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How To Strengthen Eyesight ...

How to Strengthen Eyes - Natural Vision Improvement Tips and Tricks

Author: Daniel Roe

A lot of people prefer natural methods over surgical procedures when it comes to improving their vision. While the natural methods may be effective, it takes quite a long time before they take effect. So, those who want to know how to strengthen eyes naturally must also know how to be patient and persistent.

They must realize that the exact period when they will see the results vary depending on a variety of factors. The degree of vision, for instance, is a crucial factor. Individuals who have really poor eyesight will need a longer time to improve their vision compared to those who only have moderately poor eyesight.

Nevertheless, with proper nutrition and adequate eye exercises, vision improvement will be achieved in no time. Having a healthy and balanced diet is one way on how to strengthen eyes. People should never underestimate the importance of proper diet to the eyes. Foods rich in beta-carotene such as carrots, apricots, mangoes, cantaloupes, and yellow and red peppers aid in improving overall vision. Foods rich in lutein such as kale, kiwi, spinach, broccoli, and citrus keep the eyes sharp and hinder macular degeneration. Also, foods rich in Vitamin E such as peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts help reduce the risk of cataracts.

On the other hand, exercises such as palming, blinking, vision shifting, sunning, swinging, and the Bates method are all essential steps on how to strengthen eyes naturally and safely. These exercises must be performed for several minutes everyday if one wants his vision to improve.

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10 Responses to How To Strengthen Eyesight

  1. Anonymous says:

    how to strengthen eyesight ?
    I’m short sighted and i wear glasses. (i hate wearing them and i failed to use eye contacts) i leave them on all day when there only really needed for computer watching tv etc, but im still a little useless without them. but anyway i feel as if leaving my glasses on all day is making them relax and go lazy and not strengthen my eye sight, is it possible to strengthen my eyesight and not need to wear my glasses as much if i only use them for watching tv and computer etc ? or is there another way ?

    • hippo37 says:

      there really isn’t anyway that you can strengthen your eyesight. Wearing/not wearing your glasses doesn’t make any difference; if you don’t wear them you simply won’t get clear eyesight. Once you’re used to clear eyesight its difficult managing without and therefore you tend to keep your glasses on. Alternatives are contacts.

  2. Madeline says:

    How should I strengthen my eyesight?
    I have had glasses for 5 years (I am 14). My right eye was 1.70 when I first got my glasses and now it is 2.50. My right eye was 1.75 and now it is 5.0. I am scared that I am going to get blind…does anyone have any eye exercises or tips???

    • Sarah M says:

      I’m afraid you cannot strengthen your eyesight hun, you can only do your best to maintain it by eating the right vitamins that are good for your eyes, and making sure you look after them as best as you can.
      The only way to solve poor eyesight is through laser eye surgery, but you are too young and it has risks involved.

      My eye sight is poor:
      -6.50 left eye
      -6.00 right eye

      I’m always worried that I am going blind but my optician has reassured me that I am not. I wear contact lenses now and am hoping to get laser eye surgery once I believe it is really safe.

      Look after yourself and don’t worry, it’s unlikely you’re going blind :)

  3. Tomboy says:

    Does wearing glasses make your vision worse?
    Ok so I have been wearing glasses since I was in Grade 3 [I know sad T~T So young and I was already wearing glasses T~T] And I have been wearing them now for 5 years. Everytime I go to the eye doctor, my prescription goes up higher and higher and my vision gets worse.

    Doe smy vision really get worse after each year I wear them and month etc.?
    I heard that it doesn’t.
    But why does my prescription go up then?

    And I was planning to get contacts but I heard taht they make your vision worse and your prescription goes up as well.

    Is this true..?

    How do I strengthen my eyesight over time?

    • Sarek of Vulcan says:

      Glasses are not harmful in themselves, but unfortunately they are always used in the wrong way, so they are often the cause of worsening eyesight.
      The problem is that glasses “correct” myopia (also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness) instantaneously and if your eyesight gets worse you’ll be given stronger glasses which in turn will become weak and so on until your mid 20′s. Glasses work perfectly, so why bother ?. Well, let me say that’s madness.

