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Do you Have Dry Eyes - Acuvue Oasys Lenses are best fit for you

Author: Steven Urbach

One of the most common problems that contact lens wearer confront while using lens is the dryness of eyes. This dryness tends to increase when someone works under conditions which are strenuous for the eyes like working on computers for long hours, exposure of eyes to heated air conditions, reading books and staring at monitors or screens of electronic gadgets like laptops or Personal Digital Assistants. Finally Acuvue has found a way to combat dry eyes. If you are contacts user then the new Acuvue Oasys contact lenses are the best fit for you. They are equipped with highly developed technologies and are cheap lenses so that they are within reach of the layman.



It is a well-known point that the contacts of Acuvue come in an array of choices and Acuvue Oasys is no exception and has made some changes to the formal production of lens. Not only have these changes proved to be nifty but Acuvue Oasys contact lenses have created history in helping those who have common vision problems. These are available in both daily disposable forms and extended wear which need to be changed after two weeks. The daily disposable forms are the one which you need to change everyday. It exempts you from the task of cleaning the lens. The most innovative feature of these lenses is the incorporation of Hydarclear technology used for retaining the moisture in the eyes.



The Hydraclear technology is combined with the silicon gel material as it enhances the moisture locking properties and sustains the wetness and smooth surface of the lens and is fairly effective in keeping the eyes moist and fresh minimizing the use of re-wetting drops from time to time. Also the lens is able to maintain a constant tear film which makes them extremely comfortable. The hydraclear technology is also beneficial in the lens which is meant for extended wear. The soft disposable lenses come with a replacement schedule of two weeks and you can even wear them for six consecutive days. Because of the hydraclear technology the contact user can even take occasional nap with lens in the eyes without facing any sort of trouble.



Acuvue Oasys contact lens with hydraclear plus is the best fit for people with dry eye syndrome as it keeps the eyes well hydrated and gives a soothing effect to the eyes. Apart from this, these lenses have added advantages like increased permeability of oxygen, protection against ultraviolet rays and a slight tint which make them visible and handy. The Acuvue Oasys lenses are cheap lenses and can be accessed through internet on online optical stores.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/vision-articles/do-you-have-dry-eyes-acuvue-oasys-lenses-are-best-fit-for-you-3426182.html

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10 Responses to Dry Eyes

  1. Lil Snoopy says:

    *Dry eyes?*?
    I know this questions may be dumb but i need to know how do you know if you have dry eyes? & can you get dry eyes if you are wearing contacts?

    • aking5150 says:

      The biggest cause of dry eyes is contact lens wear! Most people that wear contacts experience dry eyes, whether they know it or not.

      You can get some really good over the counter rewetting drops…I personally like Systane and Refresh. You can’t ever overuse preservative free rewetting drops, so go for it.

  2. ~ab n c~ says:

    dry eyes…??
    i gt very dry eyes due to continuos use of contacts…n nw ive noticed some red liquid cummin out of my eye….cn it be blood…cn blood cm out of te eyes due 2 frequent rubbing or use of contacts on daily basis..?
    theres also some white stuff cumin outta my eyes…n lots of it…that causes me to scratch my eyes actuallty…
    i dno if its an ulcer but wat r te possible symptoms of getin 1??i dn wana head starigt 2 te doc fr nothin coz the charges fr a check up itself r very high..

    • sandilp72 says:

      The white discharge from your eyes is most likely an infection. Eye infections make your eyes itch and burn. Of course you rub your eyes constantly which irritates your eyes and the tiny blood vessels in your eyes and eyelids. You need to take the contacts out of your eyes and wear a pair of glasses.

      Go to your eye doctor, who is actually more appropriate than your physician, and get your eyes tested to see if you have caused any damage to them and get a prescription for the infection and to help heal any damages you may already have caused.

      This is a very serious situation you are facing. If left untreated, some eye infections can cause from minor sight loss to complete blindness.

  3. Veronica B says:

    Dry Eyes…?
    I’m currently on accutane, have been for 5 months. The only side effect that is bothering me is my dry eyes! I can’t stand them! I put in eyedrops all the time, but still they don’t help. I find that closing my eyes is the only way to stop the soreness. But, you can’t keep your eyes closed for the whole day :) What are some things I can do to make my eyes less dry?

    • Holly says:

      Make sure you’re using a MOISTURE drop, and not something like Visine. Optive, Systane & Genteal are really good ones, and you can get them at Walmart, CVS, etc. Also, I would try putting about 1/4″ Genteal Gel in each lower lid at night before bed (it will cause blurry vision for awhile, but you’ll be sleeping, so it won’t matter!:). This will keep your eyes moisturized during the night, and then when you wake up in the morning you’re already off to a good start. Then just continue with the moisture drops 3-4 times a day, and more if you need to. :)

  4. ♥Shirllu says:

    What do dry eyes with contacts feel like?
    I have been getting irritating eyes coming from contacts.
    I have had a small container o eye drops in my pencil pouch,but to day I felt like I needed them but left my pencil pounch at home. It feels like a drag to blink, and I felt uncomfortable looking at different directions.

    What does a dry eye feel like?
    I think its the problem I have but Im not sure.
    Well I switched to new contacts as soon as I got home.

    • animal.lover74 says:

      it feels exactly how you described.. I have the same problem..in fact, I rarely wear my contacts because of that and it happens to me even when I use the oasis’s. It sucks so I just wear my glasses the majority of the time…

  5. AutumnLilly says:

    What can I do about dry eyes and contacts?
    I got contacts for the first time a few months ago. The trouble is, my eyes turn bloodshot when wearing them and get really irritated.

    I have dry eyes, but the eye OTC eyedrops, even the ones for severe dry eye that my eye doc recommended don’t seem to help.

    I got the contacts with Hydraclear that allow for more wetness, but they still dry out and irritate my eyes.

    Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do to help your eyes?

    • xconanjo says:

      Try more eyedrops brand, till you find the one most suited for u. I’ve been wearing contacts for 5 years, my eyes got dry quickly when I used monthly contacts, but after I switched to daily, my eyes don’t get dry that easily. Most importantly, I can dispose them and get new ones daily :)

      Some of my frens have tried to switch to contacts, and they have the same problem. I usually tell them, it gets some time to get accustomed to it. If your eyes can dry after a long time like 4 hours or under windy weather conditions, it’s natural for them to get dry. So keep that eyedrop bottle with u at all times :]

      AND if your eyes still get dry, after applying those eyedrops, it’s better not to use contacts that often or don’t use them at all. You could just dispose ur current contacts and switch to glasses, then switch to new contacts the next day. It’s better to safeguard your eyes.

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