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How to improve our eye sight in a natural way?

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It is often the case that we ask our eye doctor for help to improve our poor eyesight with the help of eyeglasses, contact lenses or even eye surgeries when we suffer from some eye problems. But have you ever thought of the natural way to improve our poor eyesight? You may think it is not believable As a matter of fact, it is indeed workable to use natural way to have better vision. Read ahead, and the following will give some introduction on this.


First of all, let us talk if eyeglasses or contact lenses can help people to have better vision. No doubt that they can help people to see clearly while wearing them, but when they remove them, we can imagine how the vision will be. What's the worse, after certain time, we will find the present prescription can not meet our requirements and we need a higher prescription in order to see clearly. So to some extent, we can see eyeglasses or contact lenses can make our vision deteriorating so that people have to wear higher and higher prescription. And what about the Laser eye surgery? It is advertised that it can help people to get rid of eyeglasses or contact lenses in their later life. Is it true? Not completely! First, not everyone can be suitable for this surgery and the surgery can not treat all eye diseases. Second, just as other surgeries, there are also some risks though it is advertised to have high successful rate. Third, after the surgery, people may also need to wear eyeglasses again. On one hand, if people's eye problem is serious, it can not treat it completely. On the other hand, our eyesight may become worse with aging.


Therefore, why don't we seek some natural ways to improve our eyesight? If we want to improve our vision naturally, we firstly need to find the cause for our eye problem. In most cases, our poor eyesight is due to bad habits, which will make our eyes under stress most of time and finally lead to eye problem. So the first point is to develop positive eye habits, such as keeping the right distance between our eyes and books or computers, not staring at computer screen for long time, and having some rest after certain time of work.


Besides establishing good eye habits, we can also take some eye exercises to improve our poor eyesight. Just like our other muscles, eye muscles also need to be exercised in order to make them strong. With enough exercises, we can also make our eye muscles strong with aging. If you like, you can easily find some eye exercises available. Though they are simple, they will have great effect in keeping our good vision. We can take them everywhere and at every time we want. The only need is to persist, and then we will benefit a lot from these simple exercises.


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10 Responses to How To Have Better Eyesight

  1. Anonymous-JC says:

    How can I get better eyesight naturally?
    I have been wearing glasses for over 5 years now. I want to get better eyesight. I am usually in front of a computer and I am shortsighted. Is there any way I can naturally get my eyesight to be good again?

    Also, if possible state how long it would take. Thanks

    • eyegirl says:

      Short answer, no. Most eye exercises and eye vitamins/supplements will not lessen the need for glasses or change your prescription. Certain exercises may make your vision more comfortable through glasses and the vitamins/supplements may improve the health of your eye, but not you prescription.
      Sorry, if there was something out there, we all would be doing it.

  2. julia says:

    How can I have better eyesight without wearing glasses or contacts ?
    I’ve always wanted to see clear without wearing my eye glasses or contact lenses. Eye surgery is not my option. Can anyone recommend me a natural method to improve my vision ?

    • TheEyeGuy says:

      Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) are all alternatives to our natural perfect eyesight. We are all supposed to have natural perfect eyesight and most of us can return to it. Most eye exercises(eye push-ups, eye drills, eye yoga) have nothing to do with returning to clarity. Eye exercises do not strengthen eye muscles and eye muscles do not need to be strengthened for clarity. Eye exercises can increase circulation which is good, but without an understanding of blurry vision habits and clear vision behaviors, they can often lead to effort, strain, and diffusion.

      Artificial corrections give us instant clarity, but do not address the real issues of blurry vision, so our vision usually gets worse year after year. There are great professionals that are very good at giving very accurate prescriptions for blur and at helping you when you get disease. These professionals protect us from the scams of most eye exercises and eye potions but they also deny that we can have clear vision naturally without their system.

      The best way to start relearning to see is to read from the best books. The best way to return to natural perfect eyesight is with the help of a great teacher. If a program doesn’t offer or lead you to a great Natural Eyesight Improvement teacher or at least some kind of direct support, they are not going to be very successful and are more likely depending upon you not taking the effort to get your money back.

  3. Chika D. says:

    How to get better eyesight?
    I wear glasses, and I wear contacts when I play basketball, however Im getting tired of doing these things. Is there anything besides surgery that will improve my eyesight gradually so that one day I wont need glasses anymore or at least not have thick lenses?

    • TheEyeGuy says:

      Yes, most people are supposed to have natural perfect eyesight their whole lives. Blurry vision is a learned behavior, this is why 60 to 80 percent of people in modern societies have some kind of blurry vision.

      In response to others:

      If we listen to people who tell us what not to do to keep our vision healthy we may as well not get out of bed in the morning. People who get blurry vision while watching a lot of tv or reading a lot of fine print in dim light get blurry vision because they are using their eyes incorrectly while doing these challenging activities.

      Nutrition is very important but will not directly change our vision behavior and improve our eyesight.

      The only thing most people know about natural eyesight is eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga). Eye exercises have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight and do not change clarity. Because eye exercises and potions don’t work, people give up on having natural perfect eyesight and reject anything else.

      The theory that vision eventually stabilizes when we stop growing is a myth. People of all ages are still very susceptible to worsening vision because very few things address the real issues of blurry vision. Most people who get LASIK get blurry vision again in 1 to 3 years.

      The best way to start learning about Natural Eyesight Improvement is to read the best books. I have a referral link to one of them on my website. Most people do best by getting the help of a local teacher. I can interview a teacher you may be interested in to make sure that they are teaching correct principles and not eye exercises or potions.

  4. Alice says:

    How can I make myself have better eyesight?
    I am 14 yrs old and have eyesight of -3.5 Is that really bad for my age? What can I do to make it better?

    • Baby says:

      Unfortunately you have no control over your prescription. There is nothing you can do to make is better. The only way to correct is is glasses, contact lenses or laser refractive surgery

  5. Adam says:

    do humans have better eyesight than animals?
    I have to do this stupid project for gr8 science on the difference between human and animal eyesight. Does anyone know anything about these questions?
    Is human eyesight better than animal eyesight?
    Why cant humans see in the dark like some animals?
    How do you know that human vision is better/worse than animal vision?
    Are there any animals with x-ray vision?
    Are there any animals that have heat vision?
    Please help out and give as much information as possible.

    • jpm896 says:

      Some animals, even ones with eyes are blind or have very poor eye sight (bats aren’t blind, but “see” in the dark by echolocation). Other animals, most famously hawks, have exceptional meyesigh, and can see their prey from way up in the sky.

      Before going any further, let me explain about how light is perceived. There are two light-sensing cells in the retina of your eye – rods and cones. Rods detect black and white and are very senitive to light. They are good for detecting motion and night vision. Cats have lots of rods, so they can hunt easily at night. Cones distinguish color. Humans have excellent color vision, as many other animals do, but some, such as dogs, are color blind to certain colors, which appear washed-out. Humans have many rods as well, but are not nearly as good at night vison or seeing motion from far away as a cat or a hawk.

      I don’t know of any animals with x-ray vision, but some insects, such as bees, and some snakes can see infrared light (heat vision). Electromagnetic radiation (i.e. light, radio waves) has many different wavelengths, only a smalll fraction of which can be seen by humans and most animals — visible light. Other ranges of wavelengths include the above mentioned infrared and x-rays, as well as microwaves and radio waves.

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