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How To Naturally Cure Poor Vision In One Or Both Eyes

Author: Duke Peters

Has your Poor Vision increased over time?  Are you frustrated having to change eye prescriptions every year? You're not alone.  We have a solution so read on.

Leave Prescription Glasses and Contact Lens Behind You

Forget about those costly, inconvenient and time-consuming trips to the optometrist.  Check ups and prescription eye wear will keep draining you financially and physically if you don't  find a practical and workable option.  

It's about time you find relief and a solution to your poor vision so you can make those clumsy eyeglasses and pesky contact lens a thing of the past.

The First Step

Start making a conscious effort to take better care of your eyes naturally.  Begin by protecting your eyes from unnecessary eye strain and stress caused by spending too many hours in front of the television or computer.   Avoid too much direct sunlight and excessive glare while outdoors and use proper sun glasses.  Be sure to use natural eye drops like Tears whenever your eyes feel dry.  Break the bad habit of rubbing your eyes with clenched fists.  A sea bath once in a while works wonders for your entire body, including the eyes.

There are other natural ways to care for your eyes .  The best way, however, is to do relaxation and muscle strengthening exercises for your eyes.  These are key to make a start to treating and possibly reversing your poor vision.

Exercising your Eyes

Do daily eye exercises anytime and anywhere.  There are different ones like opening your eyes as wide as possible, holding them open for a few seconds and then closing them tightly and repeating.  Or, with head up and eyes focused directly ahead and open, shift eyes left and then right , practicing this in rapid succession.  Repeat with eyes in circular motion.

Advantages of Eye Exercises

Apart from not having to wear glasses or lens anymore,  you will no longer be plagued with the threat of corrective eye surgery which carry health risks, possible side effects and complications, without guarantee of success.

Leave the days of painful eye infections behind you and the inconvenience and headache of switching from reading to driving glasses every few minutes.

Perhaps most encouraging is the fact that once you practice these exercises properly, your eye muscles will be strengthened to the point that you see marked eyesight improvement in only a matter of weeks.

Using The Step by Step Vision Without Glasses Program

Now that you know how to put a stop to your poor vision , if you're serious and looking forward to giving yourself a new lease on life, get Vision Without Glasses.  It's the best corrective eye program on the market.

Put a stop to your eyes' deterioration by performing the series of specially formulated eye exercises to get clearer, sharper vision.

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With Vision Without Glasses, you can stop looking unattractive and years older than you actually are.  This program is convenient and affordable so don't miss this amazing opportunity!

Download your online copy right away so you can stop hiding behind your glasses and suffer no more from poor vision.

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10 Responses to Poor Vision

  1. l0kii says:

    poor vision?
    is it possible to improve your poor vision?

  2. TwinkaTee says:

    Is poor vision always associated with nystagmus?
    I posted a question about nystagmus and many people responded that it lead to poor vision. But, there is a person that I see (I don’t know this person) and they are able to run the steps, point out things at a distance and act perfectly normal. So, is this really nystagmus?

    • eee says:

      the person is probably borne with nystagmus. he would have already have deveploped a “null point” in which at a certain gaze, he will not have any nystagmus.
      if you are borne with nystagmus, poor vision is defintely linked to nystagmus. however, you would already have developed you null point.
      if your nystagmus is aquired later in life, it is unlikely that it is linked. but you will experience shakey motions in your vision like there is an earthquake. this might account for the poor vision

  3. Cedrico.G says:

    Can you eat carrots to improove your vision while you have poor vision?
    Becaus ei have poor vision i cannot see from far. when things are about 11 feet they start to get blurry. i like just turned 16 2 weeks ago, isn’t that bad for a person my age?

    • Jmax says:

      Your nearsightedness is not caused by a deficiency of anything that is contained in carrots. Carrots contain beta carotene which is converted to vitamin A. Eating carrots might improve night vision if you are deficient in vitamin A. Vitamin A can help to protect the eyes from developing cataracts and macular degeneration. It may also reduce damage to the eyes from UV light. Neither beta carotene nor anything else in carrots can have any effect on refractive conditions such as nearsightedness and farsightedness.

      Nearsightedness is due to the physical shape of the eye causing the focal point to fall short of the retina You can’t change the length of your eyeball or change the refractive power of your eyes by eating carrots.

      You’re moderately nearsighted if you can see clearly to 11 feet. That isn’t really ‘bad’ at any age.

  4. Mimi says:

    Why did nature design our eyes to have poor vision?
    Why do some people have such poor eyesight, often from a young age? Why did evolution not design our eyes to not have such common vision problems (such as myopia and astigmatism)? What causes eye problems such as myopia and astigmatism? Can they be prevented?

    • TheEyeGuy says:

      However our eyesight came to be, whether evolution or creation, humans have the best eyesight on the planet. Because we have the best eyesight we have the ability to interfere with it. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, and most poor eyesight are incorrect behaviors that we learn in response to stressful times.

      Many eye diseases come from the chronic strain of strong prescriptions for many years. Artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) do not remove eyestrain, they only change it into a more tolerable form. When the eyes are squeazed out of shape from blurry vision habits this squealtches our eyes ability to pick up nutrients and get rid of wastes. These are the biggest couses of eye diseases.

      One of the reasons we have the best vision is because we have both daytime and nighttime vision. Most animals only get to see in the night or the day. We have densly packed cones for day vision in the center and densly packed rods for night vision near the center. Blurry vision habits greatly diminish night vision because of squeltched nerve conduction and circulation

      Are you familiar with digital zoom(or software zoom)? We humans have the best software zoom(and software microscopy) on the planet because of the best brain software capability and the best vision hardware. When we learn blurry vision habits we also sqealtch that. I also believe that we have a degree of optical zoom and microscopic vision. Many natural eyesight improvement instructors believe that the eye has the ability to change its length as well as change the shape of the lens.

      I am continually teaching my students how to improve their eyesight and prove these things to themselves. Our modern times are amazing in many ways but we are also neglecting many things.

  5. Jenna says:

    What did people with poor vision do to correct it 2000 or 3000 years back?
    Now,we have spectacles/lens/surgery to correct poor vision…but 1000 years back,what did people do?

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