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Explaining Eye Allergies - Everything You Ought To Know

Author: Abhishek Agarwal

When we say allergies we normally refer to only symptoms like itching, running nose, sneezes and hives. We never associate allergies to eyes too. Allergies not only affect the sinus and nasal cavities but they also make the eyes to start itching by making them to swell, turn red and begin to water. Eye allergies can also be treated effectively by simple medications. Prevention is better than cure so it is better that we learn how to protect ourselves from eye allergies first. We must also know why they occur and how to treat them.

Our eyes are important organs which are continuously exposed to the outside all the time that we are awake. Because of continuous exposure the eyes are more susceptible to allergens attacking them and that's why more people get affected easily. Unlike the nose and its passage way where you can find tiny hairs called cilia which help to filter all the harmful bacteria, the eyes do not have such in built protection. Because of this the eyes are more prone to being attacked by harmful bacteria which is always lurking around in the air and causing allergies in the eyes.

If you are someone who is already suffering from allergies of any kind then you can be sure that you will also suffer from eye allergies. So if you have sneezes due to the pollens during the moist season then are sure that you will also have eye allergies. If you also have a family history of allergies or have atrophic dermatitis you are sure to suffer from eye allergies. But do not get disheartened because there are various treatments available that can be used for treating eye allergies.

Now what are the treatments for eye allergies you may wonder? The best way you can avoid eye allergies is through prevention. If you are aware of what to avoid then you can be sure that you will not be susceptible to it. If you feel that your hands have come into contact with a known allergen then make sure that you avoid rubbing or touching your eyes with those hands. Many people tend to rub their eyes with their hands not realizing that it is one of the main causes for allergies. If you still feel that by taking all precautions necessary that you still seem to have itching and watery eyes then it would be advisable to take medications. These medications can be bought over the counter or you can get your doctor to prescribe them for you. These medications are mainly eye drops which have to be applied to the eyes a couple of times in a day.

It is difficult to cope with eye allergies as they are very uncomfortable and irritating to the eyes, so it is best that you talk to our doctor to find ways to reduce allergy symptoms in the eyes.

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10 Responses to Eye Allergies

  1. Angi B says:

    Eye allergies?
    Does any one have any home remedies for eye allergies, especially if you wear contacts?

    • BECKBY says:

      I can’t find anything in my natural rememdy book to use on your eyes. I use an eye drop pretty often for my allergies along with Benedryl capsules. I sometimes use Alvert sinus and allergy caps also and they are great but more expensive. They never make me drowsy or jittery. I have chronic allergies and sinus which has led to ear problems. Take care of yours. Sometimes you can take the allergy shots for a short while and be helped. Sometimes it is just the dust and mold in your home that you don’t realize is there. Clean out your bedroom completely and then clean it with water and an antibacterial cleaner or use bleach and water on the baseboards and woodwork, windows and sills,and make sur to clean top,bottom, and sides and underneath everything. Wash all bedding and curtains and shampoo the carpet and any upholster furniture. Then clean all of the small things before bringing them back into your room. Do the closet also! Most people never clean the closet with water and cleaners and the dust, mites, and mold just grows and gets in your clothing. You will be able to breathe much better, I promise! It may take a whole day to do a good job at first to get the room in good shape but after that you can do parts of it weekly to keep it clear of allergy problems. Just keeping the bedroom cleaner will help. You are probably clean but to avoid allergies which keep you stressed and weak which causes you to catch other illnesses it is best to do the super cleaning job often! Best wishes!

  2. Kat says:

    eye allergies?
    If a dog gets eye allergies from roaming to much in the tall grass, is that genetic or what?

  3. jenc27s says:

    Eye Allergies?
    My problem started just this year. My eyes are fine when I wake up, but during the day they start to blur. They do not itch, but they do get crusty in the corners, which I am constantly clearing out all through the day.

    My eye Dr. said that I have allergies in the whites of my eyes, and told me to use Zaditor. However, it isn’t working for me. Are there any other suggestions?

    Oh, and this only happens when I am at home. I am not sure if it is my house or my neighborhood. At my sisters, I am fine.

    • cooker_upper1 says:

      Start taking a teaspoon of LOCAL honey each day-you are allergic to mold, pollen, dust, mildew or pet dander. Your body will develop immunities to these things and you will gradually become better. The longer you take the local honey, the healthier you will become. It is a natural immunity booster. Rinse your eyes with with a good eye wash several times a day until the honey takes effect.

  4. Peggy says:

    How can I treat eye allergies without taking drugs all the time?
    I have horrible eye allergies, and mostly in my right eye. I have tried nasal sprays, prescription eye drops and oral allergy meds and nothing seems to help. Any advise??

  5. Matt M says:

    What is the difference between the symptoms of pink eye and those of eye allergies?
    I went to the doctor a week ago and was diagnosed with pink eye. Because the medicine wasn’t working (for pink eye), they now say i have eye allergies.

    • Quicksand says:

      pink eye you will need to use antibiotic to cure it but the allergies is more easy to cure it with just water and salt for clearing the airway between the nose and the mouth with antihistamine medicines

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