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Cataracts: The Symptoms and Common Causes

Author: Gregg- Camp

Cataracts are a common ailment among the elderly. Did you know that certain jobs can raise your chances of getting cataracts at an earlier age? Several diseases and medications can increase your chances of developing cataracts as well. In this article we will explore the signs and symptoms of cataracts as well as the common causes and treatments. We will also go into a few ways that you can help to prevent their development while living comfortably in your Capitola beach homes.

Common Causes

As we all know the most common cause for cataracts is aging. Everyone hates to admit, but as we get older things in our bodies tend to change and not for the better. These are called anterior cataracts and are caused by the denaturation of the lens fluid proteins. Clouding of the lens occurs. This clouding is caused by proteins building up and not letting light pass through the lens. Intense UV rays for the bright sun near your Capitola beach homes is another contributing factor.

Other than aging, there are several factors that can cause cataracts. A family history can cause you to have cataracts earlier in life. They can also be caused by eye injury and certain types of head trauma. Glass blowers and airline pilots are more susceptible to cataracts because of the nature of their jobs.


The clouding of the lens can cause a wide variety of symptoms. In the early stages you can have near-sightedness as the only symptom that you show. As the disease progresses you may experience foggy vision, faded looking colors, double vision, a struggle to read normal text, or a decreased sensitivity to light. The decreased sensitivity to light is a double whammy because one of the things that can cause cataracts are UV rays from the Sun. If you aren't as sensitive, you may not wear sunglasses and expose yourself to more rays that will, in turn, worsen your cataracts. All of these symptoms can make driving near your Capitola beach homes very dangerous.


The only completely successful treatment for cataracts is surgery. This is a surgery that has been practiced for centuries. The ancient Hindus seem to have pioneered the procedure in the 6th century B.C.  They would open the lens and push the cataract out of the line of vision and soak the eye in warm butter.  Infection was a definite issue until the Romans got into the game. An Iraqi doctor invented the hypodermic needle in 1000 A.D. and used it to fully remove cataracts for the first time.

Modern surgery usually involves the removal of the lens completely.  There is very little chance of infection and patients go home the same day.  Most people only require the use of reading glasses if they need any vision assistance at all. Take full advantage of the eye treatment facilities near your Capitola beach homes to keep your vision in the best shape you can for as long as possible.


Although cataracts have no scientifically proven prevention, it is sometimes said that wearing UV-protecting sunglasses may slow the development of cataracts. Regular intake of antioxidants (such as vitamin A, C and E) is thought to be  helpful, but there has not been enough study to say for certain. You can ask an herbalist or eye care specialist near your Capitola beach homes.

Eye care specialists near your Capitola beach homes will be able to diagnose and treat any cataract problems you may have.  Luckily, today's eye surgery is very successful and easy on the patient.  Here are some helpful links so you can learn more about cataracts and their treatment.

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10 Responses to Symptoms Of Weak Eyesight

  1. littlemisstop says:

    What medical symptoms causes lost of hair, immune weakness, and lost of eyesight and also tiredness?
    Losing lots of hair daily.
    Sleep early and always tired, light headed, eyesight can’t see far, gets blurry then lightheaded. Get tired and weak very easily.

    • aWellWisher says:

      All these are the symptoms. They are caused by some disease, that needs to be found out by a thorough clinical examination and investigations. CBC, Fasting Sugar, Thyroid Function Tests are particularly indicated.
      Good luck!

  2. jessicamofessica says:

    Could these physical and psychiatric problems be symptoms of a disease?
    I am a 16-year-old American girl, here are some peculiar/uncomfortable problems I’ve had over the years:

    -At age 11 I had been drinking milk daily for years, but suddenly developed a SEVERE allergy to it. I didn’t realize I had developed an allergy to it, so I continued to drink it for several weeks before realizing I was allergic. During that period of several weeks the stomache pain that occured following every time I ate was so severe I simply stopped eating solid foods and went on an all-liquid diet.

    -At age 11 I developed severe psychiatric problems including irrational anxiety so severe and constant that at one point I could not handle being at school; I faked sick for several days until it got a little better.

    -Starting at the beginning of 7th grade until the end of 9th grade I suffered from chronic constipation.

    -I have Raynaud’s Disease, which can be briefly summarized as severe sensitivity to cold in the hands and feet and a difficulty being and staying warm… (blood) circulatory problem.

    -I am physically weak, I have difficulty lifting things. Sometimes I have difficulty opening doors. I also have difficulty doing push-ups in Phys.Ed., etc.

    -I have difficulty paying attention/staying on task/staying focused. Occasionally my mind starts spinning, usually triggered by irrational excitement over something, and I can’t stop moving, I have to quickly move around my home from room to room.

    -As a child, elementary school aged, I would often experience sudden shooting pain in my ankles while jogging.

    -I have struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide off and on since the age of 12, as well as constant dwelling in negative thoughts.

    -I have struggled with impulsiveness, compulsiveness, promiscuity.

    -My mom is 5 feet, 3 and a half inches. My dad is 5 feet, 10 inches. When I was born the doctor’s said I should grow to be AT LEAST 5 feet 6 inches by the time I reached my full, adult height. At age 16 I am 5 feet 1 inch.

    -I am flat-footed.

    -I have significantly poor eyesight, worse than both my parents, though it has been fully corrected by glasses/contacts.

