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Causes of optic neuritis

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Optic neuritis is a kind of eye disease, which is the inflammation of the optic nerve. The optic nerve begins from the retinal ganglion cell axons, and leaves the orbit via the optic canal to the optic chiasm, and terminates in the lateral geniculate nucleus. Optic neuritis can divided into two kinds, inflammation of the optic disc and retrobulbar optic neuritis according to the part of the optic nerve that was infected.


Optic neuritis typically affects people ranging from 18-45 years of age. Females are much easier to be affected with optic neuritis, and it is twice as often as men. Bilateral optic neuritis in childhood is not uncommon, and there is less risk of progression to multiple sclerosis.


The most common symptoms of optic neuritis are sudden loss of vision, or a sudden blurred vision, and the patient may suffer pain on movement of the affected eye. In most cases, visual functions can return to normal or near normal within two to three months, but they may also advance to a complete and permanent state of visual loss.


The causes of optic neuritis are complex. The most common etiology for the inflammation of the optic nerve that causes vision loss is the swelling and destruction of the myelin sheath covering the optic nerve. Direct axonal damage may also cause nerve destruction in many cases. Some other causes involving viral-bacterial infections, autoimmune disorders, chloramphenicol and the inflammation of vessels nourishing. Antitubercular drugs, such as ethambutol, can also cause optic neuritis.


Optic neuritis can be diagnosed via eye examination, the head of the optic nerve can easily be visualised by an ophthalmoscope. And magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a highly sensitive and specific tool in assessing inflammatory changes in the optic nerves and helps to rule out structural lesions.


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10 Responses to Sudden Blurred Vision One Eye

  1. gskizz says:

    Why do i have sudden blurred vision in my left eye?
    Today i was putting on my contacts and i put my left one on and removed it because it was bothering me. When i removed it my vision was blurred in that eye. That was a few hours ago and it is significantly blurry. Any theories? Also it is a little painful.

    • sweety says:

      ur contact lens may probably have cracks which could have scratched on ur cornea during eyelid movement. discontinue wearing that lens. it seems like the cells of epithelium (upper layer of cornea) have been scratched severly to cause blurry vision and pain .but nothing to worry it gets healed. visit an ophthalmologist for treatment.

  2. Phatty GurL says:

    What Can Cause Blurred Vision in One Eye?
    I was cleaning and all of a sudden in the left corner of my left eye I started to see double & blurred. I sat down cleaned my eyes with water to see if it went away. I did’nt I can look straight ahead with no prob. But when I turn to my right I can not see clearly out of my left eye. As I layed down to see if it went away I started to get a migrance like headache above my right eye and feeling like vomiting.

    Really Need to hear some real answers since I have no type of health insurance and cant see a doctor…Is this serious or will it go away?
    Wow Thanks so much for all the info… I do to get numbness and tingling in my thumb on my right side… I am go to the doctor for this because this is not the 1st it has happened to me…thx

    • gentle giant says:

      Sounds like an optical migraine. I get those sometimes. I have to lay down in a dark room and just wait for it to go away. Sometimes it lasts for a few minutes and other times it takes hours.

  3. Anna's says:

    Sudden blurred vision in one eye and other symptoms?
    About 2 weeks ago I woke up and wasn’t able to hear as well out of my left ear, and this problem is still ongoing. It feels as if at times there is something completely blocking my ear but I can hear out of it. There is no drainage coming out. Yesterday I woke up with blurry vision in my left eye that lingered an hour or so. Today I woke up with blurred vision in my left eye again and has been constant and has not gone away. I have more than perfect vision and the blurred vision in my left eye is so bad that I can’t even read words unless they are huge when covering my right eye to see the extent of vision damage. .Also having some pressure in head and slight headacheMy question is have any of you had this problem or had similar symptoms? What was your diagnosis and treatment? and do any of you know what could cause these problems? Advice? Thanks

  4. Char says:

    What could cause sudden blurring of vision in one eye only?
    My husband woke up this morning with one eye only blurry. He’s on a business trip (out of country). Can he wait until tomorrow to see a doctor? Is this serious? Other eye is fine, and he has been experiencing deteriorating vision (he’s 45 now), but this change is sudden and one eye only.

    • Kelly G says:

      Has he been checked for diabetes? Or it could be a cataract.
      He should be fine until tomorrow, but make sure he goes to the eye doctor and if they can’t tell him what it is, he should get checked for diabetes.

  5. nicolee7501 says:

    what can cause blurred vision in one eye suddenly?
    Yesterday I had a migraine all day and all of a sudden my left eye went completely blurry and has been this way since. the headache went away as soon as my left eye went blurry.

    • Bolt says:

      You need to see a doctor, soon

      the pain and resulting blurriness in only one eye (especially if it releived the headache) could be a symptom of a serious problem that needs attention

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