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What is Crystalens?

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Crystalens is a kind of intraocular lenses, which is usually called IOLs for short. Crystalens is an artificial crystal lens used to replace human eye's natural lens, which is usually removed during eye surgery, such as cataract surgery. Crystalens will flexes when you focus your vision, which allows the optic or the central circular part of the lens to move back and forth to focus on images that around you. So crystalens was introduced as the first presbyopia correcting crystal lens.


Prior to the development of crystalens, patients undergoing cataract surgery had to wear very thick glasses or specially made contact lenses to substitute for their missing natural lenses. Then comes a kind of crystal lens -- monofocal, a traditional IOLs, which can improve one type of vision, either near, intermediate, or far. Glasses were still needed for some conditions, for instance, reading or close vision. After monofocal developed multifocal crystal lens and accommodating crystal lens which lead people to see well at all distances without contacts or glasses.


Crystalens is a multifocal IOL first used in 1960s, and it is the only FDA-approved accommodating crystal lens in 1981 and the only FDA-approved presbyopia correcting IOL. CrystaLens make the muscle of the eye responsible for focus, so it can work more effectively than traditional IOLS.


Few patients with Crystalens may have experienced eye problems, such as glare, halos and night vision. Some patient will need glasses or contact lenses following the eye surgery. Although every surgery has risks, cataract removal and crystalens implantation has a high success rate, and it help to decrease the potential need for corrective lenses. Now more than 100,000 patients have been implanted with crystalens worldwide.

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10 Responses to What Cause Blurred Vision

  1. halid04 says:

    Can a popped blood vessel in my eye cause temporary blurred vision?
    If not, what else could cause blurred vision?

    • See Leveler says:

      Quite often, a burst blood vessel in the eye is completely harmless. It should not cause blurred vision.

      Blurred vision needs to be distinguished from other visual symptoms. Double vision (diplopia) is a specific visual symptom usually distinguished from blurred vision. It is important to determine whether only one or both eyes are affected (unilateral blurred vision versus bilateral blurred vision). Another distinction is whether the blurred vision occurs continually or only intermittently. Any type of blurry vision needs prompt professional medical diagnosis and treatment.

      The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Blurred vision as a symptom. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms.

      * Refractive eye conditions
      * Myopia
      * Near-sightedness
      * Presbyopia
      * Far-sightedness
      * Uncorrected vision disorder
      * Wrong eyeglasses
      * Eye irritation (see Eye symptoms)
      * Dry eyes – may cause blurred vision; see the many causes of dry eyes
      * Eye conditions
      o Cataracts
      o Glaucoma
      o Narrow angle glaucoma
      o Acute glaucoma
      o Macular degeneration
      o Senile macular degeneration
      o Diabetic lens osmosis
      o Iritis
      * Diabetes – due to diabetic lens osmosis or diabetic retinopathy in diabetes and diabetes-related conditions:
      o Undiagnosed diabetes
      o Poorly controlled diabetes
      o DKA
      o HHNS
      * Pregnancy
      * Migraine – causing visual effects prior to onset of the migraine.
      * Anemia – see also types of anemia
      * Certain kidney conditions
      * Certain nerve conditions
      * Certain brain conditions
      o Stroke
      o Transient ischemic attack
      * Temporal arteritis

      * Some possible causes of intermittent blurred vision or episodes of blurred vision including:
      o Diabetic lens osmosis – blurred vision due to diabetes, DKA, HHNS, etc.
      o Glaucoma
      o Acute angle glaucoma – usually unilateral episodic blurring.
      o Multiple sclerosis
      o Transient ischemic attacks – i.e. multiple TIAs each causing blurring of vision.
      o Blood circulation disorders
      o Carotid insufficiency
      o Amaurosis fugax
      o Carotid embolism
      o Atherosclerotic emboli
      o Vertebrobasilar insufficiency – causing episodic blurring or double vision.
      * Visual hallucinations (see Vision distortion)
      * Amphetamine intoxication – in high doses.
      * Certain drugs
      * Digitalis toxicity

  2. ♥ ₡ⱤⱥﺡῨ & ᴮᵊᵃᵤᵀᵎᶂᵤᶩ ღ says:

    Why does conjunktivitis cause blurred vision?
    I think i have conjunktivitis, i woke up today & i couldnt open my right eye straight away, it was stuck with all this sticky stuff, & also my eye aches sometimes too, is acheing a symptom of conjunktivitis? also my eye is all red & sore, & watery & itchy? but what i want to know is why conjunktivitis causes blurred vision? cause i have that too …

    Thanks so much. . . .

  3. Josh says:

    What can cause blurred vision in one eye?
    I sometimes (not any time recent) have blurred vision in a single part of a single eye. Usually the right eye and its usually only the upper right hand corner of that eye but its impossible to see anything in that section (about half the eye). I sometimes feel a slight headache with them, but not always and it goes away after about 10-30 min. I was just thinking about it and maybe someone out there knew what it was. It doesnt seem like a serious problem im just curious.

  4. Reese says:

    Can high blood pressure cause blurred vision?
    I know it can cause dizziness and ringing in your ears, but what about blurred vision.

  5. OceanBlue0910 says:

    Why does taking Viagra cause blurred vision? How does it cause this?
    There are other side effects also but the blurred vision is what happened to me. The pills did not work because i never got in the mood anyway.

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