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How To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back After A Fight

Author: Harry Brown

If you truly think that you are going to hang out for the rest of your live together with your partner in Disneyland, you have another thing coming. You best get prepared Cinderella because the prince is not always so charming. If you are having trouble, and your relationship is falling apart and you want to know how to get your ex boyfriend back, you need to remember that fights do happen, but you also need to remember that there are good points and bad points about your relationship.  It is important to focus on the good during the bad times.

Trouble seems to come when one or both of you look at the relationship as having more bad then good.  This is the point when real action is needed to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back.

The most important aspect of this article is to get y o to understand that when trying to learn how to get your ex boyfriend back after a fight, you must think like an adult and concentrate on what happened between the two of you, not the negative aspects of the entire relationship. Do not spend hours analyzing who is right and who is wrong and what is right and what is wrong. This is pointless.

Next, make sure that you remember that part of being an adult and part of learning how to get your ex boyfriend back is to take responsibility for your own pain, and your own actions. You must take care of your part of the problem, before anything else can truly be fixed

Logic and reason are important now. Learn how to get your ex boyfriend back.  Pull yourself together. Fix you. It will all come together.

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10 Responses to Occasional Blurred Vision

  1. McKinley says:

    Occasional blurred vision but most times can still read?
    I’m going to the eye doctor tomorrow but just thought I’d throw this question out here now. I’m not really near sighted or far sighted but sometimes I experience blurry vision. Usually its after reading for awhile or sometimes it just comes out of nowhere. Usually I can still “read” things. Sometimes while driving I have blurry vision and can’t read street signs. I’m just wondering, is this something that even needs glasses or something? It seems if its only occasional maybe there’s not a real issue? Or maybe I should have glasses on hand for when the blurry vision does strike…? What are your thoughts? Easy points :)

    • Alex says:

      I’d say it’s more likely that your eyes are simply tired. I work with computers a lot and I’m forever reading long documents both on and off screen, after a few hours my eyes are often a bit blurry and unfocused (especially in cars, buses, trains etc. when the scenery is moving very fast) yet when I had my eyes tested they were a perfect 20/20.
      It’s best to get it checked, just to be sure, especially if you’re finding yourself having to squint quite frequently. But it sounds as though you’re just tired.

  2. get loose says:

    Persistant increasing headaches, ringing in ears, occasional blurred vision, i’m 15 what can this be?
    For the last few months i’ve been getting headaches about 3 times a week. They started out just minor twinges, but now they feel like full blown migraines. I also get ringing in my ears that only lasts a few minutes, and yesterday my vision went blurry for about 30 seconds. I usually wake up in the morning with a headache, and they come and go, and get worse throughout the day.
    Any idea what this could be? I’m 15, and i have no other health problems.

    • Frustrated says:

      These sound as if you could be a migraine sufferer. The condition often starts in adolescence and can be bad at your age. It can often be caused by the person’s diet, so monitoring what you eat might prove very revealing. Different people react to different foods and chocolate, cheese, certain fruits and many other things are blamed for starting a migraine.

      Don’t panic, but you should definitely go to have a chat with your doctor about your problem to get some treatment and advice on your headaches and to make sure that you do not have a more serious problem.

  3. Porsha Shuford says:

    I have Blurred vision, a headache, and an occasional stomachache.What could be wrong with me ?
    I’ve done some Research and all my symptoms point to dehydration. Put is there anything else. And how do you cure Dehydration ?

    • dr_hetiba says:

      this symptoms is not pointing to dehydration
      ur headache is related to ur blurred vision and when u treat ur vision error,the headache will go away
      and about ur occasionally stomachahe is nothing that may by bcz stress, any uspected food and any thing which not make u worry
      so treat ur blurred vision and u’ll be fine
      hint: dehydration treatment is by drinking alot of water contain sugar and some sodiun and potasium but that in emergency in one like u just eat and drink more water and juices

  4. RanaBanana says:

    Occasional blurred vision?
    I’m going through a period of blurred vision, it’s been going on for over a week and came on suddenly. Normally there’s nothing wrong with my sight, but the computer is hard to see (I don’t spend a lot of time on it or watching tv), objects and people aren’t “blurry” but I can only focus on one small area that stays still while the rest of it looks very “surreal”, some looks far away while other things kind of “pop out” kwim?

    It’s bothering me because I feel I no longer at people directly.

    This happened 2 years ago and it lasted for about a month, not enough time to get to see an eye doctor, with a 2 month waiting list in all offices.

    What could be causing this?

    My family doctor believes I may have fibromyalgia due to other symptoms I have, but I’m not sure if this falls under that, or something else.

    • Justmeinthisworld says:


      MS has simialr symptoms to FMS
      and many docs hand outthe diagnosis of FMS like candy because they don’t want to be bothered doign tehir job

      Blurriness is a major sign for MS

      it could also be somethingas simple as eye strain…

      evenif it is MS–there was just a report of a great new treatment that keeps people in ‘remission’

  5. TrinLyn says:

    Sudden smelly urine, random blurred vision, and occasional nausea at 36 weeks?! !!!?
    The second I entered my 36th week my hips, pelvis, and other southern regions have felt a lot of pressure, like I have been riding a horse for the last ten years straight. However, I did start having some blurred vision the last few days, mostly just taking a little bit to try and refocus, and at I dismissed it since it usually happened at a distance, so I assumed it was just my bad eyes.

    The last week I have been having the worst heartburn of my pregnancy, accompanied by nausea, but not necessarily together. I have been having quite a bit of cramping (Like menstrual, not braxton hicks or real contractions), and some occasional pain on my right side, but I just associated that with Baby, who likes to hang out there.

    HOWEVER, tonight I started having some very strong urine, almost like sewer or strong tap water, if that makes sense? There isn’t any pain or blood, and I drink more than enough water (it temporarily subsides the heartburn, oddly enough). I’ve had a UTI before, and it’s nothing like this, except the feeling of having to pee, and not a lot coming out, which sometimes happens, depending on where Baby is sitting at that moment.

    Can someone just tell me that it is not suddenly a case of preeclampsia, and that I don’t need to call my doctor immediately? Like I said, none of these symptoms are constant (except this DANG heartburn!) Thanks so much!

    • Skibabe says:

      Surely it isn’t worth worrying and you should call your Dr? I know I would if I had the same – I wouldn’t honestly trust the opinions of strangers on here (no offence anyone) over the advice of a Dr.

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