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Author: Fred Fish

Locate a listing of opthamologists in your area. Visiting an eye doctor can prevent unnecessary eye disease and can also address issues that can affect your overall physical health. Utilize this professional service to locate an excellent physician in your local area.


Locating eye doctor specialists in your area who focus on eye disease and surgical procedures is easiest when you utilize the online opthamologist directory. Your eye health directly impacts your overall physical health and visiting a physician on a regular basis can prevent unnecessary disease that can cause deterioration in your overall health. For a number of options including eyeglass prescriptions as well as surgical procedures which stop the progression of disease you can use this comprehensive database. Easily locate a physician anywhere in the US including Hawaii, New York City, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Wisconsin, California, and Wyoming. Online technology provides you with the listing for local eye doctors in your area within seconds after typing in your zip code. The well-being of your eyes is critical to your overall health and you should visit an opthamologist on a regular basis to not only prevent disease but to eliminate it.


Opthamologists in your area have the capability to improve and restore their patient's vision through the use of a variety of options including contacts, eyeglasses and surgical procedures. It is pertinent that you receive routine visits in order to ensure your eyesight's health and to maximize your eyesight. There have been many advances in surgical technology and your opthamologist will provide you with a variety of options for both treating and preventing eye disease. Visiting an eye doctor will ensure that your eyes are inspected routinely in order to detect any disease as early as possible. It is much better to stop the progression of a disease early in its stages than to wait until it has progressed. It is recommended that individuals visit an eye doctor on a routine basis if they are healthy and more frequently if they are experiencing unhealthy complications or are on medications for high blood pressure and other illnesses. Persons who have been diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes should frequently visit an opthamologist to ensure that the disease does not progressively affect their eyesight. In order to prevent unhealthy complications that are often associated with various diseases and medications is essential that you regularly visit an eye doctor.


Use the online database to locate a listing of opthamologists in your area and to catch diseases such as glaucoma, retinal disease and cataracts before they have a chance to damage your eyesight. Having your eyesight examined and diagnosed for treatments of farsightedness, stigmatisms, nearsightedness and other common ailments is a necessity in order to receive proper care for your eyes. Prescriptions are available for contact lenses and glasses. Having your vision rehabilitated through surgical procedures and medications is easily achievable with the expertise of an eye doctor located in your area through the opthamologist database. Simply enter your zip code and search for a physician in your region.


Opthamologists specialize in all procedures that protect eye vision and prevent disease. They are trained to medically provide patients with a full spectrum of care including delicate eye surgeries, complex eye surgeries and basic prescriptions. There are continually new discoveries in the medical field on a regular basis and visiting a opthamologist on a regular basis will increase and enhance your medical options. Protect your eyesight from health complications by visiting a physician. Secure a listing of eye doctors in your area by using the online data base today.

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10 Responses to Opthamologist

  1. Arthur W says:

    What’s the difference between an optometrist and an opthamologist?
    I was wondering what the difference is between an optometrist and an opthamologist. I have my eyes checked annually by an optometrist but was wondering if I should see an opthamologist.

    Are opthamologists more skilled or more specialized? Should one see one regularly or just if you suspect there’s a problem?

    I know this sounds like a dumb question but I’m getter older and I know that my eyes aren’t what they used to be so I was wondering if they require extra care that an optometrist can’t provide.

    • yagman says:

      Here is the truth.

      Optometric physicians (optometrists) are REAL DOCTORS. They have been trained at optometry schools and receive a doctorate of optometry upon graduation. The degree is an OD. Ophthalmologists are REAL DOCTORS. They have been trained at a medical school, receive a doctorate in medicine, and upon graduation specialize in the field of opthalmologiy. The degree is an MD.

      Some of your answerers have said that essentially the difference is that optometrists don’t do surgery and ophthalmologists do. Well that just isn’t so. I am an optometric physician (optometrist) and I REGULARLY perform surgical procedures in my office, am legally licensed by my state to do so, and am reimbursed for these surgical procedures by medical insurance companies including Medicare.

      The reason there is so much confusion is that even though all optometric physicians are trained in optometry school to perform these surgical procedures, not every state recognizes their training and licenses them to perform these surgeries. Over the last several years, though, state after state has begun to realize how well trained optometrists are and are therefore passing legislation to allow optometrists to practice to the full extent of their training. Of course, there are several ocular surgical procedures for which I am not licensed because simply I am not educated nor qualified to perform these surgeries. And my state board will not allow me to perform these surgeries. But for many diseases of the eye, (in states that recognize optometric surgery) optometrist’s and ophthalmologist’s abilities overlap.

