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Exercises To Improve Eyesight - Bates Method Eye Chart

Author: Eoin McDonnell

There are many exercises to improve eyesight which focus on the realisation that our eyes only work to their full potential when they are completely relaxed. When we are young we often pick up damaging habits such as squinting and staring that do not allow our eyes to remain mobile which is how they behave in their natural state. Our eyes need movement to function properly, it is only when we stop them to concentrate or recognise something that they become strained.


Doctor William Bates was a teacher and researcher of ophthalmology who spent years studying vision problems. He developed many methods to train the eyes how to heal and improve themselves. He surmised that most eye problems stem from a young age at school. When children are forced to memorize tons of uninteresting information, their minds gets tired and their eyes start to strain.


One of these exercises to improve eyesight in children was the Bates method eye chart. Doctor Bates created a large chart full of common shapes and letters. The chart was placed on the wall in the front of the classroom and the children were encouraged to look over at the chart whenever they felt overwhelmed. This gives their eyes a chance to take a break and relax. Their eyes do not strain when they looked at familiar shapes, only when they were taking in new information.


The Bates method was tried in a few schools and teachers noticed a big improvement in concentration and progress but the school board believed it was a distraction and the method wasn't implemented on a larger scale. The method isn't exclusive to school children and can be beneficial to anybody. You can create your own chart and put it up at home or at work and look at it any time you feel stressed or strained.


This is just one of many exercises to improve eyesight. Learning exercises to relax the eyes is a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come. If you would like to learn more techniques then http://www.bettervision.info has many very helpful and worthwhile programs and exercises to improve your eyes.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/vision-articles/exercises-to-improve-eyesight-bates-method-eye-chart-2003665.html

About the Author

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has done a lot of research into eyesight improvement methods as a less expensive alternative to laser eye surgery in a quest to cure myopia (shirtsightedness) and astigmatism which he has had since age seven.

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9 Responses to Eyesight Chart

  1. 123ABC says:

    Can looking at an eye chart every day improve my eyesight?
    I have myopia and I have printed out an eye chart. By looking at the chart from 20 feet away improve my eyesight? I am exercising my eyes so I hope to get good results.

    • pennybarr says:

      Sorry, but looking at or trying to read the eye chart even 10 times a day, will not improve your vision Additionally there is no scientific proof that eating carrots, or other veggies containing beta-carotene and lycopene or practicing eye exercises will improve your vision to any noticeable extent.

      In order to maintain good eyesight, do not smoke and try to avoid second hand smoke, eat a healthy diet with lots of red, yellow and green vegetables and see an eye specialist every few years.

      Perhaps when your vision has stabilized, between the age of 18-25, you can get Lasik (vision correction surgery). Hopefully, by the time you are in your mid twenties, the surgery will be safer and some of the dangerous risks will have been eliminated. It is quite expensive and not covered by health insurance. If you ever decide to have this surgery, be sure to investigate the procedure thoroughly, There is a lot of information on the internet.

  2. benvalythao says:

    What section of the the eyesight chart am i in? (i have .75 eye sight!)(10 points best answer)?

    Ok,i have.75 eye sight for my left and right eye,
    i just wanna know what section am i on like 20/200,20/100 and all that,so which section am i on?

  3. MM says:

    What are the symptoms of eyesight getting worse?
    I don’t wear glasses or contacts, but I feel that MAYBE my eyesight is getting worse. I’m 20 and have never had my eyes checked other than the little chart (which I haven’t done in a long time). My entire family (parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, grandparents) all wear glasses.

    What are some symptoms of worsening eyesight? Without having to go to the eye doctor just because I’m curious…
    A friend told me that you don’t really know you can’t see, because it happens gradually. So you can’t tell a difference from day to day.

    • † Oh yeah says:

      You begin to realize that things look blurry, most noticeably lights at night.

      “A friend told me that you don’t really know you can’t see, because it happens gradually. So you can’t tell a difference from day to day”

      He is right. Look at digital clock from a few feet away, if it looks blurry then you should go have your eyes checked.

  4. lady M says:

    Printable eyesight chart?
    Just wondering.. is it at all possible to print out one of those eye charts with the big and small letters to test your eyes.. ?

    • Jennifer says:

      Hi Marina…I actually printed one out from this site to keep track of my healing progress from my PRK. Just be sure to measure off the 20 feet from wherever you hang it (mine is on the back of the front door lol)

      There are a few different ones…and an online one too that I cannot figure out…keeps tellin me that it’s too small…I dunno…

      Anyway, hope this helps..seems to work for me

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