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Caring For Your Eyes - Vitamins and Foods That Nourish Your Eyes

Author: Amy Nutt

Our eyesight is a precious gift, so no matter what your age, taking care of your vision is essential to good health. The brain is primarily responsible for managing the vision process. The brain processes the light information our eyes collect to create the images that allows us to see. In order to make sure our brain's vision process maintains optimal performance, we need to nourish our eyes with healthy foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

All of the vitamins that are good for the eyes are Vitamins A, B, C, D, and E. Some of the most important vitamins needed to maintain optimal eye health include:

Vitamin C: This vitamin has been associated with the prevention of cataracts, delaying macular degeneration, and reducing eye pressure in glaucoma patients. Our bodies are unable to store Vitamin C; therefore it needs to be replenished regularly.

Vitamin A: This vitamin is essential for eye and vision health. In our bodies, vitamin A is essential for the retina to help it function properly. One of the causes of night blindness is Vitamin A deficiency.

Lutein: Lutein reduces the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration. Low Lutein levels have been shown to be a risk factor in age-related macular degeneration. Lutein may also help to prevent or slow the rate of atherosclerosis.

Vitamin E: This vitamin helps protect against cataracts and age-related macular degeneration.

Copper Gluconate: This is an absorbable form of the mineral copper. It is one of the most important blood antioxidants which help the blood carry oxygen and other nutrients to the rest of the body. The eyes are one area that requires oxygen. If there is a decrease in the transport of oxygen to the eyes, eventually vision loss can take place. Copper can be found in such foods as seafood, beans, nuts, organ meats, and whole grains.

When you choose foods for promoting and maintaining good eye health, you need to choose leafy and green fruits and vegetables. The brighter and deeper colored produce are full of the highest levels of vitamins and minerals. They are packed full of antioxidants, which are essential for the eye lens, as well as for retinal, conjunctival, and corneal health. These vitamin and mineral rich foods nourish your eyes.

Among the foods that help you strengthen your eyes and see better are carrots, celery, parsley, spinach, bean sprouts, turnip greens, beetroots, cucumber, raw egg yolk and liver. Also recommended are tomatoes, beets and red peppers, apricots, raisins, sunflower seeds, pecan nuts, wheat germ, sweet potatoes, mangoes, cantaloupes, peaches, soy beans and lecithin. Blending the red foods with the dark green foods will give you all of the essential vitamins and nutrients required for good eye health. Dark green foods can include broccoli, kale, spinach, collard greens, and water cress. Avocado, asparagus, and yams are a great source of Vitamin E. Foods rich in Vitamin A includes sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes, spinach, and cantaloupe.

It may seem difficult to change one's diet. For the health of your eyes, you should adopt a health diet rich in vitamins and minerals. By including eye nourishing foods in your diet, you will not only find your self seeing better, but feeling over all good health.

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9 Responses to Vitamins To Help Eyesight

  1. hotpinksugar says:

    I needed to know all the vitamins that help eyesight. My grandpa needs this info. He also mentioned some sort?
    of eye drops from Russia that help dissolve cataracts. I appreciate any info or help with any of this stuff asap. Thanks! :)

    • Blah? says:

      The major vitamin would be vitamin A, especially when it comes to reduced night vision, but generally benefits are greatest in those who have a deficiency of it. Adequate amounts of all the required vitamins and minerals is needed for eye health, not just vitamin A. They work together, and often more than one is needed for any given vitamin/nutrient to work properly. Depending on where in the world you are, Vitamin A deficiency in the ‘west’ is not common, and taking too much is toxic to the liver.

      Perhaps the best option, if it is actually needed or makes him feel better, is to take a multivitamin which includes the daily requirement of Vit.A and zinc, as well as other micronutrients.

      I’ve never heard of eyedrops that ‘dissolve’ cataracts; surgery is the DEFINITIVE treatment. It’s a relatively simple (usually) procedure, and quick. Don’t go to these unproven treatments. They can (and often do) cause more harm than good. Better a simple surgery now than risk permanent damage.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Matthew says:

    What kinds of vitamin or minerals help with bad eyesight?
    i need to know what kind of vitamin or mineral that helps eyesight the best. Does Zinc work for eyesight?

    • a l says:

      Vitamin A and lycopene are the best vitamins for eyes. However, they only really help if you are deficient in them. Lycopene is found in watermelon and tomatoes, but normally isn’t in vitamin pills or fortified cereal, whereas vitamin A is found in both. Avoid high doses of vitamin A as it can cause psychosis is you take too much, so don’t overdo it. The type of problems you get with vitamin A deficiency tend to be things like night blindness, where you have almost no eyesight in low light. If you can see ANYTHING in your house with a lit candle or a nightlight, you are doing alright.

  3. Sweetbear says:

    Is there a vitamin for dogs to help improve eyesight?
    My rat terrier is 13 years old.She is very healthy,has all her teeth and is in good shape the only thing failing is her eyesight.The vet said there wasn’t much we could do.There are vitamins for arthritis,to help mobility and all kinds of things.I was wondering if there were any out there for eyesight?

    • what the french, toast? says:

      flaxseed is good for the eyes & coat. Try Dogswell Vitality chicken breast treats. Good healthy, low fat treats with vitamins and minerals for you dog.

  4. Mr. Owl says:

    eyesight improvement. Any vitamins, exercises, lasik?

    What would you recommend to improve my eyesight? I’m only 21 and not sure if it’s o.k. to go for lasik at my age.

    Are there any other good ways to help my eyes? What are the best vitamins for eyes then?

    Well, I don’t want to see like an eagle but some changes would be definitelly a nice experience

    thanks a lot
    Sorry but I just couldn’t chose the best one, all your answers are very helpful and detailed. Thanks a lot!

    • sunflower says:

      Hello..There are really many proven remedies for improving and securing a good eyesight. For the eyes of vital importance are Vitamins A (especially in form of beta carotene),Vitamin E,as well as a balanced dietary regime with plenty of vegies and fruits,which consist lots of natural anto-oxidants and bioflavonoids.If you look for the best Vitamin formula,which is also suitable for eyes,and improbing it assure yourself that in the complex as an ingredient has Luthein( that is a special natural substance for preventing and improving any damages in the eyesight.Some of the essential oils,like 3omega acid are plus.Another proven remedy from ages is the intake of 25gr. 3 times daily of fresh parsley juice..Take care..and if you bear in mind my recommendations you will see like an eagle..Best of luck!

  5. Bαвʎ ♡ says:

    will vitamin a help my eyesight?
    i am a 14 yr. old female and for the past few days my eyesight has not been thet great. my vision is slightly blurry and i cant foucs that well like i was able to a week ago. will eating foods with vit. a help get my regual vision back?

    and my eyes changed from dark brown to light brown too. why is that? just wondering.

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