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How To Improve Sight Without Glasses - Exact Exercises To Restore Eyesight Naturally

Author: Eoin McDonnell

There are exact exercises to restore eyesight naturally and it you want to know how to improve sight without glasses there are exercises that will get you started by removing eye strain which on its own serves to continually damage your eyes. Staring and straining are the worst things you can do to your eyes.


In order to do this exercise all you will need is some reading material like a newspaper or book and someplace where you can get some peace and quiet.


This exercise is called the dot exercise. Find a full stop or comma on the page and try to make it as clear as possible. In an attempt to make it come into focus, stare at the comma for a moment. You will probably find that it becomes less clear the longer you stare at it. This is due to the fact that staring or straining do not allow your eyes to relax which is essential to enable your eyes to work at their best.


Now, relax your eyes. Close them for a moment. Then, without straining, look at the comma, do not stare at it, rather slowly move your eyes around its general position on the page. The important thing here is that your eyes need movement so do not focus on the comma. Remember to blink as normal. Close your eyes and picture the comma and then look at it again. Once your eyes have relaxed, you will find it much easier to see the comma.


Learning exercises to relax the eyes is a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come. There are many more exercises which will take the strain from your eyes and allow them to relax which will help to prevent you from needing glasses. If you would like more information on how to improve sight without glasses and are looking for exact exercises to restore eyesight naturally then has many very helpful and worthwhile programs and exercises to improve your eyes.

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About the Author

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has done a lot of research into eyesight improvement methods as a less expensive alternative to laser eye surgery in a quest to cure myopia (shirtsightedness) and astigmatism which he has had since age seven.

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10 Responses to Restore Eyesight

  1. Edward says:

    Is there a way to restore my eyesight to perfect without surgery?
    I wear glasses and each year I get my eyes checked, they get worse. Not buy much, only slightly. I am nearsighted, by the way. Meaning, I can see up close but not far away. I like wearing glasses, but sometimes they can be annoying what with them sliding off every now and then and the constant cleaning. No, im not getting contacts. I have thought about it, but I doubt I will get them. Anyway, is there a way to make my eyesight perfect again? Im studing to be a wholeistic nutritionist, and have found that certain foods can restore eyesight, but am wondering if this is true or not. Does anyone know? Also, I am not getting eye surgery. I dont want to have to go through anything painful or otherwise uncomfortable. I hate it when my eyes are watering, but I cant blink. It really bothers me. If surgery is the only way, can someone tell me the different types and what happens during the surgery?
    -Thank you!

    • ethx1138 says:

      I found this on a website and I think it answers your question. They are eyeglasses with pinhole lenses rather than conventional ones.

      How They Work.
      Pinholes provide an infinite depth of focus so that even when the eye is not correctly focused, objects will appear as if in focus. Importantly they eliminate scattering of light to the retina and hence improve vision.
      The idea behind pin-hole glasses is not new. It was known centuries ago and was used before the advent of glass lenses. The reason they work is simple. “Light passing through a small hole (or holes) is restricted to rays coming straight from the viewed object; these rays do not need focusing to bring them to a point,” according to Drs. Russell S. Worrall and Jacob Nevyas in The Eye Exorcisors published in The Health Robbers.
      Just look through any pin-hole and you’ll see what they mean. When you do this, blurred images become focused. This is because the amount of peripheral light rays (which are responsible for blurring) is reduced. With appropriately spaced multiple pin-holes, you’ll get clear straight vision without the difficulty of concentrating on a single hole. Regular use of these special pinhole glasses helps exercise eye muscles and helps eyes relax at the end of a tiring day and thus has a beneficial effect. Particularly useful for those who spend a great deal of time looking at computer and/or TV screens, Pinhole Glasses help retrain your eye muscles, just as other forms of exercise retrain muscles elsewhere.

  2. eysight restoration! says:

    What are the most effective things to restore damaged eyesight?
    What are the best excercises to restore the eyesight and how long should they be performed each day.
    How much time will it take to fully recover the damaged eyesight if the plan is followed regularly.

    • TeriR says:

      It depends on what damaged it, so there’s no simple answer to this. In some cases, such as glaucoma, nothing can restore the lost vision.

      Now, before you add your details to your question to spam us, let me remind you that spamming will get your question and your profile deleted.

  3. ___ says:

    How can i restore my eyesight as fast as possible?
    My eye doctor said i needed 175 lens for glasses. But i don’t want to wear glasses. Is there anyway to restore my eyesight?
    I need to know before my next visit and i don’t want my doctor to say that i must wear glasses.

    P.S I didn’t get glasses yet.

    • dpcwam says:

      If you are a 1.75 (either far-sighted or near-sighted), nothing will restore it short of refractive surgery (such as LASIK,PRK, etc.) Of course, your vision must be stable for a period of a year and you must be at least in your early twenties to be considered a good candidate. This will not fix your vision forever. Changes take place as you age.

