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How Does High Blood Pressure Effect Eyesight?

Author: Eoin McDonnell

How can high blood pressure effect eyesight? Well simply put, while the most common problems associated with hypertension or high blood pressure relate to the heart, there are also extra complications which can occur to other areas of the body such as our eyes. High blood pressure can cause a condition called hypertensive retinopathy which is characterized by damage to the retinal blood vessels. This can cause problems with blood supply to the eyes which in turn can cause any number of vision related problems, including in extreme cases, blindness.


Symptoms of hypertensive retinopathy include narrowing of the blood vessels around the eye, swelling of the optic nerve, vision problems and headaches and if left untreated can certainly result in a permanent loss of sight. High blood pressure is an extremely dangerous condition and it is vitally important that you consult with your doctor if you suspect you are suffering from it. Any damage caused to your eyes by hypertensive retinopathy is generally permanent so the only option is prevention rather than cure.


It is therefore very important that we deal with high blood pressure and make sure to take our prescribed medications and eat the appropriate food such as fruit and vegetables. It is also possible to strengthen the muscles around our eyes and ensure we have good blood flow around them by undertaking some simple eye exercises which will not only strengthen our eye muscles but will benefit our vision also. There are various techniques you can use, most of which only take 2 or 3 minutes from your day.


It is very dangerous to allow high blood pressure effect eyesight and so it is vitally important that we prevent it. Learning exercises to relax the eyes is a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come. If you would like to learn more techniques then http://www.bettervision.info has many very helpful and worthwhile programs and exercises to improve your eyes.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/vision-articles/how-does-high-blood-pressure-effect-eyesight-2004071.html

About the Author

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has done a lot of research into eyesight improvement methods as a less expensive alternative to laser eye surgery in a quest to cure myopia (shortsightedness) and astigmatism which he has had since age seven.

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10 Responses to High Blood Pressure And Eyesight

  1. moinjaang says:

    Does high blood pressure effect quality of eyesight?
    I read in another yahoo question that someone had stopped taking tablets that he needed to correct his blood pressure levels and noticed coincidently that his eyesight worsened during that time also.

    Anyone got any experience or further insight into this?

    • ismail f says:

      Unfortunately high blood pressure affects eyesight through a phenomenon known as hypertensive retinopathy. To make it short, long standing uncontrolled high blood pressure affects the small blood vessels of the retina and can lead to reduction of visual acuity

  2. Jason C says:

    High Blood Pressure at the age of 16.?
    Hi everyone,I am Jason Craig.I have been suffering from high blood pressure for the last 4 months.I have also just stopped taking pulmonary tuberculosis medicines which I have taken for 9 months.My bp has gone as high as 150/100 and it stays at an average of 140/90.For the last 2 months I have taking a 50 mg medicine for high bp.I am around 55 kg in weight and I also walk almost everyday.My parents and my grand parents also have a high blood pressure problem.I also have a problem of getting angry a lot and getting worried about any thing.Firstly i didn’t go to the cardiologist because we thought that the high blood pressure problem could be due to tb drugs but for safety the cardiologist gave me some tests.The position of my heart was checked and Alhamdulillah(thanks to Allah,the almighty)there was no problem found.An ultrasound for kidneys and abdomen was also done but Alhamdulillah(thanks to Allah,the almighty) no problem was found there as well.Now its been almost 3 weeks I have left the tb medicine and also the bp medicine.The problem is that my bp still goes to an average of 140/80 or any similar.Please help me I am so worried.What could be the cause of my bp rising even now and what should I do now?My eyesight has also become weak now and I think its due to the bp.Pls HELP.Thanks.

    • I Watch Scrubs says:

      There are many causes. Diet is less of an issue in the young but supplements are a major cause – weight loss medication, metabolic enhancers, high caffeine intake, smoking. Medical issues including narrrowing of your kidney arteries or kidney problems. Simple anxiety can increase heart rate and blood pressure. There is a very nice listing on Wiki listing causes including some absurdly rare causes.

      Long answer short keep working with your doctor, he’s the only one who can give you a real answer.

  3. Only one opportunity says:

    High blood pressure symptoms or not?
    Why is this happening to me? I work at a restaurant to support myself while im going to college. Rececently like 3 or 4 days ago I noticed that everytime i lift a heavy object or bend down (which i have to do a lot!!) my head feels like it’s going to explode and I can feel the pulse on my forehead and my whole head starts to hurt….if i bend down too many times in a day the headache stays for thw hole day or even more… also something more strange is that I’ve noticed that I see less sharp the things that are far away…i use glasses and all but I ‘ve noticed a slight change in my eyesight anfd I went to the doc a few weeks ago…supposedly everything normal! but why is this happening??? i also get dizzy….help??

    oh anfd both of my parents have high blood prrssure..my grandparents too….is it hereditary?

    • louxloux says:

      Have you checked your blood pressure? Do you monitor it? You can get monitoring devices which are inexpensive and can be found at any drug store. Since your parents and grandparents have high blood pressure, it would be a very good idea for you to start monitoring yours.

      High blood pressure, or hypertension can be hereditary.

      However, the symptoms you have experienced does NOT necessarily mean that you have high blood pressure.