      When you have an eye exam they ask you to read the letters on a chart which is usually 20 feet away ( 6 meters), and that’s correct because a myope has problems with distant things and the more distant a thing is, the blurrier the vision. But who spends all their time looking at things that are so far away ? No one, and that’s why the glasses usually given to myopes are excellent to see distant things but are definitely too strong for everyday use. Here’s explained one of the main reasons for declining eyesight : wrong glasses. It’s true that a myope can read a book with his/her glasses on, but only because the eyes make an effort to compensate those glasses which in that specific circumstance are too strong. That effort is called over-accommodation and it’s the real cause of myopia. A young person who has perfect eyesight can easily become myopic if he/she spends most of the time looking at things that are too close. Constant over-accommodation leads to myopia. When one becomes myopic, the use of wrong glasses (i.e. too strong for a specific task) leads to over-accommodation and to more myopia. For instance many boys/girls keep books too close when they read/study. It’s not necessary, it’s just a bad habit that may ruin their eyesight over the years

      A considerate eye doctor/optometrist/optician should always tell their young patients that glasses are not to be used unless they are necessary. When a myope can see fairly well without them, they must not use them. For example many young myopes do not need glasses for reading and writing, because for such a small distance their natural eyesight is enough.
      Depending on the level of myopia, there are situations in which glasses are necessary, but which glasses? That’s the point.
      If a myope doesn’t want to get worse very quickly,the keyword is “undercorrection” i.e. weaker glasses. Most myopes have glasses that are too strong for many short-distance activities such as reading, studying, computer, etc.
      People who have been nearsighted for years may still have older glasses which are probably weaker and they can still be used. The weaker the better, provided they allow to see clearly enough without staying too close to what one is looking at. Every myope should have at least 3 pair of glasses with different power. One which fully corrects myopia and two undercorrections. Of these two undercorrections, one should be very weak and should be used for near work. A second undercorrection would have to be a bit stronger and should be used for medium distance (staying home, watching tv, etc.).. The full correction should be used only when strictly necessary. When distance is estremely short (reading a book or writing) no glasses at all should be used, unless a person has a myopia around -4 or higher. In that case a very weak undercorrection should be used even for reading or writing.
      . It’s always better to see a little blurry than to always see perfectly because a little blurriness stimulates your eyes, while the full correction makes them weaker and more dependent on glasses

      If the doctor gives you new and stronger glasses, take them but use them as little as needed, i.e. when you really need a very good eyesight (looking at the board, outdoors activities, etc). Whenever you can, use weaker glasses. That’s extremely important if you want to avoid further worsening of your eyesight. Even when using weaker glasses or no glasses at all, always remember to stay as distant as possible from what you are looking at. In fact it’s useless to wear undercorrection or no glasses if you stay closer than necessary to what you are looking at.

      Improving eyesight is much more complex than using weaker glasses and can’t explained in a few words. I found this book extremely helpful and I’m improving my eyesight quite successfully:

      When your prescription goes up, it does mean that your eyesight is worse than before, it’s obvious. A higher prescription has no other meaning than that. You may not realize it because with your new and stronger glasses you’ll always see well, but your eyes actually get more nearsighted and now you know why.

  4. ~ B E L L A ~ says:

    natural ways to get 2020 vision (eyesight)???????
    I HATE GLASSES. no matter how stylish or cool they look I DONT CARE! i’ll always hate them & i dont want to stick shit in my eyes either (contacts)! pls give real advice or dont answer:
    HOW CAN I STRENGTHEN MY EYES & force them to improve? what works? a weaker glasses persciption? not wearing glasses? WHAT WORKS? i want freedom for my eyes. dont say laser surgery! i read its not very effective in the long term & it burns the cornea. I DONT WANT THAT. im sick of looking nerdy. just pls tell me what iomproves eyesight & NOT tell me lies like ‘glasses look good’ thet DONT on me!!

  5. Undercover Ninja says:

    How to strengthen my back?
    I’m 16 and I kinda have a weak back like when I wake up to when I bend over the sink to brush my teeth, it’ll start hurting (I kinda have bad eyesight so I tend to lean) then I’ll try to sit up straight at school but it feels uncomfortable and sometimes it hurts. I never did drink milk when I was younger but I’ve started drinking a glass of milk every night a year ago and stopped drinking soda since last year. I don’t work out because I keep getting told that I’m already too skinny (90 lb). So now I’m just wondering how do I improve my back? Also is there a right way to sleep like sleeping on your sides with a pillow? Any exercise that I could do besides anything like pull ups because I can’t do that or should I drink more milk or what?
    All helpful answers are appreciated. Thanks.

    Is this the right section, btw?

    • Jelloise says:

      You need to strengthen your abdominal (stomach) muscles; this helps take the strain off your back muscles. Lie on the floor with your feet flat and your knees raised like you should for sit-ups. With your hands behind your head to support your neck a little, simply raise your head and shoulders off the floor for 10-15 seconds, then lie back. Do this no more than 4-5 times to start; with any exercise, you may be a bit sore next day, so just take your time. Do more when you feel alright. You gradually build the extra strength you need.

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