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a€¢ Ford Galaxy and Ford S Max are 7-seater vans which are just perfect for family outings

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a€¢ Ford C-Max and Ford Fusion are both 5-door vans that are spacious enough to bring loads of picnic gears for that perfect bonding experience

a€¢ Ford Focus can be both an executive and small family vehicle that's absolutely ideal for short distance traveling

a€¢ New Focus Coupe-Cabriole is a 2-door convertible car that will complete your romantic date

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9 Responses to Names Of Eye Diseases

  1. ortizchriswill says:

    can someone name this eye disease please?
    its for my brother and i had the sickness to but it was long ago and i cant remember the name all i know is this: my doctor gave me these special pads that clean the eye lids and i saw great effect. the eye symptoms are: crust appearing on the eye lashes, these eye boogers right at the corner sides of the eyes and whenever you wake up from sleep its hard to open the eyes whats the name of this disease?

  2. --DK-- says:

    Is There a Name for this Eye Disease or Blindness?
    I have really bad eye sight in my right eye. What I see out of my whole right eye is what you would normally see out of your peripheral vision in a good eye. I have perfect vision out of my left eye though which kinda makes up for me being so blind out of my right eye.I just want to know if there’s a medical term to describe what I see from my bad eye.

    Thank you and God Bless :)

  3. Michelle says:

    what are some names of diseases that affect the eyes?
    they need to start with an i.

  4. Melissa M says:

    Help me figure out which eye disease this is please?
    My Great Aunt has just recently got this eye disease which is apparently gentic and the women side of the family can get it. She just went to sleep one night with flu like symptons and woke up with partial vision. The Dr said she may go fully blind. I want to be tested for this disease however I need to tell the Dr the specific name and my Great Aunt does not remember the specific name. So if you could suggest some eye disease name that sound simalar to what I have describe please leave them below :)
    Thanks but I know what a optometrist is lol I wear glasses been doing so since I was 2. Though they have gotten better recently (went down my 1 and 2 (there both different) and my Great Aunt hasn’t had any eye sight probs, she didn’t even wear glasses. It is genic which is why I want to be tested but you have to tell the Dr what is otherwise they won’t be able to look for it.

  5. Margie P says:

    What is the name of the eye disease that makes you lose your eye lashes?

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