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Lying Can Lead To Poor Vision

Author: yujie

Sometimes it is essential for us to tell some white lies, which may have done some good onto other people. However, in some sense, these lies will be imprinted in our eyes. And consequently, our eyes will suffer a lot for this reason.

Some theories hold that lying may cause damages to our visions. The fact lies in a€œtensiona€. While lying, our eyes will get intensified, and their work will be greatly bothered. Still, the memory of lying can also make us in tension, which, on the contrary, damages our eyes.

As it has been proved that our eyes will never lie, even we make little lies. Especially, some devices that are made to tell who is lying are very practical. And almost none of us can escape the test if we lie. This principle is some light changes in our eyes will be detected by these devices once we lied.

Too much lies can even make us believe them, but our minds will not. For our minds have very special mechanism, by which the truth can be reflected. Especially, if we are hearing something that can reinforce our lies, our minds will do some fight and arguments.

Furthermore, if we are suffering from some eye stains, we can not concentrate our mind while conversing with other people. In the process, our minds will go wild, so we can not even react properly to them.

If we have realized the occurrences of such problems, we should focus our attentions on the conversations. Some relaxation can help us in this respect. Because, when we get strained, we can not focus our attentions on people and things around. So, in this sense, if we want to react normally, we should try our best to relax till we have retaken our minds completely.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/vision-articles/lying-can-lead-to-poor-vision-1792339.html

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10 Responses to Poor Eyesight Symptoms

  1. jessicamofessica says:

    Could these physical and psychiatric problems be symptoms of a disease?
    I am a 16-year-old American girl, here are some peculiar/uncomfortable problems I’ve had over the years:

    -At age 11 I had been drinking milk daily for years, but suddenly developed a SEVERE allergy to it. I didn’t realize I had developed an allergy to it, so I continued to drink it for several weeks before realizing I was allergic. During that period of several weeks the stomache pain that occured following every time I ate was so severe I simply stopped eating solid foods and went on an all-liquid diet.

    -At age 11 I developed severe psychiatric problems including irrational anxiety so severe and constant that at one point I could not handle being at school; I faked sick for several days until it got a little better.

    -Starting at the beginning of 7th grade until the end of 9th grade I suffered from chronic constipation.

    -I have Raynaud’s Disease, which can be briefly summarized as severe sensitivity to cold in the hands and feet and a difficulty being and staying warm… (blood) circulatory problem.

    -I am physically weak, I have difficulty lifting things. Sometimes I have difficulty opening doors. I also have difficulty doing push-ups in Phys.Ed., etc.

    -I have difficulty paying attention/staying on task/staying focused. Occasionally my mind starts spinning, usually triggered by irrational excitement over something, and I can’t stop moving, I have to quickly move around my home from room to room.

    -As a child, elementary school aged, I would often experience sudden shooting pain in my ankles while jogging.

    -I have struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide off and on since the age of 12, as well as constant dwelling in negative thoughts.

    -I have struggled with impulsiveness, compulsiveness, promiscuity.

    -My mom is 5 feet, 3 and a half inches. My dad is 5 feet, 10 inches. When I was born the doctor’s said I should grow to be AT LEAST 5 feet 6 inches by the time I reached my full, adult height. At age 16 I am 5 feet 1 inch.

    -I am flat-footed.

    -I have significantly poor eyesight, worse than both my parents, though it has been fully corrected by glasses/contacts.

    -The knuckle at the base of my middle finger is noticeably enlarged on both the left and the right hand.

    I was wondering if anyone has any opinions about whether or not my symptoms indicate a disease, and if so, any disease in particular.

    I’ve been reading stuff on the web and my symptoms seem to match many of the symptoms of diseases such as ” Hypothyroidism” and “Hypopituitarism”.

    I’d appreciate any opinions or advice.

    • MishMash says:

      Jessica the ‘symptoms’ or rather ‘problems’ you have listed here are really NOT so ‘peculiar’ or ‘severe’ as you say.

      It sounds like you are otherwise a normal 16 year old girl who is flat footed, wears glasses and is 5′ 1″ and wants to be taller. It is very normal for teenagers to be anxious and impulsive, although the ones who have someone close for a parent usually are not compulsive and promiscuous – it sounds like you talk more to Google than you do with anyone else including your parents.

      Did you get your period when you were eleven ? Feeling like you don’t want to go to school then is totally understandable.

      Changing your diet to liquids only is probably the most ‘severe’ thing you have done and could be the reason for your not growing taller. Did you replace your calcium and protein source when you gave up milk ?

      Your unusual diet would also be to blame for your ‘chronic constipation’, depression, poor circulation (was your Raynauds medically diagnosed ?) and sharp pains in your legs :

      *do you eat fruit ? Well start now – two pieces a day – a pear an orange is a good start

      *do you eat almonds or any other nuts or seeds or cereals – these foods supply magnesium which will relax your muscles (no more sharp pains while running), help with constipation and depression

      *eat meat, beef steak at least once a week for strong muscles (protein ) and iron (to stop feeling lightheaded).

      Your flat feet is likely your only real physical problem – get started with some step ups and maybe get your parents to take you to a podiatrist for some orthotics. They may also help with the ‘shooting pains’.

      Everyones knuckle at the base of their middle finger is noticeably larger than the other knuckles at the base of their fingers – that is also the longest finger.

