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The macular degeneration is one of the chronic conditions that cause to a human eye. It is affects exactly at the center part of the retina that cause to loss of vision. In scientific word this problem is known as dry macular degeneration that is DMD. This condition is set by slow deterioration of macula that is situated exactly at the center of retina. Retina plays a major role of vision; it is a black wall inside the eyeball. The other type of the dry macular degeneration is the age related macular degeneration. Generally, there are different types of eye conditions including wet macular degeneration. In this type, you notice leaky blood vessels that are situated in the backside of the eye. There are different types of symptoms that are noticeable and can be cured by various medications.
Following are the macular degeneration symptoms, they are:-

    * A person who suffers from this problem needs more light while doing work or reading.

    * They also find it difficult in recognizing faces of closed ones.

    * In some cases blind spots are developed in the center part of the vision field.

    * Few of them also find difficulty in dimmer lights that are mostly found in restaurants.

    * Increase of haziness in vision.

    * Brightness of color and decreases in intensity.

    * Hallucination of people and also in geometric shape.

These were the macular degeneration symptoms that are noticeable and it also cause to an individual.

The word Cataract is gained from Cataractos which is a Greek word. The meaning of this word is constantly running of water. Originally, it is a clouding that formulate in crystalline lens of an individuals eye. The Cataract is an eye disease that causes the eye and turns the clear lens into cloudy opaque. This problem causes decrease in vision that may also lead to loss of vision. There are different types f cataracts, it includes age related cataracts, secondary cataracts, congenital cataracts, and traumatic cataracts. This eye condition mostly cause due to camera, bright lights. The rays of the light enter in the eye and pass through the aqueous which is a transparent fluid in front of the eyes and in the cornea. These lenses change the direction of the light to the focus object and to the retina that is at the back of the eye. There are different types of cataract symptoms that are noticeable and also if affect to a persons eye. if a person gets triggered to nay one of the symptoms of cataract, one should immediately recommended to doctor for treatment. Following are the symptoms of this eye condition, it includes:-

    * Difficulty in vision.

    * Foggy, blurry, filmy, and also cloudy.

    * Double vision.

    * In the case of older people they no longer need any glasses for reading or doing work. It is also called as the second sight.

    * Some of them find difficulty in glares during day time.

    * In these symptoms of cataract, a person finds it difficult while driving at night.So they wear glares to protect from oncoming headlights.

    * Find problem in identifying color and also the changes.

    * Changes in glasses as prescribed by doctor.

    These were the cataract symptoms that are noticeable and can be diagnosed by some surgeries as recommended by expert doctors.

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