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Soldiers Running High Risk Of Losing Eyesight

Author: Orpah Deborah

It's an observable fact that the sunglasses have become a necessity. Generally people us it to protect there eyes from the harmful UV rays, but now the uses has been increased as it is also been used for hiding ones identity, generally done by the celebrities. It is also been used by the motorcyclist to protect these eyes from the heavy wind, dust and flying insects while riding motorcycle. Fisher men use sunglasses to reduce the glare of the sun, and to see the fishes clearly within the water. Above all these user and uses there is one more segment of user and uses, and that is the Military, Law Enforcement Agent and Army Air Corps, for who eye protection is must. As they face such situation where there is so much of dust, ballistic material, etc. which may cause hindrance in there operation.

Here we will be talking about the eye protection of the US Military, Law Enforcement Agent and Army Air Corps. Do you know that the soldiers have the high number of risk of damaging their eyesight during the combat operations and training exercises. The studies done on the wounds in Iraq, which pointed out that the sixteen percent of casualties among soldiers, involve eye injuries. The most dangerous hazard to the eyes of the US Military & Law Enforcement Agent is the flying shrapnel from enemy weapon blasts, and other dangers to the eyes are sand, dust, debris (from helicopters, high winds, or explosive overpressure), flash fires, and lasers.

Coming to the Army Air Corps, they need protection from the dangers of high-altitude glare and this was solved by the company named Ray-Ban, who produced sunglasses especially for the Army and Navy. These Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses covered the eye socket, and had the dark lenses which were often reflective.

During the recent war with Iraq it was found through the media coverage that the US troops in the field, both marine and army use of Oakley sunglasses, goggles and boots.

Now there are more protective lenses in compare to the previous days. Troops will have interchangeable lenses for both goggles and spectacles. The new sunglasses are lightweight but made up of tough polycarbonate lenses. These eye wear meet the American National Standards Institute requirements for occupational eye and face protection. Now the eyes of our US Military, Law Enforcement Agent and Army Air Corps are more protected from the entire dangerous hazard.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/vision-articles/soldiers-running-high-risk-of-losing-eyesight-781807.html

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9 Responses to Losing Eyesight

  1. Griffin says:

    Is losing your eyesight and then getting a more acute sense of smell an inherited trait or is it a mutation?
    I am doing a biology project and I need to know that if losing your eyesight and then getting a more acute sense of smell an inherited trait or is it a mutation. I know if can happen so don’t say that it’s not possible. And it also doesn’t include bind people. This is a specific trait or mutation. PLEASE HELP…

  2. st.lady (GitEm) says:

    At what age do Labs generally start losing their eyesight?
    My dog Boz is 11 yrs old now. I’ve noticed he doesn’t see as well and his eyes are getting very cloudy. Does anyone else have a dog in the age range that is losing their eyesight?

    • KoAussie says:

      As dogs age, their iris hardens and becomes somewhat cloudy. Depending on the cause, cataracts, some inherited can start as early as six months in some breeds. An opthalmologist can examine your pet and determine the cause and severity of his cataracts.

  3. ab024 says:

    how do you help a person who is losing their eyesight cope with life?
    my dad has recently lost his eyesight and has gone into a VERY DEEP DEPRESSION. he figures if he cant see, what is left? he drinks himself to sleep daily. how can i help him?

  4. Jumbo Skrimp Leo says:

    What is the percentage of losing your eyesight after doing cataract eye surgery?
    Is it a fairly safe procedure? Because I was thinking about getting it done.

    • Indiana Jones says:

      its pretty much a slim to none chance of loosing your vision after a cataract surgery.

      its one of the safest surgeries out there.

      even if you have multiple serious eye problems like myself its not all that risky.
      i’ve had 4 detached retinas, coloboma, and glaucoma and the cataract surgery went just fine.

      here is a great link where you can learn all about cataracts and the surgery:

      and you should definitely talk to your ophthalmologist about the surgery.

  5. Saleisha says:

    Does losing your eyesight make your eyes smaller?
    my friends have been saying my eyes looks small. I have gone from okay vision to -1.75 in both eyes in one year…I wear glasses sometimes in class and contacts outside

    does wearing glasses or losing vision make your eyes long term smaller ? or any affects?

    • kasumicat says:

      Eyeglasses do not actually make your eyes larger or smaller. Eyeglasses do change the appearance of your eyes while you wear them. If your eyeglasses are a minus (-) lens, then they make your eyes appear smaller. If your eyeglasses are a plus (+) lens, then they make your eyes appear larger. These are not actual changes to your eyes, they just appear differently behind the lenses.

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