    -The knuckle at the base of my middle finger is noticeably enlarged on both the left and the right hand.

    I was wondering if anyone has any opinions about whether or not my symptoms indicate a disease, and if so, any disease in particular.

    I’ve been reading stuff on the web and my symptoms seem to match many of the symptoms of diseases such as ” Hypothyroidism” and “Hypopituitarism”.

    I’d appreciate any opinions or advice.

    • MishMash says:

      Jessica the ‘symptoms’ or rather ‘problems’ you have listed here are really NOT so ‘peculiar’ or ‘severe’ as you say.

      It sounds like you are otherwise a normal 16 year old girl who is flat footed, wears glasses and is 5′ 1″ and wants to be taller. It is very normal for teenagers to be anxious and impulsive, although the ones who have someone close for a parent usually are not compulsive and promiscuous – it sounds like you talk more to Google than you do with anyone else including your parents.

      Did you get your period when you were eleven ? Feeling like you don’t want to go to school then is totally understandable.

      Changing your diet to liquids only is probably the most ‘severe’ thing you have done and could be the reason for your not growing taller. Did you replace your calcium and protein source when you gave up milk ?

      Your unusual diet would also be to blame for your ‘chronic constipation’, depression, poor circulation (was your Raynauds medically diagnosed ?) and sharp pains in your legs :

      *do you eat fruit ? Well start now – two pieces a day – a pear an orange is a good start

      *do you eat almonds or any other nuts or seeds or cereals – these foods supply magnesium which will relax your muscles (no more sharp pains while running), help with constipation and depression

      *eat meat, beef steak at least once a week for strong muscles (protein ) and iron (to stop feeling lightheaded).

      Your flat feet is likely your only real physical problem – get started with some step ups and maybe get your parents to take you to a podiatrist for some orthotics. They may also help with the ‘shooting pains’.

      Everyones knuckle at the base of their middle finger is noticeably larger than the other knuckles at the base of their fingers – that is also the longest finger.

      Your ‘symptoms’ do NOT sound like hypothyroidism nor a pituitary disorder.

      Raynauds is diagnosed by a specific appearance of the hands when they are cold and you did not mention this either.

      Stop trying to diagnose yourself on the internet as there is really nothing wrong with you that a proper diet, exercise and talking to your parents and friends couldn’t fix.

  3. Rebel Rebel, You've torn your dress says:

    are these normal symptoms of no sleep?
    i haven’t slept in 1 and a half days, now going on two days.
    I feel weak and tired, everything feels funny and when im walking i feel like im walking on air. My typing speed isn’t even as fast as it normally is and i keep having to look twice at objects to recognize what they are. My eyesight also keeps going blurry. Ive tried to sleep but theres no point because i just cant, plus its 10am where i live so theres no point now until bedtime.
    i feel awful, my yahoo spell checker is going mad at me too!
    are these normal symptoms of having no sleep?
    thanks for any answers in advance :)

  4. hearts4ever says:

    What are these symptoms with my head?
    Weird eyesight-difficutly focusing on far away things, but not blurry, like eyestrain kinda

    random weird rush in y head, only for like 1 second, sometimes accompanied by a rush in my stomach/chest

    sometimes the body head rush thing happens when im laying down, it has woken me up once

    sometimes my arms and legs feel weak, and my head feels like its shaking, but when i look at it, its not shaking

    balance when walking has been a little bit weird

    i have a slight low blood sugar problem, but ive got it pretty under control

    idk if this has to do with it, but sometimes i get 2 dark red spots on the inside of my bottom lip, like far down a bit

    what is this???
    thanks for the help

    • Luka Crosszeria says:

      Peripheral neuropathy is the term for damage to nerves of the peripheral nervous system,[1] which may be caused either by diseases of the nerve or from the side-effects of systemic illness.

      You may have a neurological disorder. It is best to consult your physician and tell him of these symptoms. He/she may suggest a Cat scan or MRI to determine what you may have.

  5. LaLaLove says:

    Light headed and Weak/ tired?
    I’ve been to the doctor about symptoms of anemia but they did blood work a while back and said everything looked normal but she still prescribed me iron pills?

    it’s been a year now and I’m just tired all the time, when I stand up my eyesight goes black and I lose my balance – I don’t actually fall down but it’s close. I’m shakey and just weak. Blah.. Yesterday I noticed on the front of my thighs there are hickey-like marks on them, I know for sure that they’re nothing like that.. I read online that it could be bleeding under the skin? What is happening to me

    • Abby says:

      Any time you’re feeling dizzy/lightheaded signifies a decrease in blood flow or oxygen to the brain. What is your blood pressure like? When you’re standing up and feeling dizzy it could be orthostatic hypotension which means your blood vessels aren’t compensating for your change in position (constricting when you stand up so you don’t lose blood flow to your brain).
      A history of anemia is also significant; iron deficiency decreases the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood, which explains dizziness. And now that you’re noticing bleeding, it could be that you don’t have enough clotting factors/platelets, so you’re blood isn’t going where it needs to go.
      To do: see your doctor and in the meantime increase your fluid intake, avoid aspirin, NSAIDs and tylenol, and continue taking your iron supplement. Try adding some iron-rich foods (almonds, garbanzo beans) to your diet, as well as foods rich in Vitamin K (cantelope and leafy dark green veggies). Spinach is an excellent choice for you, since it’s rich in both iron and Vitamin K.

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