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Yoga for Curing Eye Disease

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Human eyes need care and attention. As years go by, the muscles around the eyes lose their tone. Eyesight becomes weak after the muscles around the eyes lose their elasticity and become rigid, thereby reducing the power to focus different distances. In addition, tension around the eyes affects the brain causing stress and anxiety.


Eyesight is dramatically improved when the muscles of the eyes are relaxed. There is a deep correlation between the eyes and the mind. It is said that vision occupies 40 percent of the brain's capacity. Therefore, when we close our eyes, relaxation is induced in the brain. Eye health corresponds to the level of relaxation


it experiences.


Eye on yoga


Yoga plays a significant role in promoting eye health. A yoga routine replete with asanas, pranayama and meditation helps in achieving peace and tranquility. Yogic eye exercises strengthen the muscles of the eyes and thus help in curing many ailments of the eyes. Certain eye exercises are known to completely rectify eye problems.


With yoga, people begin treating their eyes with care, which reflects in good eye health.


The renowned late William H. Bates, an ophthalmologist, claimed that vision could be improved with eye exercises like palming, eyeball rotations and gaze shifting. So,eye exercises are important to any individual and should be incorporated into the regular yoga routine. These exercises can be performed after the asanas.


Asana for the eyes


Shavasana or the corpse pose


Before beginning the eye exercises, it is important to assume the corpse pose to relax all the body parts.



1. To do this pose, one should lie motionless on the floor and close the eyes.

2. All the body parts from the toes to the head should be in a relaxed state.

3. In this relaxed posture, total calmness, and peace is felt when the whole body and mind have taken complete rest.


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Exercise for Eye (Improving the near vision):


Pick up a distant object at the distance of 20 feet or more and hold in your hands letters in black clear enough to be seen. Hold a card at the eye level at arms length. Now look at the distant object for few moments now move your eyes back to the letter on the card. Further now look towards outside as far as you can for a while now look back at your card for a while repeat this in same way by first looking at the card and the at a distance further then the previous. And then at a point when you stop seeing or vision is blurred now close your eyes for a few moments relaxing them.


Eyes easily can tell us that they have had enough of the staring at the computer monitor or the TV screen. As also when you are working your eyes do not tend to blink as much as they do normally. And so they tend to become dry. Also working for a long period in front of the computer screen tends to limit the movement of the eye balls. Therefore to be relieved from this eye strain following measures can be followed as mentioned or described in yogic exercises or asanas.

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10 Responses to Yoga For Eyesight

  1. Neo says:

    Could you please suggest some good yoga for improving my eyesight. i have short sightedness.?
    I have negetive a power of minus 6 in both eyes.

  2. SHWETA says:

    yoga or exercise for better eyesight?
    my eyesight is weak nd my no. is -2.please tell me any exercise to improve my vision

  3. lunatic says:

    Have you been able to improve your eyesight through alternative methods?
    I am nearsighted and the power of my specs is -2.5 for both eyes. Please tell me anything I can do: Yoga, accupressure… anything that has been effective for you. Please mention how much time it took to improve your eyesight and the amount of reduction there was (like the power of your glasses before and after).
    Thunderboltz, thanks. Can you tell me more about this treatment, like the medication you took etc. I visit India once a year so specifics would really help.
    Thanks again,

    • thunderboltz says:

      I’ve had relief from short sight (along with astigmatism) and tension in my eyes using ayurveda. Its effects were almost instant. Just a few hours.
      Maybe you wanna check it out.

  4. Divya ~DiVinity Personified~ says:

    _______________ Eye Care____________?
    I desperately wanna inprove my Eyesight…though idon’t have much power on my eyes…..i hate wearing Contact lenses…Dey need a lot of Care….I can’t either go for lesik as i am too Young for that……….”Does Yoga n Eye Excercises helps a lot to improve Your eyesight”………has it worked for You???….Any tips and suggestions to improve Eyesight??

    • Person says:

      i don’t think any of those actually work. only corrective vision wear will help your eye sight. but it’s nothing to screw with. if you keep not wearing anything, your vision will only get worse. you need to either get used to contacts, or consider getting glasses. sorry :(

  5. superb awesome says:

    Please suggest some Yoga excercise for my eyes.?
    i am 18 and my eyesight is detereorating and i want to get it corrected.Please suggest some yogic excercise.

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