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High Sugar Diet May Effect Eyesight

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A diet high in sugar and starch may make the eyes more vulnerable to age-related macular degeneration (AMD), the most common cause of vision loss in the US.

A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition tracked dietary information from over 4,000 participants aged 55-80 or 8,0000 eyes which, as some participants developed AMD in one eye and not the other, is how they were tracked. The participants completed dietary surveys and had their eyes checked for AMD. The surveys listed over 90 foods, and asked how often they were eaten. The researchers were particularly interested in foods that had a high glycimic index, like sugar and white flour.

The researchers found 600 eyes which did have advanced AMD. Those participants who had a diet high on the glycimic index were most likely to have at least one eye with AMD. This held to be true even when the researchers factored in age, gender, and other risk factors.

The study doesn't show diet to be a sole cause of AMD, and it doesn't track participants over time, so it's unknown what changes in diet would produce. However it adds further encouragement to have a diet high in fiber and whole gains, and lower in sugars and bleached flour.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/high-sugar-diet-may-effect-eyesight-230449.html

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10 Responses to Eyesight And Dizziness

  1. Agent47 says:

    Please help! What do I have if I’m experiencing lightheadness, dizziness, blurry eyesight, tiredness?
    It started about 4 days ago. Everyday I feel somewhat dizzy, lightheaded and can’t concentrate very well. My eyesight is blury and sometimes unfocused and have a small headache. I feel tired a lot. If I eat, it helps a little, but then comes back. Some people told me to check my blood sugar, and I am gonna do that. Is there anything else these symptoms can lead to?

    • Alan K says:

      your heart may be beating irreguarly check it every 30 min or so if it is flucktuating beetween 30 and 80 beats you may have a problem if you pass out you need to see a docter or it may be that your just overly tired not enough sleep can really hurt the body i had the same problem and passed out everyday and now i have a pacemaker so get it checke dout man quick

  2. No N says:

    Can an astigmatism/bad eyesight cause dizziness/the sensation that the walls are moving?
    Can bad eyesight/an astigmatism cause dizzyness/moving walls?
    Hi. Over the past few months, I’ve been feeling kind of dizzy. Basically, everytime I move my eyes, the world/walls/whatever I’m looking at sort of keeps drifting onwards. (I know thats not a great explanation but its the best I can do). Anyway, my mum thought it might be something to do with an ear infection (I have had sinus problems in the past) but I’m not sure. So she thought it might be something to do with my eyesight (given that the world doesn’t move when I move my head, just my eyes). The appointment is in a few weeks, but I was just wondering, can bad eyesight cause dizziness?
    Also, I get migraines (which I am on regular medication for), and have been getting them for almost the same time as the dizziness. (And they are Classic Migraines/Migraines with an Aura)

    • *YoUr SwEeT 666* says:

      I’m going through the same problem. I have been for the last 8 months. I actually feel like the whole area is moving as well as headaches at times. I have gone to the hospital several times and to my doctor’s and they tell me it’s a vertigo. However, I do have a problem with my eye sight which my doctor recommends I check since they always find a problem with it. So maybe it is your eyes or your ear infection but I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one. I really hate this dizziness but TONS of luck with your appointment!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MEOW says:

    Dizziness, heavy – feeling and weak limbs, dimming eyesight?
    I’m experiencing those right now, I’m about to fall over. I feel like I’m sitting on the edge of a chair and I’m about to tip off it, but I’m sitting on the ground. My arms feel heavy to lift, and they almost tingle a little. My eyesight dimmed noticeably also within the past couple of minutes. I was feeling this earlier, but not as bad. What could it be?

  4. beezusmahoney says:

    can having bad eyesight without wearing glasses cause dizziness and dizzy spells?
    my vision is blurry and has been for a while now and i am starting to get dizzy alot during the day and the past few days been having atleast one “dizzy spell” a day…. my blood pressure is fine and i have been tested for diabetes and came out fine as well….my eyesight is getting progressively worse as well….any thoughts???

    • firebird703xx says:

      Yes. Bad eyesight usually occurs more severely in one eye. For example my right eye is slightly better than my left eye, so when I don’t wear glasses it hurts my head to look at something and see it normally from one, but blurry from the other.

  5. El Gran Eddie says:

    Dizziness, Blurry eyesight, Slow reaction, minor pain on left side of head?
    I had a 2 soccer games on saturaday and one on sunday and both days i skipped breakfast
    ive been doing this for quite a while now, and i have not been getting that much sleep

    Could these be the cause?????

    • silancer11 says:

      From the symptoms your describing besides lack of sleep, it could possibly be from hypoglycemia. Do you feel weak at all when experiencing these other symptoms?

      Note: I am not a doctor and I am not trying to diagnose you. I myself am “Boarder line hypoglycemic” and experience those symptoms

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