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How To Fix Nearsightedness Naturally

Author: Michael Pine

Nowadays, with the development of various electric products such as television, computer, mobile phone, MP4, more and more people come to be trapped with the eye problem. And people's wrong postures and habits in daily life when they are reading will bring bad effects on their eyes. Therefore, the serious outcome of the poor eyesight has become a very important issue today. No one can underestimate the function of their eyes in their whole life.

Near-sightedness, far-sightedness or glaucoma is the most common eyesight problems. People are searching for methods to have them solve their eyesight problems. Some people choose to wear eyeglasses, some use contact lens, and even some of them determine to do surgery. Many manufactures of the eyeglasses and contact lens claim that their eyeglasses can do some improvement on people's eyesight problems. However, the outcome is not good enough. And doing surgery is not only expensive but also risky. And it will have some certain negative effect on people's eyes.

So, what should we do about it? Now there is a program called
Vision Without Glasses. This program can teach how to recover your good eyesight stage by stage. It does not a complex procedure and also does not require lots of time everyday. But it needs a period of time to see the results. And the results of the Vision Without Glasses varies according to different people. So patience is necessary for this program.

As we known, exercising can enable people to become strong. Our eyes are no exception. The muscle of eyes also needs a certain amount of exercising. This kind of natural treatment can help you better your poor eyesight condition. Now matter how long you wear eyeglasses or contact lens, Vision Without Glasses can take effect. You do not need to worry about the cost and risk, this natural treatment can endow you good eyesight.

Besides, to some degrees the poor eyesight is the outcome of the everyday stress. It is no denying that stress can accelerate people' aging. Therefore, though the work and family may bring lots of stress on us, we have to relax for the sake of our body health and eyesight. Grab A Copy Click here

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9 Responses to How To Fix Your Eyesight

  1. Person says:

    how does your eyesight go bad?
    i thought the answer would be common, but i can’t seem to find it in any articles on the internet. so, just out of pure curiosity, how DOES eyesight go bad? like, im pretty sure there’s something that has to do with sitting too close to the tv or whatever, but what really happens? do the muscles get worn out or something? and is there no way to completely fix your eye without lasik/glasses/contacts? im just curious, since i knew i had 20/20 vision in the 5th grade but 4 years later…it’s just reallly bad.

    • Skelli says:

      Genetics can have a lot to do with it. If your parents have bad vision, it is very likely that you will too. Also, astigmitisms can cause bad vision. As people age, their lenses harden, causing eyesight to decrease. That’s why so many middle-aged people have to wear reading glasses.

  2. Piney says:

    Can contact lenses correct your eyesight? And how long do they last for?
    Im on about the contact lenses that are made by prescription to fix eyesight, not the colourful playful ones.
    I dont want glasses and would prefer contact lenses to sort out my eyesight. How much would they cost? and how long do they last? and how do they work?

  3. . says:

    How old do you have to be to get laser eye surgery?
    lasic or whatever that fixes your eyesight….. what could go wrong

    r there any side effects
    my eyesight is somewhere in the -200′s closer to -300 ….. or is it positive.. IDK

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing can go wrong. There is almost no chance that you will be permanently blinded
      or anything like that.

      The only thing that is bad with it is that sometimes after you get it you get these headaches
      and you see these stars for a while. But that is the only side effect that they know of.


  4. Anonymous says:

    bates method: palming helps?
    Does palming fix and improve your eye vision or not? What bad things can it do or none? How does it fix your eyesight? What the hell is a refractive error? Does damn bates method ******* work or not? All I want to do is to palm 15 minutes a day. Does palming improve your eyesight and fix it or not? Or can it cause you problems? I WANNA MOTHER ******* FIX MY ******* EYESIGHT MOTHER ******* DAMN *** ****! DO NOT SAY WEAR GLASSES OR CONTACTS OR LASER EYESURGERY. THEY SUCK!!! I WANT TO LOOK GOOD ! plz go here and read for me if palming is good or not and read the results..

  5. Mika A says:

    Paragon CRT contact lenses?
    Hi! I want to try using those contact lenses where you put them on during the night and they fix your eyesight so you can be okay without them during the day. they’re called paragon crt or ortho-k, i think. and i looked at the website, and they say it’s not possible to fix astigmatism of 1.75 with them… I have pretty bad eyesight, plus astigmatism, but i don’t know if mine is over or under 1.75. does anyone know how to measure what level (?) astigmatism a person has? thank you!!

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