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How To Get Your Eye Sight Back

Author: Adrienne Smith

Most people get to a place where they don't see as well as they use to.  Things aren't as clear when we try to read or perhaps the characters are a little more blurry on the TV program you were watching.  To avoid the dreaded news that you will have to break down and get glasses permanently, most people would just prefer to head to the store and purchase a pair of over the counter reading glasses.  They prefer the temporary fix instead of the truth.  That truth is you finally have to wear some type corrective lens if you ever want to see better again.  So how do you get your eye sight back!  

Wearing eye glasses or contact lens will not help get your eye sight back.  They are a crutch you can use that will help for the time being but nothing more.  It would be the same thing as if you had a cut on your arm and you put a band aid over the cut.  The band aid will only protect the cut but it won't cure it.  That is what eye glasses and contact lens do for you.

So is it really possible to get your eye sight back?  The answer to that question is a definite yes.  I never thought it possible myself until I stumbled upon some information that helped me understand exactly how your eyes work.  Your eyes have internal and external muscles.  The internal muscles change the shape of your lens which helps you focus.  Each of your eyes has a pair of external muscles that change the shape of the entire eyeball.  Your eyes can adjust to near and far vision.

The key to help get your eye sight back is to relax those muscles and let them function naturally.  Research has shown that some of the main reasons people start having vision problems is because of mental strain brought on by pressures in the family, at school, in the work force, personal relationships, etc.

By becoming more aware of your eye muscles, you can correct your poor vision with time.  Try relaxing your eyes during the day.  You can do this simply by just closing your eyes and enjoy the darkness.  When you do open your eyes, stare at the world in a relaxed way, not with a frown on your face.   Try to think pleasant and loving thoughts more and this will help relax your eyes and soften.   With learning these steps and more, you can get your eye sight back.

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About the Author

Adrienne Smith is a work at home business owner and she enjoys helping others find the same success.

Having had poor eyesight herself from many hours of computer work, she was thrilled to learn of these amazing methods that have improved her eyesight. If you would like to learn more about the methods mentioned above, please be sure to visit How To Get Your Eyesight Back today.

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10 Responses to How Bad Is My Eyesight

  1. sonata7forte says:

    What are the causes of bad eyesight so i can prevent my eyes from getting worse?
    I link to an informative website is very good also. my eyes just recently in the past couple of years have gone from 20/25 to 20/100. i really want to educate myself on how to keep my eyes from getting worse. i do go on the computer a lot so maybe that contributed to my eyesight going bad.

  2. munchkin. says:

    Are circles lenses and colored contacts safe for people with astigmatism/bad eyesight?
    I’m not sure how bad my astigmatism is but my eyesight is pretty bad for a 16-year-old (around -8 approximately on both sides). =/

    I heard somewhere that circles lenses are not safe for people with astigmatism unless the brand specifically makes them for that like G&G. If that is the case, what about colored contacts? I am aware that circle lenses & colored contacts are two different things.


    • Lulu says:

      It’s true that if you have astigmatism it will be better for you to get special contacts that are made for astigmatism, and it’s perfectly safe, unless if your eyes are not suited for wearing contacts then you can’t wear them.
      Circle lenses have this black ring around the outside to make your eyes look bigger while you wear it and colored contact lenses just changes the color of your eyes.
      If you live in asian countries such as China, Japan or Korea, then it’s pretty easy to find stores that sell circle lenses. But if you’re in some other country, you can still find them in stores but they’ll be really expensive. There are a lot of online sites that you can get them where they’re much cheaper.
      here are some circle lens that are made for astigmatism:
      [Neo Vision]

      Hope I helped ^-^

  3. Kelly says:

    Could I Wear Brown Contacts if I Have Bad Eyesight?
    I already wear contacts that help with my eyesight and I have blue eyes. My eyesight is particularly bad, but I can still do without them at times. Do brown contacts change nothing but the color of your eyes or do they help you see better, too? Could you get brown-perscription contacts? XD How much would they cost?

  4. vr says:

    What can my husband do for his increasingly bad eyesight?
    My husband has terrible eyesight, and has worn glasses since he was 6 years old. He is now 25 and can not see clearly even with his glasses on, words and images are blurred at about 24 inches.
    Drs just comment on how strong his prescription is. Is there anything he can do for this? Could there be a bigger problem?

    • . says:

      You should really look into the eyedrops called “Can-C.” It’s made for people with glaucoma and cataracts but I believe it helps people with poor vision as well. The only thing is it’s only available over seas.

  5. apllestes, says:

    How can i improve my bad eyesight?
    i have extremely bad eyesight. both my mother and father are short-sited, in high degrees and wear glasses or contacts.

    is there any way to make my eyes better? ive heard wearing long-sighted glasses when you are short-sighted will help.

    and i dont want surgery of any kind..

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