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Vision Testing At The Dmv - General Information

Whether you're getting a driver's license for the first time or renewing your license, your vision will be screened to ensure you can safely operate a motor vehicle. While each state has different standards, it is common that you must have at least 20/40 vision in one or both eyes and 100-degree peripheral vision to pass the vision test and operate a motor vehicle without restrictions. If eyeglasses or contact lenses are necessary for you to pass the test, restrictions will be noted on your driver's license.

If you fail the vision test, you should schedule an appointment with an eye care professional for a comprehensive eye examination to determine the cause of your vision problems and your treatment options. After your vision has been corrected by an eye care professional, you will still be required to pass the vision test before obtaining or renewing your driver's license.


While each state's methods of testing are different, every state does require you to pass a vision test to obtain a driver's license. Subsequent testing during the renewal process is at the discretion of the state's Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The vision test is not only for your safety, but for the safety of other drivers who share the road.

Some DMVs may only use the standard eye chart as their chosen visual acuity testing method and require you to clearly read one or several lines to determine if your vision is suitable for driving a motor vehicle. Some states may opt for a vision screening machine, where one looks through the machine and reads a chosen line by the administrator.

Please note that these vision tests are not eye examinations, nor do they take the place of eye exams by a qualified eye care professional. Before obtaining or renewing your driver's license, you should review your state's vision standards for operating a motor vehicle and contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles with any questions or concerns.

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The visual acuity testing products at Stereo Optical are used for DMV vision testing and FAA vision testing.


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10 Responses to Dmv Eye Chart

  1. jerry says:

    are all dmv eye charts the same?

  2. Kati says:

    Getting Snellen chart at DMV retested instead of going to eye doctor again?
    I got a eye glass exam form when I got my California drivers permit to have the eye doctors to fill out about a year ago. It says that I need to have it updated in the past six months. I got my lenses I didn’t wear updated and now wear them. Anyway, instead of going to the eye doctors again, can I just take the eye test at the DMV again with my new glasses prescription? What do you think?

    Thank you!

  3. DudeWithMuscle says:

    Is the eye chart for DMV same for every states?
    plz help me thanks!

    • fortyniner says:

      For the most part they are pretty much the same. There are some exceptions though. Take for instance in states around the gulf coast. They have signs that show hurricane designated routes. You wouldn’t see those signs in say Montana. But as for the stop and yield and those type of signs and the other stuff most states have close to the same things.

  4. Jason J says:

    for the DMV eye test will i be good enough?
    i need to wear glasses to read but i can read sighns from like a bit away like 30-40 feet away i think and i can read a eye chart from about 10-15 feet away to about the 4-5th row i mean i cant see to far and i dont know my vison like 20/20 i dont know what it is.

    • Firecracker . says:

      You will have a chance to take the exam without glasses.
      If you pass, good. If you don’t, you will have a chance to take it with your glasses. If you only pass with glasses, you will have a restriction added to your license. The restriction means you must wear your glasses (or contacts) when driving.
      There is no set distance to a paper chart. It is a machine you put your face against.

  5. alf_057 says:

    Where can I find pics of the CA DMV eye charts?
    I just had a lensectomy in my right eye. My combined visin is 20/15. My left eye solo is 20/20. Unfortunately, my right eye on its own is only pulling about 20/50. I need to ged my commercial license for work. HELP!
    I just had a lensectomy in my right eye. My combined vision is 20/15. My left eye solo is 20/20. Unfortunately, my right eye on its own is only pulling about 20/50. I need to get my commercial license for work. HELP!

    • Dinkles says:

      Why do you need the charts if you already know your vision?
      You just need to be able to read signs and see colors. I have 20/15 in one eye and a fake eye in the other and i don’t have a problem.

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