      Your ‘symptoms’ do NOT sound like hypothyroidism nor a pituitary disorder.

      Raynauds is diagnosed by a specific appearance of the hands when they are cold and you did not mention this either.

      Stop trying to diagnose yourself on the internet as there is really nothing wrong with you that a proper diet, exercise and talking to your parents and friends couldn’t fix.

  2. vangi_m2005 says:

    after suffering a serious brain injury a person is left with very poor eyesight. Based on this symptom which?
    after suffering a serious brain injury a person is left with very poor eyesight. Based on this symptom which part of the brain is likely to have been most directly affected by the injury?

    a. temporal lobe
    b. pons
    c. hypothalamus
    d. occipital lobe

    • finaldx says:

      The visual cortex is a definable area (with a double white line in the cortical gray matter) in the occipital lobe. When that is injured, the individual suffers what is known as “cortical blindness”, inthat it is not a problem with the eyes or the optic nerve or tract, but within the part of the brain that processes the image. Therefore, the answer is D.

  3. Sophie says:

    please what can i do to help me cope with this terrifying fear?
    I have been to the doctor many times in the past 4 weeks for phantom illnesses I have all the symptoms of serious diseases but it always ends up being something minor like a virus or hayfever or at one stage what i thought was a brain tumor ended up being just poor eyesight symptoms,I’ve had many tests..i have an appointment for a psychologist in a few weeks but i have to get by now ans i’m always terrified.Today i started experiencing hayfever symptoms..sneezing itchy eyes tiredness ..on and off during today and now i’m a mess thinking i’m dying and i’m terrified seriously.i’ve been this way for years but it never gets any easier with time.its like my mind is trying to scare me to death by giving my body weird sensations aand symptoms. Please help me i’m living in hell and as the years pass and i try different methods to fight this I get more discouraged when i don’t improve..I really appreciate any suggestions you can give me.
    I exercise regularly, i dont smoke or drink alcohol or caffeine or do drugs. I do sleep well and i watch my diet as best i can so i eat healthily..jsut so you know. thanks

    • Neko says:

      I know I wrote a lot, but please take the time to read. ^__^ It might help you!
      You sound kind of like a hypochondriac. I think that’s what I am. D= I may be wrong! But check this out…
      ” Hypochondriac (hī-pō-kon’drē-ak): A person with somatic over-concern, including morbid attention to the details of bodily functioning and exaggeration of any symptoms no matter how insignificant.”
      “Hypochondriacs live in constant terror that they are dying of some awful disease, or even several awful diseases at once. Doctors can assure them that there’s nothing wrong, but since the cough or the pain is real, the assurances fall on deaf ears. And because no physician or test can offer a 100% guarantee that one doesn’t have cancer or multiple sclerosis or an ulcer, a hypochondriac always has fuel to feed his or her worst fears.”

      So, someone who worries about being sick all the time, but their really isn’t anything wrong. It’s usually caused by worrying a lot or being stressed…and really just having a really large fear when it comes to sickness! I have this issue when it comes to my heart, and breathing. I got for tests all the time but nothing is ever wrong, except for small things once in a while.
      One of the best things you can do is exercise I think, it will help relive any stress and help keep you healthy. Make sure you pay attention to your diet too! Drink lots of water, and eat well.

      Hmm…This site:
      Might help you, it has some suggestions on what to do, and information about hypochondria.
      Also, this one just talks about it in general.

      I hope that helps. =[

      I’ll gladly help you find more information on it if you want.

  4. berrytrain says:

    how can I enjoy reading without worrying about whether I have enough lighting?
    I obsess over whether or not I have enough lighting. I put flourescent lights above me, but then
    there are always shadows on the page from whatever, and this blocks out the lighting. I obsess
    that poor lighting when I read will hurt my eyesight. I am taking 40mg of paxil for depression and
    some OCD symptoms, but this problem of reading still persists. I can’t comprehend what I read because of this problem.

    • Ash says:

      Positioning positioning positioning! Figure out the perfect angle you need to sit at to get rid of the shadows. If that cannot be done then you will need to invest in a reading lamp.

  5. Suki says:

    Make a Diagnosis based on a list of symptoms! Age 18, Asian, Female:?
    - Daily cases of nausea
    - Abdominal / stomach pains when hungry, laying down, before sleep, in the morning, and after eating.
    - Shocks / surges and concentrated nagging pains in the chest, shoulder, stomach, and around the belly button area.
    - Tenderness around the left side of the ribcage
    - Loss of appetite for as long as two weeks at a time
    - Fatigue / Exhaustion – lack of energy
    - Unintentional spouts weight loss (up to 3 pounds lost within 2 weeks)

    SEEMINGLY UNRELATED ISSUES to be considered:
    - Sudden poor eyesight
    - Loss of focus, forgetfullness

    -Second hand smoke, Spicy Foods, High Stress environment, History of Heartburn.

    • redemption2005 says:

      Many of us on Yahoo! Answers are not doctors, and we don’t know your full medical history
      There are many symptom-checkers online that may be able to give you a guess at what’s making you feel bad, but they won’t nail it.

      http://webmd.com and http://healthline.com both have symptom checkers that can pinpoint a possibility what you have, but also may scare you, so be careful.

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