      I regularly (and have been doing so for about 18 years) perform Yag laser capsulotomy (a surgical procedure), anterior foreign body removal (a surgical procedure), anterior corneal stromal puncture (a surgical procedure) to name a few. I also regularly diagnose and treat ocular diseases such as corneal ulcers, bacterial and viral infections, iritis, keratitis, and glaucoma, to name just a few.

      Now there is a good chance that if an opthalmologist sees what I have written, you are going to see a pretty emotionally charged response to my position. There has been for several years a pretty heated battle going on between the two professions. Some (but thankfully not all) opthalmologists believe that unless a person is educated in a medical school they do not have the intelligence nor skills to diagnose and treat diseases of the eye and perform surgery. But when a non biased open minded group of men in state legislative bodies around our country are provided the FACTS about the education and capabiltity of optometric physicians they are increasingly and overwhelmingly granting optometric physicians the LEGAL RIGHT to do what we have been trained to do.

      So no matter what you may have heard, optometrists are REAL doctors who treat REAL patients with REAL diseases with REAL surgical instruments. And by the way, we do a REAL GOOD JOB of it.

  2. Leigh H says:

    How much does a Opthamologist visit cost?
    I went to the Dr. Today for what I thought was pink eye. I was told I have two foreign bodies on my cornea and that I needed to see the opthamologist tommorow.

    I googled what a foriegn body was (something stuck on your eye)

    Does anyone know how much this will cost? How much is a exam at the opthamologist (NOT optomitrist)? I have no insurance and am worried this will cost a lot of money.

    forgot to mention it is infected (pink eye) most likely from the foreign bodies.

    • George S says:

      The guy who claims to be an optomitrist, should have his lincence revoked. I woked in optics for over 15 years before I retired. Go to the opthamologist. If it is serious or metal or embeded, only the opthamologist can remove it safly, somtimes the use a drill with a tiny bit on FBR’s. It is illegal for an optomotrist to do surgery. It will cost a little more , but less than going to an optomitrist and geting referred to an opthamologist and paying twice. The best opthalmologist in the country is Tom Tuma in CA.

      Good luck and dont be scared I’ve had FBR’s done to me in both eyes, I have some slight scaring and for a while i used to see halos around lights.

      Plese research your doctors and stay away from quacks.

  3. Becky says:

    Pediatric optometrist or opthamologist? My 6 year had a weak score for visual perception on school test?
    Upon speaking to our doctor, she says to wait and see if the neurologist we will see in January wants him to see an opthamologist. (There are other health concerns that warrant a visit to a neurologist.) However, the school pscyhologist who administered the test recommended taking him to see a pediatric optometrist for a vision test. I am not sure which route to take.

    • your optometrist says:

      First take your child to the neurologist to see if there are any physical neurological problems that need to be addressed. If there are no neurological problems, then see a pediatric optometrist.
      Pediatric optometrists, also called behavioral optometrists, specialize in visual perceptual problems. Ophthalmologists and some pediatric optometrists do not. They will generally be checking to see if a child needs glasses and if the eyes are healthy. A behavioral optometrist will do special tests that address the visual perceptual issues. For more information on visual percectual problems and how they can affect your child and to find a qualified behavioral optometrist go to http://www.children-special-needs.org/. Feel free to email me if you have further questions or I can be of service.

  4. jay m says:

    How much would it cost to see an Opthamologist ?
    I have decided to see an opthamologist for my eye conerns, but i live in Conneticut and i don’t know of any opthamologist’s office around and i have absolutley no idea of how much it costs.

    • patrick o says:

      here in britain it costs £25 to have an eye check up from an optometrist who ‘measures’ your eyes but sometimes these guys are also qualified opthamologists who specialise in eye conditions generally;whatever the borderline is between these two,a standard eye check will include an examination of the back of the eye to see if there are changes to the retina due to diabetes and i expect they are also trained to test for pressure changes in the eye due to glaucoma;this is where they blow air onto the eye and i suppose they also look for cataracts;these eye tests are free for many people and take about thirty minutes and i suppose your doctor should be able to diagnose conjunctivitis
      at any rate you should be testing your eyes every year as early indicators of retinal damage can enable to control blood pressure

  5. The field... the field says:

    How much is an exam for a Veterinary Opthamologist?
    My cat has cataracts and my regular vet said we should go to a Vet Opthamologist at some point, but she said it’s not an emergency. I would like to get her in in a month or two and I need to save some money for it. How much is an exam with a veterinary opthamologist on average? (of course medicine/extra testing would be extra, but if you have any idea on costs for other vet opthamologist services please tell me).

    • Spike & Co. says:

      Your own vet should be able to give some idea of the costs. And, you can call the Ophthalmologist’s office and ask if they would be willing to give some idea of the costs involved.

      Good Luck to you and your kitty!

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