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Author: John Mce

Do you squint when reading from your computer screen? Do numbers and letters seem to phase in and out from time to time? Do you find it hard to focus? If so, you are probably experiencing deterioration of your eyesight. Eyes are often neglected by people and their eyesight often deteriorates prematurely as a result of this neglect. Here are a few tips to keeping your eyes healthy for longer and avoiding cataract operations later in life.

Stop Smoking

Smoking cigarettes can be very bad for your eyes, not to mention your heart, lungs and social life. A recent article in Reuters Health Information states that smoking increases the risk of developing cataracts, clouding the lens and impairing vision. If you stop smoking you have a far reduced risk of developing cataracts in later life, but only some of the damage done to your eye by smoking cigarettes is reversible. Give up, and if you don't smoke, don't start.

A study found that men who quit smoking had a 23% reduced risk of cataract diagnosis and a 28% reduced risk for cataract removal compared with those who carried on smoking.

Using computers on a daily basis, is probably more strenuous on eyes than any other part of the body. The most common complaints are eye fatigue, eyestrain, eye irritation and blurred vision. Computer users often complain of tired, burning, itchy or watery eyes, headaches, flickering sensations and an inability to focus.

UV Rays

Exposure to UV, whether from the sun's rays or from fluorescent lights within a work place, causes eye damage. From a young age, children should be encouraged to wear sunglasses with a UV protection factor of 30 or above. UV exposure is the leading cause of cataracts.

Eye Strain

Eye strain can be caused by reading when tired, stress, glare on computer screens, bad posture and tiredness. The symptoms are headaches, blurry vision, sore, itchy or burning eyes. You can ease eye strain by placing your hands over your eyes or splashing them with cold water.

Eye Exercise

Like any muscle in the body, the eyes need to be regularly exercised to keep them healthy. Here are a few things you can do on a daily basis which may help:

-Roll your eyes from side to side

-Close your eyes for three seconds, and then open them for three seconds. Repeat.

-Switch between focusing on an item that is close by for three seconds, and then an item which is far away for three seconds.

-Blink regularly and try not to stay focused on one thing for long periods.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/health-articles/maintaining-eyesight-protect-yourself-544079.html

About the Author

John McE writes on behalf of Focus Laser Vision, a London Laser Eye Surgery Clinic consisting of consultant surgeons and optometrists who are amongst the most experienced in the field of laser vision correction, having been involved in laser surgery since 1991.

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9 Responses to Eyesight Flickering

  1. kimpenn09 says:

    It often seems like lights are flickering when they’re not. What is this a symptom of?
    I am planning on going to the eye doctor but wanted to know what this could be. . . sometimes, especially when it’s especially bright or dim in a room, my eyesight will “flicker”–go dim for a moment, or alternate between dim and normal for a few moments, as if someone is turning a light on and off. Any ideas on what this can be? I can’t seem to find anything on the Web about it. Thanks.

  2. bitch says:

    when i wake up in the morning?
    and look up or straight ahead my eyesight flickers at the bottom of my eyes, it dissapears during the day.anyone know what this could be

  3. harro says:

    What could be wrong with my eyesight?
    I have been having trouble seeing for three years. I went to the top eye surgeons (10 of them) and a neurologist, had 2 MRIs, 3 CT scans, Electroretinograms etc. All found absolutely nothing wrong. In fact, all drs did not wish to see me for any follow up. I’d book myself in for appointments at local optometrists everywhere for check ups and all said “healthy eyes”…Yet I experience thick snowy vision, flickering in mornings, puffiness round eyes each day, and find it hard to see..even night vision poor. This has all happened triggered by a period of very high personal stress that became ongoing stress. Next thing I knew, worrying about my eyesight became a full time occupation for me. Could this be stress fueled (psychologist seems to think it may be) as not a minute goes by still after three years that I am not worried about losing my sight. Weird I know but true.

    • Transamgirl says:

      Have you been checked for diabetes and/or hypertension? If you haven’t, get some blood tests done.
      Was your vision blurry at the time you visited these doctors? It is important to be examined while you’re experiencing these symptoms.
      I know you mentioned flickering in the mornings, does it occur every single morning or just sometimes?
      Do you experience the thick, snowy vision throughout the day or only at certain times?
      Puffiness around the eyes can be caused by a high sodium diet and/or alcohol consumption. Are you guilty of any of those?

  4. MusicManiac says:

    At night my eyesight sort of flickers?
    Not a huge strobe light flicker, just like a flicker like when you watch old cartoons. Like Popeye, that bad, kinda camera quality. Not huge blinding flashes of light. Just sorta grainy, white ‘flickers’ or ‘pops’ its weird. But only at night. But in the day, I cant really open my eyes outside much. My eyes water, like im crying, and im forced to make a friend guide me while i look downward, and shield my eyes. I used to have glasses, do i still need them? Whats going on?

  5. Paul M. says:

    Are LCD computer screens and tv screens easier and less tiring on the eyes than plasma screens or CRT screens?
    There is a light inside an LCD screen to light up the screen. Is the light fluorescent light or LED light? Is the fluorescent light inside LCD screens bad for the eyesight because fluorescent light flickers and doesn’t stay on steadily? Are there LCD computer and tv screens that use LED light instead of fluorescent light?

    • amp9C1 says:

      Some are fluorescent, some are LED. No, I don’t believe they are any less tiring on the eyes, in fact I’d say they’re probably worse due to the slow pixel on-off change rate (not necessarily refresh rate, but the amount of time it takes for an individual pixel to change color, which is considerably longer with LCD displays)

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