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Causes Of Eye Strain - Does Stress Cause Eye Strain?

Author: Eoin McDonnell

Does stress cause eye strain? The simple answer is yes. Actually, one of the biggest causes of eye problems is stress; whether internal or external. The eyes are full of small muscles that help move them around and lengthen or shorted the lenses. A life full of stress and strain on the eyes can cause some serious problems later in life. The best way to prevent future eye ailments is to learn to manage stress today.


Simple relaxation techniques can help reduce the stress in your life. Take deep breaths. Close your eyes for a few moments and allow them to relax. Look around and away from the computer a three or four times an hour. Too much strain or stress on the eyes will only cause vision problems later.


It is important to establish what is causing the stress in your life so you can work towards finding a solution to the problem. Most of the time our work lives are what stress us out the most. It is important in life to learn to say no if we are overwhelmed. It is better to do 5 tasks well than 7 tasks adequately.


One stress relieving technique can be done when you've gone to bed and you're lying in the dark. While lying in bed with your eyes closed, picture your muscles relaxing from your head down to your toes. Concentrate especially on relaxing those muscles around the eyes. Making sure you are relaxed before you go to sleep will help you get a better night's sleep and allow your eyes to recover more.


Should stress cause eye strain the right exercises can certainly help. Learning exercises to relax the eyes is also a great way to develop lasting habits and ensure great eyesight for years to come. If you would like to learn more techniques then has many very helpful and worthwhile programs and exercises to improve your eyes and relieve the stresses and strains that are doing them harm.

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About the Author

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has done a lot of research into eyesight improvement methods as a less expensive alternative to laser eye surgery in a quest to cure myopia (shortsightedness) and astigmatism which he has had since age seven.

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10 Responses to Stress And Eyesight

  1. enegue says:

    can hypertension and stress cause your eyesight to get bad?
    a year ago my eyesight was 20/20 now it is not any more. and recently my eyes are now sensitive to the sun.All this when i started this new job.Can somebody tell me a way to improve my sight back the natural way not interested in Laser surgery…

    • Susan Yarrawonga says:

      Hypertension can cause glaucoma as a high pressure in your eyes can lead to glaucoma. To reduce the pressure in your eyes Coleus Forte (Coleus Forskholii) is supposed to help.

      Stress can cause hypertension or aggravate it so it can also cause glaucoma.

  2. mysterious_gal1984 says:

    Loss of eyesight due to stress – has this happened to anyone else?
    I lost my sight a few months ago and the doctors could find no cause for it apart from stress. They managed to recover some of my sight by putting me on steroids, but even though i’m not doing anything stressful anymore, my sight hasn’t come back. Has anyone else experienced this or does anyone know what it could be due to or how i can get better?
    I’m off the steroids now by the way. Only had them for a few weeks.

  3. Nick says:

    Has anyone had bad eyesight under prolonged stress?
    I have been to see every expert…many opthalmologists, had MRI scans, ENT specialist, nutritionists, naturopaths and even finally a psychologist. The psychologist seemed to think I had GAD- Generlaised Anxiety Disorder. I am after 3 years still waking up with weird veiled, snowy vision so thick I can hardly see and I feel all day as though I am look at the world through a fog. I find it hard to function just walking around. It is like my whole body is disconnected. Weird feeling. I am always worried and obsessed about my eyesight that I might be going blind or something..yet all the experts say I am fine and tell me to go home. They say it is stress. I had a lot of worries about sick relatives I was caring for during this time when it all started. One has passed away in last week. Could my eyesight issues be stress related as they say?

  4. erarevolt says:

    i think i am losing my eyesight or its under stress?
    i think this because lately i have blur times, and even with the contacts i feel there is something else it worsens late at nite but i still drive okay,
    the question is if there is something found in foods that cool help improve my eyesight day&nite aside from carrots.

    Feedback when you all can thank you have a awesome day!
    thats the thing i cant sleep, i have so many things i think about before going to sleep tnat i don’t rest, similar as if i was been receiver in a cable transmission of channels
    nope well actually my whole diet and sleep are out of balance for now

    • catastrophic says:

      Tiredness and stress can affect your eyes. I would also contemplate having an eyesight test to make sure that your lenses are still correct and that there is nothing untoward with your eyes. Maybe you just need more sleep!

