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Eyesight Correction Safely And Naturally: Why Glasses Are Now A Thing Of The Past

Author: Leina Crystal

Eyesight correction without the use of glasses or contacts? This is a concept which many people think is impossible. Or, they may think that their only other option is expensive and potentially dangerous laser surgery. You might be surprised to find out that this is not the case. Many people go their entire lives without knowing that there is a safe, natural alternative to vision correction. That is about to change.

When people think about ways to correct their vision, they may think they are limited to wearing glasses or contacts. If they hate these options you may think your only alternative is to undergo laser eye surgery. This is a step that many people cannot afford, or are not willing, to take. Why, then, is this natural healing method something that is known by so few people?

Eyesight correction has long been the exclusive domain of eye doctors. The idea that there is a way that people can heal their own eyes may be threatening to some medical professionals. To suggest that you can heal your own eyes without repeated visits and lifelong dependence on glasses and contacts goes straight to the heart of their profession and their way of making a living.

But, when you think about your experiences at the eye doctor, what are they like? Do you dread making expensive repeat appointments only to be told that your eyes are getting worse? If glasses help your eyes, then why do people who have worn glasses their entire lives still need them after years of vision correction? The answer is simple. Glasses and contacts do not heal your eyes. They cover up the problem and make you willing to live with your condition. Even corrective surgery is something that many people find only covers up the problem and there can be serious side effects that occur as a result.

Now there is a wonderful alternative available to anyone who wishes they could see better. This is a program of exercises and relaxation techniques developed by an American ophthalmologist named Doctor Bates. In the late 1800's he began to ask why damaged eyesight could not be treated like other health issues such as broken bones. He met with a huge amount of resistance from others in his profession but was committed to helping people heal their vision naturally.

Now, the techniques developed by Dr. Bates are available to everyone. Using the Vision Without Glasses program you can begin to work at healing your damaged eyesight and improving your vision. You will learn how eyes can become strained and this can lead to poor vision. You can gain valuable techniques for relaxing your eyes and seeing more clearly as a result.

Now, you can begin healing your eyes right away. If you visit http://www.visionglassesnomore.com you will be able to learn information about improving your vision and other natural healing techniques. The series of books will become invaluable as you begin to see and feel better on a daily basis. Start now and begin to reverse years of poor vision. You will be happy you did.

Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/vision-articles/eyesight-correction-safely-and-naturally-why-glasses-are-now-a-thing-of-the-past-1514896.html

About the Author

Leina Crystal has helped herself and her brother to get rid off of his glasses after she read a good method from Duke Peterson. She wants share as many as possible information to anyone who wants to through away glasses or avoid surgery.
Hopes articles she made are useful for others.

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9 Responses to Why Is My Eyesight Blurry

  1. riley to the rescue! says:

    why does my eyesight get blurry along with headache?
    okay, so this has been happening for a few years. i am 14 years old and every once in a while (about once a month-ish) i get a big blurry spot in my vision, it not my whole vision, just a big blob. then i get a minor headache right on my forehead. its really frustrating and tylonol and pain relief medicines dont really do anything. i dont know if its migraines since the headaches arent bad. if you could help, me i would be grateful.

  2. lucy says:

    why does my eyesight sometimes get darker and blurry?
    I dont know if it has to do with the lighting but it is usually when I stand up and change rooms. It is as if my eyesight goes away but not completely and I cant see that well and then it gets back to normal in a few seconds.
    should I go to a doctor or optometrist?

    • Hatterasjack says:

      Sorry I have no idea what could cause these symptoms but you need to see an ophthalmologist, not an optometrist. There’s a BIG difference! An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in conditions of the eye. Remember, early diagnosis determines the best treatment. Please don’t delay. If you haven’t done so already make an appointment today!

  3. Canister Mohito says:

    Eyesight question, why do I see a reflected image blurry?
    Something I have always wondered…

    I am near sighted, and can see perfect up to about 4 feet..after that its very difficult to see. When I look in the rear view mirror of my car, if my glasses are off, the image is blurry…but the mirror is less than a foot away. The reason I can’t see distance is because I have weak muscles (as explained by an optometrist) and cannot focus on things afar…yet the image in the mirror is not far away..in fact the mirror is reflecting an image so …it would be like computer screen. Why is it blurry? My muslces don’t need to adjust to see the reflected image of the mirror..just the mirror.

    I hope I explained this correctly. I will update if its confusing.

    • Alieh Lennox says:

      Because the reflected light is exactly that, reflected (:

      I’ll try and explain. A mirror itself isn’t a image. When you look at a reflection, you’re not seeing a printed picture. A mirror doesn’t just adopt the appearance of whatever is in front of it. If it makes it easier to understand; a mirror does not have an image at all.

      A mirror reflects. When you look in a mirror, you’re not just seeing something that looks like an image. A reflection isn’t just an image that looks like the original object.

      What you are seeing is actually the original rays of light. You are actually seeing the original object. It’s hard to wrap your mind round. The light from the object hits of the mirror and goes to your eyes. It’s not a photograph. You are actually seeing the object. Not a recreation of the object. Not something that looks like the object. The object itself.

      The light rays have travelled just as far to hit the mirror then reach your eyes. Thus why you can’t see them any better. The mirror doesn’t recreate or refocus the image. The mirror doesn’t make it any clearer. All the mirror does is bounce the rays back, exactly the same as they were before they hit.

      I hope that helped (:

  4. Aslee says:

    New colored contacts gives me a blurry eyesight! Why?
    Hello everyone!
    I used to use Air Optix which was fine (sometimes dry I must admit, but very seldom). However, I just bought a trial contacts which is a Freshlooks brand. Every time I blink, I seem to get a blurred vision, unlike the previous one I used.

    I was wondering is it because of the brand that is causing this? Or is it because of the size of my new contacts?

    Air Optix:
    PWR: -2.50
    BC: 8.6
    DIA: 14.2

    PWR: -2.50
    DIA: 14.4

    • KasieKasper says:

      its possibly the size. the freshlooks are 14.5, while your old contacts are smaller at 14.2. they might not be fitting correctly and causing a slight air bubble. Also i noticed with Freshlook, and my co-workers do to, that sometimes the Freshlook get dirty faster. have you tried cleaning the contact, then putting it in. See if that helps. Also, try contact re-wetting drops, like refresh for contacts. your eyes may be dry and the tears my not be cleaning the lense when you blink

  5. J R *The Awesome* says:

    Why is my eyesight blurry when looking at a lighted source?
    Such as an overhead projector or a powerpoint. I sit near the back, and I can’t see it because it’s blurry. Everyone else can see just fine. I don’t really want to get glasses. Any suggestions to why this is happening and how I can solve it? (I play a lot of video games and use the computer quite often)

    • SethSpeaks says:

      It is happening because you have a bit of astigmatism. You either need to get glasses, or accept that you can’t see at a distance. There isn’t anything medically wrong and it isn’t due to video games or the computer. It’s just less than perfect eyesight. Astigmatism (slight irregularities on the surface of they eye) can cause blurring or starring especially when looking at lighted sources. Do roadsigns look blurry at night and what about headlights… do they seem like there is starring around them? Do stars in the night time sky look like crisp little points, or do they appear kind of fuzzy and indistinct? These are all signs of astigmatism.

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