personnel, particularly welders, should use proper safety goggles during their job to avoid powerful UV radiations harming their eyes.

And people moving around in sunlight should wear sunglasses to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays. Same is the case with chemists experimenting in laboratories. They should necessarily use protective equipment like safety goggles while dealing with UV light source to avoid getting into trouble with their eyesight.

Nutrition plays an important role in eye care. Good eyesight relies largely on the kind of food we eat. Foods rich in vitamins like A, E are highly essential for our eye care.

• Delicious vegetables like carrot and spinach are rich in vitamin A and E respectively.

• Vitamin E is an antioxidant that prevents or reduces macular degeneration which leads to deterioration of eyesight.

• Vitamin C along with vitamin E protects the connective tissue.

• Minerals like zinc help in strengthening the eye cells.

• Fish oil rich in omega-3 fatty acids are extremely helpful in reducing macular degeneration of eye nerve cells. This also ensures good eye health.

• Aloe vera plant rich in ambrotose is a nutritional supplement that can prevent eye infections and improve body immunization system.

• Red blood cells are essential for normal functioning of the brain and nervous system including the eye. Vitamin B-12 assists in the formation of red blood cells.

• Three types of herbs contain beneficial nutrients for essential for eye care. They are bilberry extract, aspalathus and mahonia grape extract.

• Mahonia grape extract is good for the retina and should be a part of a good eye health care.

• Aspalathus is rich in antioxidants and extremely good for your immune functions and eye health.

• Bilberry usage in food nourishes the optic nerves, thereby improving night vision.

The chief cause of eyesight weakening can be attributed to tension and imbalance in different parts of human body. A regular exercise of the eye improves eye health to a great extent.

• One exercise involves holding the tip of a pencil one foot away from your eye and closing the other eye. You can alternately concentrate on the tip of the pencil and a farther object with the open eye. Eye muscles are strengthened with this workout.

• Blinking consciously 15 times every minute helps in cleaning and lubricating your eyes and also reduces tension in your body.

• You can train your mind to be aware of the complete scene beheld by the eye thereby being conscious of peripheral images. This helps in curing tunnel vision.

• Repeat flutter blinking 25 times rapidly.

Good eye care therefore requires you to concentrate on physical aspects like nutrition and exercise as well as the psychological aspects. I wish you good eye health by practicing the above exercises and eating nourishing and nutritious food.

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9 Responses to Deterioration Of Eyesight

  1. Leo says:

    Eyesight deterioration can cause vision loss ?
    I have a really bad eyesight and I cannot see without the help of my contacts or eye glasses. I have to buy new pair of glasses every year because my eyesight is getting worse. Eye surgery is not my preference. I am worry that I will get blind in a few years. How can I protect and improve my eyes ?

    • Abigail Tyler says:

      I’m not a eye health expert but I don’t think blindness is caused by refractive problems. I will pass my uncle’s advice to you. Eye trainings and follow good habits and lifestyle are excellent ways to improve eyesight naturally. He showed me one exercise : focusing on something close then quickly change focus on something in longer distance. He’s found pretty good result after doing some eye exercises regularly each day.

  2. macorwindows says:

    How to stop Eyesight deterioration?
    I’m 20 years old and have 450/450 vision. It just keeps getting worse every year. Is this ever going to stop? or is there any way to reverse it? I’ve been not wanting to go to the opthalmologist/optometrist as they will only prescribe higher graded glasses which will (as I read) even speed up the degradation of the eyes.

    • Jennifer says:

      I had vision like you my entire life…couldn’t even see the eye chart…yup…been there. I did notice that once I hit my early 20s my vision changes stabilized…they didn’t get better…just didn’t get worse. Unfortunately, there is no way to change myopia or hyperopia except through the use of glasses, contacts, or refractive surgery.

      The use of glasses and contacts won’t speed up vision deterioration. The main downside to keeping an old prescription in use is the eye strain…which makes you feel like your vision is getting worse…but it’s only the eyes working harder to see through a correction that isn’t strong enough…or too strong in some cases.

      I would predict that in the next couple of years, you should start seeing a slow down in the rate of your myopia progression.

      You do need to see an optometrist on a yearly basis with vision like this. We high myopes are more prone to retinal problems due to the shape of our eyes (lattice, retinal tears, detachments)…so we really need to keep on top of that (and that goes for after any refractive surgery too).

      Best of luck to you. Take care of your eyes…there are options out there to the thick lenses (contacts and 2-3 years after stable vision there is refractive surgery).

  3. Belie says:

    Can rubbing your eyes cause eyesight deterioration?
    My parents constantly told me as a child, “Don’t rub your eyes! You’ll mess them up and have to wear glasses!” Everything from the occasionally itch due to an eyelash or speck of dirt getting in there to frequent rubbing received this message.

    So, is this an old wives’ tale or is there any correlation between the two?

    • fungusbrains1 says:

      The real concern with rubbing your eyes is getting germs in them. You can get sick or eye infections that way. If you need to rub them, use a clean tissue.

  4. Joshins says:

    Can eyesight deterioration be reversed?
    I know there’s alot of skepticism round, what with all the palming and stuff vs. modern science. . .
    i just want facts. i just want to know if its worth trying lasik or worth trying aught at all.

  5. kateopotato says:

    What are some possible eye “conditions” as a result of constant deterioration of eyesight?
    My eyesight keeps getting worse and worse. Are there any conditions, diseases, etc that might demonstrate this?

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