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How to Naturally Improve Your Eyesight - The right way to Permanently Fix and Repair Your Vision

Author: Carol Frunji

Poor vision is sometimes caused by various factors. It may be due to frequent exposure to televisions and computers. It may also be due to reading and writing in the dark. It may also be caused by ageing. Nevertheless, whatever the reason may perhaps be, poor eyesight is still not something good. Fortunately, there are enough methods on the right way to naturally improve your eyesight, specifically permanently correct and restore your vision.

A technique is to consume foods that are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Foods that are rich in Vitamin A such as liver, eggs, fish, spinach, and carrots really help in improving eyesight. They also prevent the eyes from drying. Foods that are rich in Vitamin C such as tomatoes and bell peppers are also ideal.

They help reduce the damages that oxygen and light do to the lens of the eyes. They also help prevent cataracts from developing. In addition, taking in calcium is also a way on how to naturally improve your eyesight. You must know that calcium is not only good for the bones. Calcium-rich foods such as dark green vegetables, dairy products, and milk are also important for the eyes. They prevent myopia along with the development of elongated eyeballs.

Furthermore, proper eye exercising is an essential way on tips on how to naturally improve your eyesight. You must perform eye exercises daily such as blinking, palming, swinging, video shifting, and sunning if you want to see clearly. you may also try other eye exercises such as the Bates Method and the pencil eye exercise.

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Do you wish to discover how to improve your vision using nothing but naturally proven approaches that are Safe, simple yet very effective? If yes, then you need to get a copy of the Vision Without Glasses Ebook.

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9 Responses to How To Fix Eyesight

  1. Anonymous says:

    How do I fix my eyesight?
    Does anyone know how a fix eyesights because mines bad it’s like 20/70. I hate glasses and contact lense because they just make my eye worser and glasses also makes me look weird. Don’t say take eye surgery or something like that because my parents won’t let me do that. I tried relaxing my eye like palming but they don’t help much. Please help I want my eyesight to be fix badly so I can see better.

    • janie says:

      the bates method is great but I heard it tends to wok best on people under 12 as does regular vision least that is my understanding but it is cheap and easy to do so no harm in trying

      I tries to find a doctor trained in Bates when my son was young and was told he had 20-200 vision which could never be reversed and could not find in my state but by calling the state university eye college, I did find a doctor trained in vision therapy.

      It took a 50 miles round trip for 20 weeks but the ends result of all the eye exercises was 20-40 in one eye and 20-40 in the other. (I also had him read the eye chart daily and do all the bates exercises)

      It was with great pleasure I had him send the report of his vision improvement without glasses to my sons school as they were telling him things like “your mom doesn’t mean to be mean to must get her to get you glasses.

      The allegedly irreversible condition get reversed and kept my son out of glasses the next 20 years about.

      I would recommend Dr Richard Schulze’s eyewash formula and the suggestions he gives with it in his save your life manual. He demonstrates the eye wash formula on the me for the links.

      Be sure all herbs you use are in the form of organic tinctures (example the brain herbs he recommends)…his formula can be bought at but works best as he directs in the manual.

      It only slightly stings for a few minutes so do not let it scare you..I used it before and no harm came to me.

      IN the event it doesn’t work, you may need to do the full incurables program with eyewash and things that help the eyes.

      Also go here and type in eyesight and read the testimonies of healing it. It may take a while though. I heard the author of the book/website speak and he talked of how years of the diet got his bad eyesight reversed to 20-20 he was into his 70s fairly bouncing around on stage from all hisi energy and said he had just passed the driver’s test with 20-20 after years of wearing glasses.

  2. Anonymous says:

    how to fix eyesight to be sniper?
    Hello my name is Dukaun this is my first post. I live in Canada, and im 15, And when I grow up I want to be a sniper. I recently found out that my vision is not as good as it used to be from my eye doctor I asked him if there was a way to get it back he just said use glases. Is there anyway to get my vision back without optical aids.

  3. Piney says:

    Can contact lenses correct your eyesight? And how long do they last for?
    Im on about the contact lenses that are made by prescription to fix eyesight, not the colourful playful ones.
    I dont want glasses and would prefer contact lenses to sort out my eyesight. How much would they cost? and how long do they last? and how do they work?

  4. Jman says:

    How can I fix my eyesight naturally?
    I’m nearsighted, so I wear contacts so I can see and function in everyday life. Recently, I have been reading up on ways that improve eyesight through different exercises. However, I want to know if these claims are true and that one can improve eyesight naturally.

    Any answers on whether this is true or not is greatly appreciated, along with links!

    • pwn@life says:

      They say almonds can help you eyes if you eat a dozen or so every day. i tried it and my eyes stopped deteriorating. i have had the same vision as i had from five years ago. before that, my eyes were worsening, fast. Carrots are also supposed to help eyes.

      PS… Robert is right too…

  5. sad1 says:

    How to fix eyeseight?
    Im 15 years old and i have a 400/375 vision. Is there a natural way or supplements to fix eyesight without a surgery?? I wanted to have a 20/20 vision. Do wearing eyeglasses everyday can make your eye worse? thnx

    • Footprintz says:

      Everyone would love to have 20/20 vision, but that just isn’t possible.

      That’s why millions have to wear glasses/contacts.

      Think about it, if there was a natural way that worked, wouldn’t it be common knowledge ? Wouldn’t everyone be doing it ?

      Sorry, the only way is with surgery.

      No, wearing your glasses don’t make your eyes worse, all they do is help you see when you have them on.

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