Sudden Blurred Vision

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  1. lil miz sleepy says:

    What are possible reasons for sudden blurred vision?
    I went to a wine festival and the next day i woke up with very blurred vision in my left eye. this is the third time this has happened but this is the first time i thought maybe sugar had something to do with it.

    i dont have high blood pressure. Anyone have any ideas??

    • TheEyeGuy says:

      I believe that sudden dramatic changes to vision are often associated with lymph circulation especially at the base of the back of the skull. Headaches and migranes are often a sign of lymph constriction. Sugar does affect lymph circulation and people who are sensitive to msg often complain of headaches.

      The herb feverfew is very good at activating the lymph system at the base of the back of the skull and in reducing headaches and migranes. It would be interesting to see if it helps with alcohol associated headaches and blurr, but it would be very important to make sure they can be safely taken close together.

  2. unknown says:

    can sudden blurred vision be only symptom of tia?
    I have had sudden blurred vision for past 3 days. Happens in each eye but not at same time and only lasts a couple of minutes. I do wear contacts.

    • Agnodice says:

      Strokes/TIAs can lead to visual changes, but blurry vision is not typical of them. Visual loss or blackening of the vision is more typical of a stroke or TIA. Strokes/TIAs can lead to paralysis of the muscles that move the eye, which can lead to double vision but not blurry vision. So, no blurry vision is not a typical symptom of a stroke or TIA. Intermittent blurry vision suggests an eye condition. Misaligned contacts can lead to temporary blurry vision. If these symptoms continue, then I would see your eye doctor regarding this.

  3. sabi says:

    what does it mean when a person has sudden blurred vision?
    what does it mean when a person has sudden blurred vision as if there was a flash blinding them followed be a headache where the eye area is followed by nausea and vomiting?

    • Shannon says:

      It sounds like the person might be having migraines or Meniere’s disease but as I am by no means a specialist in this area a doctor would probably be the best person to determine what the person is actually suffering from.

  4. gskizz says:

    Why do i have sudden blurred vision in my left eye?
    Today i was putting on my contacts and i put my left one on and removed it because it was bothering me. When i removed it my vision was blurred in that eye. That was a few hours ago and it is significantly blurry. Any theories? Also it is a little painful.

    • sweety says:

      ur contact lens may probably have cracks which could have scratched on ur cornea during eyelid movement. discontinue wearing that lens. it seems like the cells of epithelium (upper layer of cornea) have been scratched severly to cause blurry vision and pain .but nothing to worry it gets healed. visit an ophthalmologist for treatment.

  5. sweetestpeachesnGA says:

    I have sudden blurred vision and sometimes see flashing lights in my eyes, what is it?
    Sometimes my vision will suddenly have these flashing lights in my eyes and my vision becomes very blurry. I happens pretty often and is sometimes accompanied by asevere headache. Its becomes difficult to see and is kinda scary, what could it be?

    • Emily the Scientist says:

      It sounds like it’s time to see an optometrist or opthamologist. If I were you, I would check out my eyesight (especially if you haven’t for a while). If that doesn’t turn up anything, it’s time to book yourself in for an appointment with your doctor. All the best. =)

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