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Weak Eyesight Causes and Natural Home Remedy Treatment for Eye Problems

Author: Dr.Steve Buchar

Weak eyesight is a common problem of the day. Even tender aged school going children may also be seen using spectacles due to weak eyes. It's main symptoms are following:

1.    Seeing hazy or dim from eyes

2.    Short sight and Long sight

3.    To see the objects of long distance but not able to see the

4.    Objects nearby or to see the objects nearby but not able to see

5.    The objects of long distance

6.    Burning in eyes

7.    Watering of eyes

8.    Heaviness of head during study

9.    Persistent Common Cold


Heat and Weakness of brain is a main cause of weak eyesight. The morbid matter eliminating by means of Common Cold if suppressed by wrong treatment, also adversely effects the eyes. Beside this, longover and closely watching of TV., continuous reading in a powerful light, digestive disorder, unbalanced eating and living habits and deficiency of vitamin A in food are also responsible for weak eyesight. In maturity, excessive worry and consumption of alcohol also produce weakness of eyes.

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For averting weakness of eyes caused due to suppressed Common Cold or surplus heat in brain practice ofJala Neti is highly beneficial. The muscles and nerves of that place become toned up by keeping Mud pack over eyes or by giving Cold water splashes to the eyes. In the event of non-availability of Mud, Cold water pack should be applied. Shitali and Sitkari Pranayamas are also advantageous. For proper cleansing of bowels, the asanas prescribed in Appendix- One should be practised regularly. Sarvangasana and Trataka are also beneficial. The stress on mind may be reduced by the practice of Meditation. Eye wash with Triphala water. Palming and Jala Neti etc. gives considerable benefit. Pure honey if available may be used as part of the diet and also as eye drop.

Food items rich in Vitamin "A" fruits and vegetables may be used in sufficient quantity. Carrot and Beet juice give special benefit. Therefore, in the season of Carrot, salad or juice of Carrot must be taken. Washing of eyes with green coloured bottle duly charged in sunshine, eyes wash with this water with the help of an eye cup and then frequently blinking of eyes is also a beneficial practice. This water may be taken in half cup quantity morning and evening everyday before meals.

Following Eye exercises advised by W.H. Bates are found highly beneficial, therefore, should be added to the treatment schedule:

1.    Clockwise and anti clockwise rotation of shoulders 10 times each.

2.    Clockwise and anti clockwise rotation of neck 10 times each. Here it should be kept in mind that the pressure on muscles is frequently changed.

3.    Eye exercises: Upward and downward movement, of eye balls, left and right movement of eye balls and clockwise and anti clockwise movement of eye balls. All above exercises should be repeated ten times at a time and several times in a day.

4.    Palming - Closing of the eyes by way of covering them with both the palms is known as palming. This is helpful in making the eyes stress free. It should also be practised several times in a day.

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Read more on Prevent Eye Disorder and Herbal Remedies for Cataract and also visit on Treatment for Eye Problems

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10 Responses to Weak Eyesight

  1. The Y!A award Host says:

    Weak eyesight………???????????
    hey people…cud u plz give me a remedy for weak eyesight?
    i feel my power going on increasing…wat shud i doo??
    antioxidants??plz elaborate
    vitamin E, vitamin C????????
    but tht sux i already wear glasses…its not helping :(
    is ther somethin rong in my diet?

    • She It I do says:

      Eye glasses is the only cure for an existing problem
      .. .. .. ..
      I have tried all the herbs on the market and after it happens it is kind of too late
      .. .. ..
      The preventive herbs should of been used before it happened
      .. .. ..
      And then that would of only delayed it from happing if it is
      IN you DNA to happen
      .. .. ..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is there any way to regain my weak eyesight?
    My eye sight is not too low.. i don’t wear eye glasses becuase my eyes are not that much weak… I play games my age is 13 i play 7 hours a day. is there any way to increase? my friend said eat Black peppers is this true that black peppers can really regain my weak eyesight?

    • Trav says:

      There’s no magic cure for decreasing vision. Some foods will promote healthy eyes, but they’re not going to make your vision sharper just by eating them.

      If it gets bad enough you can get glasses/contact lenses or lasik surgery to correct them to 20/20 (or sometimes better. I’m 20/15 with my glasses on).

      Your friend is giving you a line of bull. Eating a lot of black pepper is going to give you an upset stomach and make you sneeze more, but it’s not going to do a thing for your eyes… except maybe make them water a bit.

  3. haha says:

    is there way to regain my weak eyesight?
    my eyesight has become weaker and now i have glasses. is there a way to get my eyesight back. if there is tell me how. i know about the laser surgery thing i want something which i can do at home.

    • sarahlee says:

      Carrots and squinting don’t affect your eyesight. Really there isn’t anything you can do at home that will improve your vision. Eyesight is determined by the shape and length of your eye. No food, vitamin, or exercise can change these. Sorry.

  4. Chris Sayas says:

    I’ve got really weak eyesight and I’m forced to wear glasses. How do I improve my sight in any way?
    It doesn’t matter what method

    • Elisa says:

      Once sight is gone, it cannot be restored unless you get the Lasik procedure. Prevention is key when growing as a baby and toddler, such as getting adequate vitamin A and of course, sometimes it’s just in our genes.

  5. devilish.. says:

    what will happen if i constantly wear prescription glass without weak eyesight?
    will my eyesight get weaker or nothing will happen? tell me if you have any idea.i will really appreciate it.thanx.

    • Bonnie28 says:

      I wear glasses coz im short sighted, whenever my husband trys them on being silly, he gets a very bad headache. mine are quite strong, so i think it will depend on how strong they are and how long u wanted to wear them for. defiantly wouldnt adivse doing this as u will get very bad headaches and i think you could ruin your eyes for life. if you just like the idea of wearing glasses u can buy them with just plain glass in them.

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