  5. rosstaylor2468 says:

    Did my eyesight change forever after sleepless stress filled hours awake (really bad seriously)?
    today my vision changed an extreme amount in a short period, is it permanent? how long should it last?

    i really am worried about my vision change but its okay if its not going to change back now or whenever because i was probably going to have to get glasses within this month anyway

    ill sum this up as short as i can, im still tired from not sleeping for 36 stress filled hours so i might ramble and just sound really dumb

    the five hour energy and vyvanse adhd medicine increase the blood pressure, anxiety, and dry eyes out bad

    so heres the timeline

    1#- wake up at 6:30 am (6 hours of sleep) and take 50 mg of vyvanse, and do not each much at all
    2# get home from school at 4:00 pm and i don not know why i was on the computer this long but i just used my computer all day to read and stuff and that night to do my paper
    3# vyvanse 40 mg popped at 9 pm that night paper is started and still haven’t eaten much
    4# paper is stressing me out, bad red dry uncomfortable but i ignored this for the next 11 hours
    5# i feel very drunk and out of it even after taking my vyvanse and without basically any breaks even for my eyes or myself i finish my paper at 5:30 am, i then fall onto my bed at 6 am where i basically do not even succeed to shut my eyes for longer than 10 minutes. i look at my phone and when i pick it up i see tracers following the lights and my pupils were dilated.
    6# the next minute its 6:20 am and i have to get ready for school, i was extremely stressed and my muscles ached all over
    7# i arrive at school at 7:40 after picking up a five hour energy from gas station
    8# stressing about how many homework assignments and test i forgot about, i take the five hour energy at 9:30 am and immediately feel great and start working on homework.
    9# eyes super glazed, red and dilated i take my 3rd vyvanse 50 mg at 10 am with a mountain dew voltage and begin stressing about my huge grade deciding math test.
    10# at this point i felt great later realizing that my body needed sleep and food but the vyvanse, caffeine and stress was telling my brain otherwise.
    11# its now 1:15 pm and i have been awake for 30+ unhealthy stress filled hours, the caffeine is nearly worn off start my math test
    12# i start my math test at 1:15 took a look at the first problem and i noticed that my vision was the bluriest and most annoying it has ever been and my eyes would not focus at all. i looked across the room and had perfect vision, almost better than normal. i proceeded on the test by crossing my eyes to see with bad focus, i stopped that and got really stressed because this test was basically my grade for the semester. i tried covering one of my eyes and my vision suddenly was much better, until that eye got bad focus so i switched and the same thing happened. i then called the teacher over who immediately noticed that something was wrong with my eyes and i explained my eyes would not focus and that i could not see absolutely anything close up at normal position, she told me to go to the office who sent me home where my vision stayed the same
    13# the sudden nearsightedness that has hit me is not like anything ive ever seen and i get a headache and my eyes hurt when i look at close things such as books and the computer.
    14# ive stayed up all night and sometimes longer than this and done stuff like this all time and i never have had as bad vision as this. i am wondering if i need to immediately see a doctor even though it doesnt seem like much will change if i wait. i have trouble seeing my phone, computer and reading.
    15# YES I know im about to go to sleep and hopefully whoever can answer soon, tonight i will be sleeping a good amount but i am not sure if this will fix this problem that has not changed nor worsened (stuck it seems). my mother does not know much about this and i really need to know if i should plan on going to school tomorrow (if its not fixed im not, focusing up close gives me a headache and stresses me out and it feels awful. i have used Vi-sine multi symptom eye drops 3 times today and it helped the redness but not the farsighted problem.
    16# its now been about 6 hours after the change- and nothing has changed or happened i am just semi tired also- 7:09 pm

    sorry its so longs but please if you know anything on vision please help and try to answer if you understand the situation in anyway

    • angesaysrawr says:

      Okay, I did not have to read this whole thing to give you an answer.

      If your eye sight changes that drastically in a short amount of time, you need to see an eye doctor immediately. You could have torn or detached your retina.

      Your vision should NEVER change that quickly, regardless of stress. Call an ophthalmologist and get an emergency appointment.

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