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Your Essential Eye Care Tips

Author: May Penisa

The eye is an important part of the body. It is likewise said to be the window to one's soul. With the advent of modern technology, computers and other technological gadgets are nowadays widely available. However, the abuse in the use of these technological accessories often leads to the problems that deal with one's eyesight.

So, how should you take care of your eyes to guarantee good eyesight?

Getting Rid of Tired Eyes

Nevertheless, an unhygienic setting worsens the deterioration phase of the eye. This should then drive you to concert a valuable effort to ensure that you properly take care of your own eyes. After all, they are said to be the strongest among your senses. The following are the important tips for caring for your eyes which you need to follow.

In case of the formation of the dark circles under the eyes, a good tip to follow is placing two slices of potatoes over the eyes. Leave them for around 20 minutes. The results likewise appear in no time at all.

An alternative to the use of potatoes is the use of warm tea bags. Leave the tea bag over the eyes for about 15 minutes. This is similarly another effective method which you can trust.

After a long and hard day, your mind and body get drained off energy. And such feeling shows through your eyes. In order for you to refresh them, squeeze out ice water from the cotton pads and then place them over the eyelids for approximately 20 minutes. You will then feel a soothing and calming effect to the eyes.

You can therefore try the traditional remedy which concerns the use of slices of cucumber onto the eyelids. These are best used when taking a hot bath or simply relaxing for quite some time.

Most importantly, don't sleep with your makeup on. Wash your face before bedtime especially those that are within the eye area. Washing off the makeup allows your skin to breathe.

Other Eye Care Tips for You

Through all of the electronic and visual appliances and elements that totally pose an effect on the eyes, it is but very important that you know of the ways on how to keep away this integral organ away from damages. The rays of these electronic gadgets can harm your sensitive eyes, so to speak.

For one, sitting in front of the television set for long hours or watching a book gives you the tired eyes look. Overworking your eyes is never a sensible idea. It is essential that you spare at least a couple of minutes to rest them. Here are some other eye care tips which you must keep in mind.

Give your eyes ample time to rest.

Wear sunglasses to keep your eyes away from direct exposure to sunlight.

Regularly wash your eyes using cold and clean water.

Do some eye exercises.

Use a couple of eye drop products which contain minerals.

Protect your eyes from dust particles.

Eat vegetables and fruits which promote good eyesight.

You are only endowed with one pair of eyes. Thus, do your best to take care of it.

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10 Responses to Tips For Good Eyesight

  1. oh my jonas! says:

    What are some good tips for better eyesight?
    Well my vision is pretty bad so what are some good tips THAT WORK to improve my vision like i heard some fruits were good for your eyes so stuff like that.

    Please give tips fruit i can eat and some good habits to make my eyes better .

    Please and Thank you!

    • TheEyeGuy says:

      We get blurry vision because we have learned some incorrect vision habits in response to our complex culture and stresses. Some incorrect vision habits are staring, diffusion, squinting, straining. Staring is when we try to hold our eyes still because we think that movement interferes with eyesight. Some people confuse looking intently with staring. Squinting is closing the eyelids into a slit. This may give us temporary clarity but often squeezes strain and tension into our vision system an vision is always worsened afterwards. Some people put a lot of effort into seeing, natural perfect eyesight is effortless, any time our eyes ache or are sore we have put effort and tension into seeing.

      Nutrition is important but will not change the way we use our eyes. Blurry vision and artificial corrections(glasses, contacts, surgery) squelch our eyes ability to pick up nutrients and get rid of metabolic wastes.

      A good place to start learning about Natural Eyesight Improvement is to read the best books. I have a link to one of them on my website. Most people also need the guidance of a local teacher. I also have a link to a list of many of them around the world on my website. I would be glad to interview one of them near you to make sure they are teaching correct principles and not eye exercises or potions.

  2. Reyna says:

    Is their any tips or tricks on how to make my eyesight better?
    How come I see other people stop wearing glasses but I always wore my glasses like since I was 5. I mean it took like one year for my cousin to stop wearing glasses. Also some of my classmates stopped wearing glasses after a year. I am dying to stop wearing glasses. I also do not want to take any programs to improve my eyesight.

  3. gangsta pumpkin says:

    Tips on how 2 make eyesight better?
    hi, i just wanna let u know tht i do have glasses, and i dont want 2 keep them 4ever. and yes, i do go on th computer and tv for hours and i am trying 2 stop tht. i know i have 2 watch TV and read stuff at a good distance. but, i need at least 5 steps on how 2 improve my eyesight so i wont look like a nerd anymore. thanx.

    • Jesse A says:

      Take a tracking course, they teach you how to see things differently, I don’t think they can improve bad eye sight, just make your eyes a little sharper. Other than that your pretty much screwed. Maybe you should go outside and stop staring at the tv….

  4. LuvU! says:

    How to make skin lighter and eyes larger, 10 POINTS DEFO FOR BEST!?
    I have darkish, grayish skin on my face (seriously) and my eyes are tiny, and are red and short-sighted. How can I naturally made my skin lighter (what to eat…) and make my eyes larger, and prettier (naturally too). And how to prevent spots?

    If you know any tips on getting better eyesight, please put it in too!
    Thank you very much :P

  5. Nae Hyoung K says:

    I wanna make my eyesight good. What do I do?
    I have very bad eyesight. I’ve been wearing glasses for all my life. I’m 35 years old. I’d like to make my eyesight good by traing or changing habit not with surgery thing. Do you have any tips?

    • swd says:

      I do not believe in glasses. When I was a kid, they wanted to make me wear glasses but I kept rejecting. I had a belief that wearing glasses makes your eyes worst because you are getting used to depending on the lens to help you see instead of training your eyes to get stronger. As the other poster wrote, I alway eat foods that contain vitamin A eg carrots, to strengthen my eye.

      Avoid sitting on the computer for a long time.

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