      For example, for some people, changing positions quickly can cause something called “positional hypotension or orthostatic hypotension”… meaning your blood pressure can drop suddenly if you move from a sitting to a standing position. This results in feeling light headed, dizzy and even for things to go “black” for a second or two while your body adjusts.

      As far as your vision… does the blurriness come and go? or is it all the time? If its all the time, you may just need corrective lenses. If it fluctuates, then go see your primary MD. There could be several reasons why this happens, blood pressure is just ONE of them. Fluctuating blood sugars can cause this (blood sugar too high OR too low), as well as sinus problems. I have chronic sinus problems and my vision fluctuates depending on how bad my sinus congestion is at the time – and my blood pressure actually normally runs a little low.

      The severe headaches concern me. The family history of HTN and the headaches are all the more reason to start monitoring your blood pressure. Have you been evaluated for migraines?

  4. wicoclya says:

    Waiver at MEPS for High Blood Pressure?
    So I went to the Meps about 3 weeks ago and had my first full Physical… I was PERFECT on everything, all sight tests, hearing, physical test (duckwalk etc..)… the only thing that went wrong was my blood pressure test. My avg BP was 155/95. So at the end of the day, they sent me home with a blood pressure paper that I had to have a doctor sign off on it for 2 days, 2 times per day, listing my blood pressures. My average blood pressure was 132/78… they require under 140/90 at MEPs.

    I faxed in my papers and got my body prepared for the next physical. I ate very healthy, only veggies, ran a lot, done everything that was needed to lower blood pressure… my BP was down to about an average of 120/80 for the past couple of days. Today was my 2nd visit to the MEPs for them to retake my blood pressure… I went in and they took my blood pressure. It was back up to 155/95. I told the doctor about how it was low for the past couple of weeks, and I asked her if maybe i could lay down, it had to be because i was nervous.. (She had told me the last time I was up there she could tell i was nervous and that was the only reason it was up.) So she was more than happy to take me into a room and let me lay down… I laid there for about 15 mins and another test showed 155/75… So now I had to send off a medical waiver and I have to either wait for it to be approved or denied. The doctor at the MEPs signed the paper and says that she is requesting that I need a waiver, but for some reason i dont think thats enough.

    My questions are…
    What are the chances that my waiver will get approved/denied???
    What if it doesnt get approved? am i screwed?
    What if it does get approved? when i get shipped to BMT will i be screwed if I am nervous and it goes up?

    The reason I am so nervous is because unlike a lot of people I have done a TON to get in… In the past year I have lost 112 lbs just to get in, my big bro, 2 cousins, and best friend are all in the airforce and are waiting on me. So its like really going to be terrible if I dont get in… Its so stupid if I cant get in if the only reason is because I am really nervous at meps. IDK what kind of responses i expect i guess. Yeah, so today has been terrible :/

    Also, I qualify for All the jobs except for Applied Geophysics, have PERFECT eyesight/depth perception/color vision / hearing… idk if those will help them approve me or not, but i just thought id mention it if it did :/

    • Curt J says:

      50/50 shot on the waiver and yes, you DO need her recommendation, or it will be immediately disapproved. If it gets disapproved anyway, you can always ask for a re-look on the waiver, or try the Air Force or Army as alternatives.
      Don’t try the Navy, as they are the Marine approval/disapproval source.

  5. joan1214 says:

    my mom ‘s having high blood pressure/hypertension for almost 20 years, n recently she’s attacked by ‘stroke’!!
    now, she’s recovering from stroke very ‘slowly’!!some medications were prescribed:–>piracetam(Nootropil), Nifedipine(Adalat), irbesartan(Approvel), Gliclzide(Diamacron MR), and glucophage.
    may i know d uses of each medicine prescibed??n according to d doctor, stroke cannot be recovering 100%, is tat true??after d stroke, right part of her limbs are weak (cuz there’s hemorrhage in d brain as one of d blood vessel burst)..she’s been doing physiotherapy, but d leg mscle’s still very weak..wat can she do to walk like a normal people??is tat possible??some ppl said, d main reason tat she can’t walk properly is due to the brain damage, not the muscle problem..may i know the correct answer?? will the brain damage recover perfectly..or it won’t recover, or it’ll recover slowly??when she try to walk, she felt atching, and fatigue on d leg, should she continue to practice walking?n her eyesight is poor n blur, why??
    does d medication sufficient to let her relapse as much as possible?

    • bettyboop says:

      piracetam will help with the bleeding in the brain, adalat is for her blood pressure, irbesartan is also for her blood pressure, diamacron MR is for high blood pressure and glucophage is for diabetes. Recovery for a stroke is not 100%. Her limbs will be weak and she really needs the physical therapy. Part of the brain has been damaged, and will need to be retrained to work the muscles again. It will be a long process over a period of months. She will feel tired, that is to be expected. She will also ache and have pains. Ask the dr. if it is ok to take tylenol for her pain. She should continue to practice walking. If her eysight is poor and it didn’t use to be, then the stroke affected her vision also, due to the brain injury, or possible stroke in the eye. Hopefully, and more than likely, the medication she is on will keep her from having a relapse. Also you need to let her do as much as possible for herself. You can show her how and then encourage her to do it herself, as much as possible and reasonable.

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