  4. #2 says:

    What are some exercises that are proven to help restore eyesight??
    It seems like my eyes are getting worse. I can see up close perfectly but when it comes to a little distance the details get blurry, I can’t even read a licence plate from more than 2 or 3 carlengths away. Probably to many hours in front of the tv and computer screen. Any exercises out there?

    • TheEyeGuy says:

      Eye exercises(eye pushups, eye aerobics, eye yoga) don’t work. Blurry vision is not caused by weak eye muscles. If it was, nobody would have blurry vision because everybody who has blurry vision overexerts their eyes by straining, squinting, and staring.

      Perfect vision without the crutches of glasses, contacts, and lasik, is possible for most people. In order to return to natural perfect eyesight we must unlearn the incorrect vision habits, reintegrate the correct vision behaviors, and undo the damage of artificial corrections.

      Television, computer, and reading do not harm our vision. We harm are vision when we stare, squint, diffuse, and strain while we do these activities. If we maintain correct vision behaviors we can do any of these challenging activities as long as we like without any adverse affects or blur.

  5. Ummy says:

    Is there any natural way to increase or restore eyesight?
    I have poor eyesight.i wear contact lens. Eat lotsa carrots and i no longer spend much time on tv or computer screens but still my eyesight is the same so i was wondering if anyone knows a natural way to improve my eyesight.thanx

    • chooesy says:

      YES! YES and YES!

      Bates was a well respected ophthalmologist and professor in the field till he threatened profits from poor eyesight and lens sales. His findings contradicted what he had been taught in medical school and he spoke out which wasn’t to be done!

      SkepDoc, tell the man who was born blind who got his licence to drive with NO corrective lenses that Bates methods — clearly you don’t even know what they are, because you are off the mark in your comments –don’t work.

      Meir Schneider’s Yoga for Your Eyes. DVD.

      And don’t bother telling me. I don’t wear glasses anymore and I’ve done VERY little eye exercise.

      My daughter whose vision ‘would never be corrected to 20/20 even WITH lenses’ has been, and she doesn’t need those prisms anymore. Her prescription has been decreased. She’s not finished with her glasses quite yet but certainly they are going.

      If I’d known about Meir’s Yoga for Your Eyes years sooner I’d never have subjected my daughter to worthless bloody, painful and disfiguring surgeries.

      ‘Something needs doing,’ the pediatric opthamologist said and assured me exercise wouldn’t work. I guess I was worn down from time getting to and waiting for appointments, kids crying and all the sales drama.

      Yes, something did need doing and NOT by an opthamologist. She’s now making better money, I guess, in botox for wrinkles. That’s the bottom line. Big bucks.

      Laser ‘surgery?’ Scram! I don’t want any docs poking around my eyes, or anything else, thank you very much.

      Laser surgery, now with the cute little name lazik. THAT is nonsense! Scary nonsense and a considerable expense which MAY work, for a while.

      One man who said he could see fine prior to this –for cararacts he supposedly had, had this procedure and now wears reading glasses where none were required before. My aunt had it done on one eye and her vision in that eye has been worse since.

      There are a multitude of books on eye correction. Most of us don’t know it. We are so very discouraged from even LOOKING to see what useful information is out there, as we are so conned into believing docs know best and that alternatives are nonsense. Do You Really Need Eyeglasses and Why Settle for 20/20 Vision are two titles.

      The DVD the easiest way I know to help yourself. It’s SIMPLE. ANYONE can do it. The exercises strengthen the eye muscles which was what Bates found that would improve eyesight.

      Your library may have it or order it for their collection if you ask.

      Opthamology and eye glass dispensing are very lucrative fields.

      No, Bates was NOT popular and I understand not successful with ALL patients which are those his detractors like to focus on, I understand.

      For 20 bucks or so would you say not worth a try? Wave your hands, flex your uppper body. LITTLE things. Meir says YOGA means UNION. Expect no contortions to be required of you.

      A woman and author who had the same three eye problems as my daughter said she corrected all at 30 years of age and was still seeing perfectly 40 years later. See what you can do. If this DVD doesn’t work for you, check your library for books. See what is there. I sometimes do and rarely see any checked out. Sad comentary on what sheep we tend to be.

      If it fails for you THEN try something else more complicated, more risky and likely more popular.

      BTWay. A friend had horrid health habits and wore very thick glasses since he was a kid. Could hardly see in front of his nose. At nearly 60 he decided to teach himself to read with no lenses. He did and from some simple exercise he saw on tv! If he can and the condition is correctible through exercise, ANYONE can!

      Take charge and take care of yourself.

      Cheers and good luck. You deserve it.

      Ps SkepDoc has made time to post 9546 replies in just over two years–TOP CONTRIBUTOR. AND he’ll send mail to mailboxes also, I know as I’ve been a ‘lucky’ recipient.

      Thought docs were supposed to be just so busy. Is he one? Is he paid to be on here? I’ve asked him but have gotten no answer. Quackwatch’s unlicenced Dr Stephen Barret is paid, by med docs, to aggitate against alternative methods and practitioners. Likely others are also.

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