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Ocular Migraines - Are They Dangerous?

Author: Niall Roche

It can be a very frightening thing to lose vision in one of your eyes without any warning. The powerlessness and fear you feel can be very traumatic and even dangerous depending on what you're doing at the time. This can be caused by what are usually called ocular migraines, if it happens in only one eye. This temporary loss of vision can be accompanied by a headache, adding more panic and pain to losing sight in one eye.

Ocular migraines usually happen when there's a sudden tightening of blood vessels that causes problems with the blood flow to the eye. Most last only five minutes and then your vision goes back  to normal. Although frightening, this type of migraine is harmless and usually painless. They don't normally cause permanent damage to the eye or brain and don't usually require any treatment unless they happen frequently.

The normal type of migraine that most people suffer from come with a set of warning signs called migraine auras. These will also distort vision in both eyes and come with symptoms such as flashes of light, blind spots, shimmering spots and then a headache shortly afterwards. These migraines can end in only a few minutes, but can last as long as a few days depending on the person. My personal record for a migraine is 3 days and that was more than enough I can tell you.

Ocular migraines are a trigger of the body's neurological system. Something like hormonal changes, lights, chemicals in foods or medications can cause the body to react. During a migraine, things happen that affect the blood flow to the area of the brain responsible for vision. This is often when ocular migraines take place. If you're doing something that would create issues with the loss of eyesight, then stop. If you're driving, pull over to the side of road until your vision returns.

Even though ocular migraines are usually harmless, sometimes a visit to your doctor might give you some answers on how to treat or prevent the migraines in the first place. However, sometimes it's not easily treated because the processes which trigger these type of migraines aren't always understood. The loss of vision which comes with this type of migraine is not related directly to your eyes.

Instead, the symptoms affecting the eye occur because of the migraine pressure on the visual cortex of the brain located in the back of the skull. Still, consulting your doctor whenever you have unusual vision problems is important, because you could be dealing with another condition completely unrelated to an ocular migraine.

While ocular migraines are not as serious as some forms of migraine, they can still be a frightening experience. Just remember ocular migraines are harmless and will pass quickly - you'll be back to normal in no time.

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10 Responses to Shimmering Eyesight

  1. xstitchdoll says:

    What’s a good flatscreen monitor to get in the $350 range. It’s for my eyesight’s sake?
    My CRT monitor is a good Viewsonic but the shimmer is bothering my eyes.
    Will a flatscreen help with this?

  2. ℜitty ℭleopatra says:

    How do you define beauty?
    Beyond the definition in a dictionary.

    “From the snow coated mountain tops to the shimmering blue seas our planet will leave our eyesight pleased. One cannot define what beauty truly is for it is always unique or hidden deep within. Discover beauty in a photo or capture its nature in writing and its essence will always enlighten. Though this light may differ and appear intruding, everything holds a beauty worth viewing.” -me

  3. ℜitty ℭleopatra says:

    Read my poetry, anyone?
    These poems are a bit dusty I found them hidden in my Myspace blog.

    Defining Beauty
    by Shawna Monique

    From the snow coated mountain tops to the shimmering blue seas our planet will leave our eyesight pleased. One cannot define what beauty truly is for it is always unique or hidden deep within. Discover beauty in a photo or its essence in writing and it will always prove to enlighten. Though this light may differ and appear intruding, everything holds a beauty worth viewing.

    False Hope

    The words that fell from your lips didn’t match those eyes.
    Disguised as love and hope all that you spoke were lies.
    Delicate lips touched mine as I was embraced in your arms.
    I yearned for your promises that assured me of no harm.
    You used your false love to build me up and then tear me down.
    I opened my heart only to watch you ice everything you found.
    I was foolishly holding onto something that was entirely fake.
    Believing those three words was my most regretful mistake.


    Back Turned On Words.
    by Shawna Monique Carrier.

    I was abandoned with no desire to breath.
    I could sit and mope for hours losing desire to be.
    I could hope that tomorrow you’d come back for me.
    But with each tick of the clock it was another strain.
    My entire.mind was at war with my pain.
    I needed to move on but I was far too afraid.
    The pulsating ache within would never ease.
    For I had hit the floor, my heart left in defeat.
    Must I always feel the unforgiving hurt i feel?
    Could I not allow myself to forget and heal?
    My heart had a past and it left me stuck.
    Is it that you simply existing, just sucks?

    By: Shawna Monique Carrier

    Another beat of my heart
    Another second of pain.
    Another faked smile,
    Another fool to shame.
    With this mask i can disguise the hurt.
    With this world i can hide the guilt.
    How much longer will i have to suffer,
    hiding here behind this cover?
    Fooling you that I’m going to be okay,
    but with each breath i wish my life away.
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  4. arkneipp says:

    What’s wrong with my eyes?
    Since I woke up, my eyesight was a bit weird, It would shimmer a little bit to the right of my center of vision. But now almost all of the right side of my vision is taken up with this weird shimmering, and its getting worse. I can’t see my right arm when I use the mouse – I’m very worried.
    What’s wrong with my vision and how do I fix it?
    Its similar to when I got a concussion years ago, but worse.

  5. Le Socialiste says:

    Mountain sages, understanding the ages–a poem. Care to comment, criticize?
    Climb down off your mountain tops ye men,
    old with wispy beards and phantom eyes,
    grey as the sea with clandestine fountains for mouths,
    spare the world your children from eternal glares,
    blinding, burning, eyesight lost gawking at smoldering suns,
    shimmering ethereally, silently, solemn mountain giants,
    lordly and magnificent, the soft whispers of promise,
    “I am you, you
    who sits stoically and silently by aging highway,
    as you are me,
    holy, humble.”

    • Lilly45 says:

      The times have changed – no longer should the sages separate themselves from their flock. The time of holy silence has passed. Instead of being seeked out – it is time for them to come – to their people – for we are one. ♥

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