Dua For Eyesight

Vision Without Glasses
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  1. lebanese Spirit says:

    Ramadan: The Cure for Everything?

    Imam Bukhari, who was one of the greatest compilers of ahadith, became blind at a young age. He had recourse to many famous and skilled doctors of his time but their treatments made no difference. His mother was a pious worshipper and a righteous woman. She cried out for help in the court of Allah the Almighty, for her child and begged for the restoration of his eyesight. At last, “the river of mercy flowed over her,” and Almighty Allah accepted her invocation. One night, she visited Ibrahim alayhis-salam in a dream and was told, “Allah has restored the sight of your son because of your intense and beautiful invocations.” In the morning, as Imam Bukhari got up from his bed, glimmers of light reached out into his eyes. That is, his eyesight was fully restored.

    Source: From the biography of Imam Bukhari (ra) located in the beginning of Sahih Al Bukhari 9 Volume English Translation. Additional details were provided by Shaykh al-Hadith Allama Ghulam Rasul Sa`idi.

    Make use of salah and dua to solve any problem that even the best experts of this world cannot solve. Unfortunately, the Muslims are turning away from these deeds today when they need them the most. We pray for Allah to give us the true understading of Islam.
    @ dede: alhamduli LLAH ana mni7a and nte? ya RABB ykoun kello tamem ma3ik. amin
    ntebhe 3a 7alik…o7iboki fi LLAH. salam =)

    @ sonja: wa iyaki dear sister. may Allah reward you.

    @ MOHAMMAD YOU: i should thank u all for reading. jazakom LLAH khayran bro/sis. amin

    @ liil: amin to ur du’aa, may Allah increase our knowledge. amin… salam sis =)

    • BEASTfrmEAST says:

      jazakillah khair sister you always give us more and more to learn about islam, may Allah help us all in this life in order to reach the afterlife with our beloved muslimeen.
      waslamu alikom

      “O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the heart that does not have the fear (of Allah), from the dua that is not responded, from the nafs (ego, inner-self) that is never satisfied, and from the knowledge that does not bring benefit.”

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is a good dua for…?
    Salam, im really worried, i dont want to tell the whole story BUt please help me What is a good dua for getting eyesight back? OR recovery of the eye?? Please if anyone knows any duas please tell me, May Allah swt reward you, & also does anyone know any duas to help soemone that is sick get better, MAy Allah Reward All of you INshAllah
    Susan, can you please rewrite that dua IN arabic letters please and thank you.
    Thank you guys soo much :) aLL OF you may Allah swt Reward all of you Ameen

    • Susan says:

      The user ” the questioner” gave me this dua last week, so most credit goes to him =)

      Edit : here you go =)

      اللهم رب الناس اذهب البأس إشفي أنت الشافي لا شفاء إلا شفائك
      شفاءً لا يغادر سقماً

      Walaikum Asalaam

      I had a horrible eye infection last week,that usually takes 2 weeks to go away
      I did this and I swear it was totally gone the next morning

      Muhammed saws said to recite this
      Put your hand on that eye and read:
      Allahumma Rabba-lba’s adheb ba’sak, shfi wa anta ashafi la shifa’a illa shifa’uk, shifa’an la yuradiru saqama”

      Translation from this hadith

      Volume 7, Book 71, Number 638
      Narrated ‘Abdul ‘Aziz:
      Thabit and I went to Anas bin Malik. Thabit said, “O Abu Hamza! I am sick.” On that Anas said, “Shall I treat you with the Ruqya of Allah’s Apostle?” Thabit said, “Yes,” Anas recited, “O Allah! The Lord of the people, the Remover of trouble! (Please) cure (Heal) (this patient), for You are the Healer. None brings about healing but You; a healing that will leave behind no ailment.”

  3. ᵃ$₱!№є~ 影 says:

    Ayat-ul-Kursi: Benefits of reciting this beautiful Ayat…?
    This ayat was revealed after Hijrah. During its revealation it was accompanied by thousands of angels because of its greatness and glory.

    Syaitan and iblis became worried because there is an obstacle in their quest to mislead mankind. Rasulullah s.a.w . immediately ordered Zaid b.Tsabit to write it down and spread the message.

    Whoever recites ayat Kursi with full concentration daily after fardhu prayers, every morning and evening before exiting or entering the house or before on a journey, InsyaAllah will be protected from the temptation of syaitan, evil people, wild and dangerous animals, even our family, children and property will be save from harm by Allah s.w.t. According to the book “Asraatul Mufidah”.

    Whoever practices by reciting it 18 times everyday, will be granted sustenance, gain honour and save from all calamities with Allah’s will.

    Syeikh Abu Abbas explained that the person who recites it 50 times and breathes it onto rainwater and drinking it InyaAllah will have be blessed with an intelligent mind and
    the ease of absorbing knowledge.

    For our practice…the Fadhillat ayat Al-Kursi according to the Hadiths, Rasullullah s.a.w
    mentioned “Whoever returns home and recites ayat Kursi, Allah will remove poverty from their eyesight”.

    Rasullullah s.a.w. also added, ” For my followers who recite ayat Kursi 12 times on a Friday morning, and then takes wudhu and prays 2 rakaat, Allah will protect him from the evil of the syaitan and major evildoers.” Those who recites ayat Kursi many times will be loved and protected by Allah just like how He protected Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
    With Allah’s will those who continually recites ayat Kursi will be protected against crime and burglary at their home.

    When consistently recited during travelling it will also keep them save from harm. When recited with full concentration, Insya Allah it will cause the syaitan and jin to burn.

    When you move to new home, recite it a 100 times in the first night, InsyaAllah the whole family will be protected from spiritual and physical harm.

    Whoever recites ayat Kursi before lying on the bed to sleep, Allah will assign 2 angels to protect him or her till the Subuh period. Allah will also protect their home and all the homes around their neighbourhood.

    Whoever recites ayat Kursi after Farhu prayers, Allah will provide them the satisfaction
    of those who follows the truth, and the good deeds of the prophets will be given to them.

    Whoever recites ayat Kursi before leaving the house, Allah will appoint 70,000
    angels to them. The angels will pray for forgiveness and dua for them.

    Whoever recites ayat Kursi after Farhu prayers, Allah azza wajallah will manage the retrieval of their soul the same as those who jihad in the name of Allah and died a shahid.

    Whoever recites ayat al-Kursi in times of difficulty, Allah will provide help for them. From Abdullah bin Amr r.a.

    Rasullullah s.a.w. said,” Spread my message even if it is one ayat…”

    ANY more benefits are most welcome ^_^

    • Islam 4 eva! says:

      WOW! That is so amazing! thank you sooo much for sharing, I will definitly be using those! JZK, May Allah reward you!

      ” Allah will also protect their home and all the homes around their neighbourhood.” I find this so amazing!
      found a benefit!:

      12) Hadhrat Ayesha (R.A.) narrates that one person came to Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) and said that there was absolutely no “Barakat” (blessings) in the things at home. Nabi (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) replied, “Why are you neglectful of Ayatul Kursi.”
      Whenever Aayatul Kursi is recited upon food, Allaah Ta’aala will increase the Barakat in that food or curry.

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