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Hypothyroidism and ...

Natural Hypothyroidism Remedies that are Simple and Effective

Author: Dr Andrew Napier

Hypothyroidism is a thyroid condition that is typically caused by an under active thyroid gland. These thyroid glands are responsible for producing inadequate thyroid hormones amount. This condition has affected millions of individuals regardless of their age and gender. Since the symptoms may be complex to determine, most individual with an under active thyroid gland may be extremely unaware of the condition. You will have to be familiar with the thyroid so that you can get the basic understanding of the condition.

On the other hand there are natural hypothyroidism remedies that you can consider once you unfortunately experience this condition. These are essentially for the people who want to avoid risky side effects of surgeries and other medicines that have higher dosage. Hence, there are a variety of natural or herbal remedies that are available in both online and offline market. Therefore, all you have to do is to make sure to acquire one which can greatly suit your and of course your budget. Actually, one of the great reasons in preferring herbal medicines is the budget or the amount that you will need to complete the medicine dosage that your doctor prescribed.

Herbal and homeopathic ingredients can greatly help promoting steady hormone levels. This can also be responsible in maintaining and restoring the health of the thyroid gland. Hence some of these herbal remedies are popularly recommended for hypothyroid conditions that includes Equisetum arvense, centella asiatica, avena sativa, fucus vesiculosis, and coleus forskohlii. There are also homeopathic and herbal remedies that can compassionately be used so as to address some of the upsetting symptoms of hypothyroidism.

Make sure that you are correctly using these natural and herbal remedies as this can let you take lesser medications. It also allows you to achieve faster symptomatic relief which can be a great advantage especially if you have your job or business to deal with on everyday basis. Nonetheless, you still have to discuss taking these herbal remedies to your physician for safety purposes. It may not cause you any harmful side effects as what you can get to artificial medication. But, it can absolutely hold your chance to remedy your hypothyroidism.

If you wanted more information with regards to the natural remedies that you can have then all you have to do is to browse online. This way you can acquire more and more options, and the more options you have, the more your chances to acquire the best remedies that can work best for you.

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9 Responses to Hypothyroidism And Eyesight

  1. Saraa says:

    can you have hypothyroidism with a high T4?
    My T4 IS 15.50 and TSH is 6.58 or do i have another probelem if so what?? my doctor are not very bothered after i told them ive been having trouble breathing headaches and eyesight problems they just dont seem bothered sum stupid ass jerkss!!! please can u help?? im ony 16!!:( this is dpressing me

  2. Paula D says:

    I am at my wits end! I went in for a thyroid test. It came back normal, but I have a nodule on my thyroid. I haven’t felt good for over a year. I went on the internet to this “symptoms” site. I answered all the questions….41 out of 46 symptoms were hypothyroidism. I knew it! I hear there is another test that can be done in addition to the regular test that will show more and a lot of times the person is diagnosed with hypothyroidism when the first test came out normal. Does anyone know of this second test? I am always so tired, am gaining weight around my middle and my eyesight is not good…..those are just a couple of the symptoms. I need to do something!

    • all4oldchevys says:

      Go to an endocrine specialist. I have it too, but didn’t get diagnosed until I had the other test done. You can come out on the low side of normal on a regular test, and your doc will say you’re fine. I’m not sure what the other test is called, but it takes about an hour in the office, they run a special type of iv fluid through you to test your thyroid function. It’s very important that you do it if you feel like you have it.

  3. Jordan H says:

    Fainting, loss of bowel, eyesight, and hearing?
    I was taking a shower about a month ago and the next thing I knew I was on the bathroom floor. I lost my eyesight and hearing as well as control of my bowels (if you know what I mean). It took about 5 minutes I’m guessing before I could see and hear again. I don’t know how long I was out as I was home alone. I was able to call a friend to take me to the ER. I was pretty sore everywhere. But the hospital just did and EKG and blood count, said I was fine, and sent me home. They did not check to see if I hit my head (which I know now I did, because I had a concussion) or examine where I said I was hurting or anything. Could I have had a seizure? I had a few “silent” seizures when I was little where I did not convulse or fall, but didn’t know where I was or who anyone was. I have had many other symptoms as well like being full very quickly, nausea, etc. I can eat a granola bar in the a.m. and not be hungry until the next day. I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and Hypothyroidism. I also have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer as well as a family history. I have a dr appt this week, but does anyone have any ideas? Or can you shed some light on this for me? Thanks :)
    I’m only 19, but I’m used to health issues as I was born with some (and I’m in nursing school)… but I’m sincerely concerned this time. It’s something I’ve never dealt with before.

    • Kate says:

      I wouldnt believe any of the diet suggestions haha. But I think youre doing the right thing going to the doctor. My best friends mother didnt get the medical attention she wanted and passed away of cancer earlier this year. I wish you all the luck in the world, and I hope its nothing serious!

  4. Dee-Rho says:

    I am forty and had a thermal ablasion on my uterus a couple years ago because of excessive bleeding with a fibroid tumor about the size of a golf ball/softball as described by my doctor.
    After the procedure, I started gaining weight, but figured it was age.
    Then last august, my hair started falling out, and did so for about three months or longer. Then, I began to start feeling ‘bad’—like dizzy and confused even vertigo like symptoms, and another doctor told me I had an ear virus. I took the meds–got even more meds including anitbiotics, yet I still have these symptoms.
    I get tired easy now, my back muscles get sore easily and I’ve always worked out, but its harder when I feeling like I’m staggering around too much on the treadmill.
    I think I have developed Hypothyroidism, and I understand this can cause fibroids anyway. I may have had it for a good while before the symptoms began.
    My head feels odd, like some kind of pressure in it, and I’ve noticed I’ve had blurry vision and I’ve always had perfect eyesight.
    This all started quickly after my hair began to fall out. It has stopped falling, but Im sure it could start again.
    I do have an appointment this coming week, but does anyone else recognize these symptoms? Im quite sure I have a hormonal imbalance, and have excessive facial hair that I remove sometimes twice a week.
    EEK! I’ve never felt this bad in my whole life and for an energetic person who’s turned into this, it’s absolutely baffling.
    Anyone else?

    • Angelbunny17 says:

      Hi. I have Hypothyroidism, and yes, some of your symptoms are common with it. Usually if your hair starts to fall out from being Hypothyroid, it will not just stop unless you get on Thyroid medication, and get your levels back to normal. In my opinion, it sounds like you have more of a hormonal problem. One simple way to find out is to go get blood work done. They should run a Thyroid panel, and check your hormone levels. It’s too hard to determine what the problem is just by your symptoms alone. Blood work is your best bet at this point. I’m glad to see you’ll be going to the doctor to get checked. Good luck with your appointment. Feel better soon :-)

  5. Saraa says:

    How long will it take my GP to refer me to the NHS endocrinologist?
    Ok so i was told i have hypothyroidism after i got my blood test results back and been having loads of symptons aswell as hair loss headaches and eyesight problems but i wasn’t satisfied because first when i went i was told i had hyperthyroidism which was RONG! :( after i went back it was corrected which made me lose trust in the doctors i was told by friend its better to see a endocrinologist as im still young, only 16 i dont want to go bald this is really depressing the f*** out of me :( and one more confusion my T4 is 15.50 and TSH is 6.58 when usually people with hypothyroidism have a low or normal T4 mine is higher then normal..:S could the blood test be wrong? or is this another underlining problem? if so, what could it be? isit a problem with my pituitary gland? please please please help me!:( xx

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